A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace Aiden has a few simple goals in life teach his students well find a stable lover and stop lusting after the sexy local sheriff He s pretty sure the guy is straight after all his son is one of Aiden

  • Title: A Change of Pace
  • Author: Tielle St. Clare
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aiden has a few simple goals in life teach his students well, find a stable lover and stop lusting after the sexy local sheriff He s pretty sure the guy is straight, after all, his son is one of Aiden s students It s best for everyone if he keeps his eyes and hands to himself.But Knox has other plans The prickly little tutor who teaches his son is pretty damn sexy andAiden has a few simple goals in life teach his students well, find a stable lover and stop lusting after the sexy local sheriff He s pretty sure the guy is straight, after all, his son is one of Aiden s students It s best for everyone if he keeps his eyes and hands to himself.But Knox has other plans The prickly little tutor who teaches his son is pretty damn sexy and so easy to tease When they find themselves alone for the evening, he decides he s only going to get one chance to see if Aiden is always that uptight or if he lets loose when he s in bed.

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    1. Posted at Outlaw ReviewsAiden has lusted after the local sheriff, Knox McClintock, for a while but knew he was off limits. For one thing, Aiden is tutoring Knox’ 17-year-old son, Jesse. For another, Aiden is sure Knox is straight. The two men meet again when Aiden’s car is stranded. He accepts an invitation to stay with Knox while his car is being repaired. Conveniently, Jesse is on his way to a dance, allowing Aiden and Knox to get to know each other better.Knox is a very appealing characte [...]

    2. This was a short, sweet, and sexy read. I liked both of the main characters and thought they fit well together. I wish this had been extended into a full length novel. I feel the author had plenty to work with and that readers would have enjoyed greater detail about the devleoping relationship. I think the author shorted readers by allowing for the gap in time before the very end. I am interested in reading more by the author, as this was well written, but in all honesty, none of the blurbs for [...]

    3. Review from re-read June 16, 2014:I originally gave this short book 5 stars but am dropping it down to 4 stars after the re-read. It didn't hold up quite as well as I remembered. I still really, really liked it, the story of a single sheriff in a small town, living with his overly intelligent son, who has a "one night stand" with his son's out of town tutor. The two men take their relationship off-screen and it becomes much, much more than a one night stand. I had to drop a star because I would [...]

    4. Really loved this! Sexy men with steamy hot loving, but humorous, well written and full of emotion as well. I loved Aiden's hesitation and innocence in the beginning, and the way he tried to fight his attraction to Knox thinking that he couldn't be gay because he had a 17yr old son. Boy, did Knox prove him wrong! Loved the interaction between Jesse, Knox and Aiden and the way they so easily fit. No sappiness here. Both men are definitely men, and never let you forget it! A really fun read with a [...]

    5. So hot! I really liked this shortish story, but it was long enough to develop the beginning of this relationship. The epilogue offered a great glimpse at the short term progression of this relationship. I'd love another installment with these guys further in the relationship--maybe moving in together or even marrying. They are both young--kids? Jesse would be an amazing big brother.

    6. Re-read: Does it hold up? Sex-yeah!!; plot-enghhh (originally read 10/20/2011; 5 stars)4.5 starsI admit it, it's in for the smexifogrination. But that ain't bad when you're 'in a mood'. The writing's good too if you want something quick and light-- it's a shorty McShort-short. Kinda like a prequel, t'would be nice to have more lo these many years later.

    7. This is a lovely light-hearted romantic romp it's fairly cliché with an über alpha toppy top & a smaller, snarky bottom but that was okay because the book didn't take itself too seriously I would have rated this book 5 stars if it were longer because I wanted to spend more time with the characters recommended if you are looking for some smexy fluff with heart.

    8. I found this book through a recommendation (thanks Elizabetta) after reading a couple very heady stories and needing something lighter. It delivered on the lighter bit but was maybe just a bit too light. This read a little like porn. There was something going on but it just never really "got" there. Well the sex "got" there but the plot didn't. I'm sitting here still expecting a sequelE CHARACTERS:xy little professorAiden, the Professor, is likeable and has a few layers. Unfortunately, we don't [...]

    9. This is my first M/M novel not sure how they are suppose to be. I enjoyed reading it. It was a very quick read. I liked the story line but thought it could of been longer and more developed. The story is about Aiden a professor who tutors the cops son Jesse. It seems Aiden has had a crush on Knox (the cop) for a while but he doesn't think Knox is gay because he has a son. The whole story is centered around Aiden and Knox, of how Knox is teasing Aiden and he doesn't really like it. But Aiden car [...]

    10. What is it about Cops and Teachers? :-)The story is short. And good to kill a few hours. Mostly it's filled with sex scenes and MCs talking about having sex (or thinking about it). That was probably the sole purpose of the book.Because it's a short story, MCs are not dancing around their feelings too much. They jump right in :-) I, however, wish there was more teasing, funny moments/situations between characters before they hit the bed.

    11. Very sweet and funny story, despite being predictable and a little cliched :) I'd like to see more of the epilogue, though, like Aiden and Knox living together ))

    12. Cute, flowed well! Not a lot of depth, but the whole "thrown out of bed" scene was hilarious and Jesse was an added bonus!

    13. I got through this story in a matter of few hours (while doing other things as well), so it could not be expected to have much of a depth (even though even exceptions do exist). To cut it short: nicely written and quite hot. Somehow, though, I couldn´t get to like how everything happened in a matter of such a short time and just kind of "of course". I had a good laugh at the fact how Princess was so set not to give into his desires, because - hey - Knox is his student´s father. But one look at [...]

    14. 3.5 stars (rounded up tp 4 because I enjoyed it!). I liked this sexy little story about the tough cop and his son's tutor. I really wished it were longer. (view spoiler)[Though I felt the ending was a bit awkward. Not the writing itself, but it ends as 'maybe they might get together again, maybe not'en the epilogue has them still seeing each other a few months later. I would of loved to see them deepen the relationship and know what happened between that time!)(view spoiler)[Will be looking for [...]

    15. 2.5 StarsA quick read. I could see the sexual attraction between the two characters. Well it was so short there was only room to show a couple of sex scenes & then an epilogue that tried to imply romantic feelings developed between the two characters. I wish the writer had made the choice to show what Aidan & Knox had in common & their relationship instead. For what it is though, it's still a cute story.

    16. This was a light and entertaining read. I really like that it had the unique situation of a gay man raising a child as a single dad, when you add to it the fact that he's in law enforcement, it really breaks some of the stereotypes, which is nice. My one complaint is that the son is supposed to be 17 years old, but he comes off more like 12. He's a little too naive for a kid preparing for college. All in all, it's a nice steamy little story.

    17. What a little scorcher!Aiden has a huge crush on Knox, the local sheriff, but he's pretty sure that Knox is straight, since he has an eighteen year old son who Aiden tutors. However, after a mishap leaves Aiden stranded at Knox's house, he finds out that Knox isn't straight after all.It's a fairly short story, so there's not a lot of time for much development, but St. Clare does a nice job of bringing these two together, and giving them both some depth and dimension.Great read.

    18. Read in less than an hour. Really short read. Would have liked it more had it expanded and actually covered some of the social and emotional difficulties that come with their relationship. But it was alright for what it was.

    19. Cute and HOT short story about a professor and the Sheriff father of one of his tutoring students who have a steamy encounter over Superbowl weekend that turns into more. Can we have more of their story please?

    20. Short, sexy and funny. I liked the end, it was more believable than a Commitment ceremony after a few months of dating.

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