Woodsong The three time Newbery Honor winning author of Hatchet Dog Song and The Winter Room tells in a memoir as compelling as his novels the story of his intimate relationship with Minnesota s north woods a

  • Title: Woodsong
  • Author: Gary Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780833567284
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The three time Newbery Honor winning author of Hatchet, Dog Song and The Winter Room tells in a memoir as compelling as his novels the story of his intimate relationship with Minnesota s north woods and the dog team he trained for the Iditarod sled race ALA Notable Book ALA Best Book for Young Adults.

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    1. This is very good, but in some ways, a challenging read for what appears to be a children's book. The first half of the book is a series of short essays Paulsen wrote about training his sled dogs. He writes about odd things that happened to him while on runs and in the woods, the brutality of nature and what his dogs taught him. Some of the essays, actually, most of them, have one thing or another that was difficult to read. He really doesn't shy away from the ugly side of the natural world. Tha [...]

    2. At the height of his acclaim in the mid-1980s and into the '90s, three-time Newbery Honoree Gary Paulsen was compared to some of the finest names in the history of American children's literature. Not only that, but the comparisons were to a diverse array of accomplished writers, indicating a versatility perhaps unequalled among his contemporaries. There was likeness drawn to the legendary Jack London, whose prolific output and sensitivity to the natural world's underlying wisdom was on a similar [...]

    3. Listened to it on audiobook read by the author and it was great. Absolutely loved it. Paulsen was one of my favorite authors as a child and I am glad to see that my trust in him as an author was well-deserved. The descriptions of the cold were so chilling and unsettling that I had to turn this off a couple of times, but the honest tone about the brutal world of dogsledding made it all worthwhile. I also deeply appreciated the mantra that Paulsen hammers home in this story -- the "I didn't know h [...]

    4. I was enchanted by this book about the man behind all of those famous survival stories! I loved how Paulsen described a portion of his life through turning-points that he experienced while spending time with the natural world. Certain of his experiences made me cringe a bit, and I marveled at his courage and stamina in situations I certainly wouldn't have known how to handle--no wonder "Hatchet" and "The Transall Saga" feel so realistic!

    5. Personal- I thought Woodsong was a great book. I enjoyed the plot of this book. Gary Paulsen talks about his life. He shows grief and happiness. I loved the book overall because the whole time I pictured myself on the sled.Plot- The story takes place in northern Minnesota. Gary traps and hunts game. He uses a dog team to get around in the back country. He sometimes stays out all night running his trap line. He get's into some predicaments, like falling off a tall ledge and tumbling over a waterf [...]

    6. I just finished this book and I thought it was ok. The reason why I only gave this book three stars was because it was good, but it could have been better. I think part of the reason that it wasn't my favorite book was because the main person didn't believe in the same things I do.The main character used to be a big time trapper until he realized the true beauty of nature. That is when he started understanding the way animals think compared to humans. That is when he got big into running sled do [...]

    7. Personal ResponseI gave this book a five out of five. I really enjoyed reading this book. The book was very entertaining with all the stories he told and all the wildlife he talked about. All the stories were very interesting.Plot The plot is Gary Paulsen telling stories about sledding dogs and what lessons nature has taught him about life. When he first started with the sledding dogs he did not know much about them or nature. They taught him a lot of lessons of life and how things are different [...]

    8. I recall snagging a copy of Woodsong, shortly after being completely captivated with Paulsen's Winterdance, which chronicled his first time attending the Iditarod, the grueling 1,100 mile dog-sled race, through Alaska. It is a great, heart-pounding memoir.This slim book, was written a few years before. In the first half, he gives short, personal essays, on living in the wilds of northern Minnesota. Running trap-lines, showdowns with bear and moose and his bountiful love and admiration of his tru [...]

