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  1. Taurus Tamed – The Zodiac Book 3 by Tammy Valentine* I received a copy of this book from Breathless Press in exchange for an honest review*Izzy has started the process of dating her way through the zodiac signs. She has had her first date with an Aries and it went well, or so she thought. She gets a surprising phone call from Jack at the dating agency, apologizing for the mix up the night before.At the meeting of the Zodiac club, they can’t wait for her to spill and share all the details of [...]

  2. Izzy has joined a dating agency where she can get her pick of the men she needs—sorting through them by their zodiac sign in order to fulfil her mission. She has a great night with Spencer and thinks they might well go another step further, but the owner of the dating agency gives her a call, smashing her idea to smithereens.Spencer has been playing a game, selecting women by starting at the beginning of the alphabet and working his way through. Poor Izzy. She’d thought their date went reall [...]

  3. Continuing her challenge through the zodiac signs, in the third book of The Zodiac Club, Izzy just concluded the first challenge and it's time to report to the group. An unexpected event happens and she realises that her perfect date with Spencer last night wasn't all that perfect. Alarmed by what happened, Jessica finds out the truth. Will she continue on her mission?When Izzy was finnaly thinking to go another step further with Spencer, she feels played and dissapointed by what happened. I rea [...]

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