    9. Personal Response: I enjoyed reading this book, because it was something different for me. I was never into dog sledding in Alaska, but this book caught my attention. It made me realize how hard the unusual hobby can be. I was impressed with the Iditarod. I never really understood how long and hard it was until I read this book. It kept me hooked until the end. I really liked the last half of the book where each chapter described every brutal day of the Iditarod.Plot: Gary Paulsen went on many d [...]

    10. I have read many books of Gary Paulsen and liked every one of them. Wood song just had that mood in the way he wrote it that made me just want to keep reading. My favorite part was when his dog was bleeding gout of the rear and he didn't know. He tried to put him in the sled but the dog just kept on jumping out. If you like the outdoors I would recommend you this book. I wasn't into reading until I started to read this book and others by Gary Paulsen.

    11. In Woodsong, by Gary Paulson, the story of Gary Paulson’s life as a dogsled runner is told. The story focuses mainly on the dogs that he would run with, their personalities, stories about running them, and what they taught him about the wilderness. When the book begins he is a man living with a wife, and a son in a small house in northern Minnesota. They are very poor because his writing career hasn’t taken off yet and he has to take other jobs to be able to live. Then when the state is havi [...]

    12. Woodsong Review In the book Woodsong by Gary Paulsen, he is the main character and a dog sled leader in the Iditarod race. He loves his dogs so much and is very close with them. They fight through the cold and arctic wilderness and go through tough challenges together. The dogs teach Gary so much throughout the book. They tell him to keep going and to not let things overcome him even if it’s hard to do so. Nothing will stop Gary and his dogs from giving it their all and not giving up. The lead [...]

    13. The book is a great book it catches the eye of all types of readers. It has very good detail in the plot and the setting along with the entire story line of the book. It also shows the bond between man, nature, and animals of all kinds, whether it be wildlife of dogs. The book starts off talking about a guy who knew nothing about the woods until it was too late . He had spent almost his entire life either in the woods or on the sea. At this point and time he doesn't understand why he is killing [...]

    14. Personal response- I think this book was very cool to show that the man knew nothing about wildlife when he thought he had. I did not expect to read about so many of the hallucinations that he encountered. I figured that some of the things he had seen were real but turned out not to be. I do not like animal cruelty and was happy to see Paulsen changed his views in the first part of this book due to his beloved sled dogs. He realized that he could not kill unless it was a necessity. Plot- Paulsen [...]

    15. In Woodsong, the main character named Gary connects with his dogs and trains them for a race called the Iditarod. He is always in the woods riding with his dogs training them for the big race. Gary is always telling wise stories and talking about the mistakes he has made in the past. The book is very action packed and always keeps you on your toes wanting to read on. Gary has many struggles in the book but always ends up overcoming them with the help of his dogs who are always present in the boo [...]

    16. In the book Woodsong, the author Gary Paulson is writing about his adventure during the Iditarod with his sled dogs. The story focuses mainly on the hardships he faces during the race. The other main point was what he learned from his dogs. He learned that he shouldn’t trap or hunt living animals anymore because they deserve to live and since his dogs never hurt humans, so why would he want to kill the animals? He wanted to get to know the wilderness better so he decides to run the Iditarod. T [...]

    17. Snapshot: Thirsty for adventure but with no idea how to quench it? Woodsong will only intensify your itch for exploration. Known for his award-winning adventure-filled novels, Gary Paulsen's memoir detailing his dog-sledding history may be more exciting than his fiction. The book is divided in half, the first section filled with stories of experiencing the wild through various animal encounters. The second half is a day-by-day account of his first attempt at the famous Iditarod dog-sled race acr [...]

    18. Woodsong Review In the book Woodsong, by Gary Paulson, Gary is a competitive musher and competes in races. In the first half of the book, Gary tells many exciting stories about him and his dogs along with the intense training they go through together. An example is when Gary and his team are training for the Iditarod and when they cut a corner, the sled slipped and Gary went flying off into a gully separating his knee cap. Gary’s lead dog Storm is always working harder than the other dogs, has [...]

    19. The book "Woodsong" was about Gary going dogsled racing. In the first half of the book Gary tells about some experiences he had out practicing for the Iditarod. In one of them he said that when they were going his dogs stopped to look at something. To his surprise he got off to look to and what he saw was a deer standing up frozen solid. In another one he was going by a lake when all of a sudden a deer jumped over his dogs and chasing it onto the ice were a pack of coyotes. The deer fell through [...]

    20. The memoir "Woodsong" by Gary Paulsen is mainly about his experiences while working with animals in nature such as dogs, cats, chicken, sheep and so forth. Throughout his encounters with nature, he realizes human beings are animals too, and are no different than any other creature. His relationships with his dog teams especially changed his life, and taught him spectacular things about friendship, unity, trust, respect and honor. At the end of the book, Gary Paulsen journals his first person acc [...]

    21. “In Tune with the Team and the Arctic”Paulsen’s choice of the word SONG—see WOODSONG and DOGSONG—goes beyond the expected audible and musical implications, as it embodies man and animals’ in-touch-ness with both static and living aspects of the natural world. Less a cohesive story with a clearly defined plot and anticipated character development book proves reveals the author’s reflective observations of his own maturation—as a musher and as a human being. With gritty honesty Pau [...]

    22. Woodsong by Gary Paulson, type of book is biography, the subject about this book is how he lives, how he lives out in the wilderness out in the snow. only him and his dog team. What i think Gary was trying to make you do is feel the emotions and make you feel that you were there in snow telling the dog to mush. To make you feel that your on the sled controling the dogs listening to every action they make and every breath they take. This book fits into a biography because 1 this story is true. 2 [...]

    23. GARY PAULSEN CATEGORY, NON-FICTION CATEGORYUnlike many other of Gary Paulsen’s novels, Woodsong is not a fictional story; it contains instead several thematically related experiences from Paulsen’s own life. He tells of his experiences learning about dogs, how to travel by dogsled and grow close to these animals, how to live in the woods, and finally he concludes with the story of his first time racing the Iditarod. The subject matter of this novel was, frankly, unappealing to me, and as a r [...]

    24. The book Woodsong is similar to that of a diary. Gary Paulsen recaps several events that happened throughout a certain time in his life and explains how they affected him. In this particular book, Paulsen is a dog runner in central Alaska who lives with his wife and some 50 plus animals. As usual, he uses extreme detail, which helps the reader to imagine everything from the smell of the dogs breath to the taste of 50 degrees below freezing Celsius. All through the book, it seems that the dogs ar [...]

    25. I read lots of Gary Paulsen's books when I was younger. I ordered a classroom set of "Woodsong" this year as an example of autobiography, nonfiction, and personal narrative. We did not get to them before school ended, so I picked it up and read it on my own. Loved it! Paulsen has such an ability to relate human experiences with nature. Anyone interested in sled dogs, northern winters, the Iditarod, or just coming to terms with the "wildness" of nature will find this a quick and fun read.

    26. This book is written in the main character Gary Paulsen's perspective this book is showing the reader why we should care about animals and how he loves animals. He is responsible for dogs that he is training. At the race part the author described the part really good because I can feel the coldness of it. The race part was when all the dogs were depressed and the main character but they ended up finishing the race

    27. I think this book is very interesting because it is about a real life of a people, I also learn from this book the animals are just like us they have feeling, they have families and they care about they family, they work as a team and they live as a team, there are no different between the animals and us. And my favorite part in the book is when the race begins.

    28. Exhilarating NF about wilderness, endurance and…dogs. Bittersweet with some gross-out humor. Fascinating. Paulsen has won awards for his teen fiction. With Woodsong he tries his hand at NF. The book is filled with lovely (and sometimes terrifying) glimpses into his life living on the edge of wilderness in Minnesota running his dogs. It finishes with an accounting of his first Iditerod.

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