The Gladiators

The Gladiators When Loren Hess began asking too many questions she became a liability She d thought her snooping might get her terminated permanently She hadn t expected to land on an auction block halfway across t

  • Title: The Gladiators
  • Author: Kaitlyn O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9781603944465
  • Page: 451
  • Format: ebook
  • When Loren Hess began asking too many questions, she became a liability She d thought her snooping might get her terminated permanently She hadn t expected to land on an auction block halfway across the universe, sold to the highest bidder as a sex slave Sensuality CARNAL

    One thought on “The Gladiators”

    1. The main impression I got of this book is that O'Connor didn't seem to know where to focus her attentions. It felt all over the place. This didn't feel like the end of a series; it felt more like a middle section.And I really didn't like how much time Loren's men spent discussing differences in culture, possible misunderstandings, and stuff of that ilk. As time wore on, I skimmed.So much could've been condensed to save dozens of pages but, I reiterate, the lack of focus got in the way. The endin [...]

    2. Wow a welcome break from back to the normal sci/fi ero/romance novels,, my last book left me with a headache it was to extreme the darkest of dark ero, so this book will be unpleasant at times but still leaves hope and will have some humanity i know.The Main character has been investigating alien tech or told to reverse engineer/the tech for her government but she gets snoopy and questions where this stuff is really coming from and ends up on a alien shop due to her curious personality, You know [...]

    3. I'm just a sucker for books like this one, corny, silly really, but just so much fun. I picked this one up right after finishing The Spawning, and pretty much enjoyed it equally. This story adds another group of aliens to the mix, which I found interesting. In The Spawning I was never quite clear on when and why the heroine and her main guy became okay with the menage relationship, but that's more thoroughly explained in this one. Both books tend to get overly wrapped up in misunderstandings bet [...]

    4. Good book, takes place on a space station and it's not just Earth women that are kidnapped. Loren is sold as a prize to the winning gladiator at a space station. She meets 3 Hirachi men who were kidnapped as slaves. They promise to watch over her. There's also some of the demon looking characters from previous books that were also enslaved. Now we just have to get everybody out. SpoilerI'm really concerned about the people that are left in the pods. It almost like they're just going to ignore th [...]

    5. I quite enjoyed this book. I figured from the cover and the previous books there would be more than one "hero". I was right, there were three no wait, near the end of the book heroine decided three big hunks of Hirachi love weren't enough, she took on a fourth! Where did that come from? And why? *smacks forehead on keyboard* Shees I hate it when I'm enjoying a book and the author throws in such a needless curveball. Totally unnecessary to send in another clown near the end. Kinda ruined the boo [...]

    6. This needs to be proofread/edited. Wrong words used and even a name mix up.It is a full novel that covers abduction, slavery, survival, and loving multiple aliens. The intimacy is frenzied which made it hard to appreciate. It ends happy but I felt there were still loose endsture content with menage and a rape scene

    7. Great bookGreat book would recommend this to anyone who likes aliens and action and adventure in their love story hope there are more in this series to come

    8. So, this is the third and last book of the Enslaved series. For those of you who have never have heard of Enslaved or Genesis , you must give a try if you like sexy alien romances. The cover is absolutely horrible, as if it was the cover of a bad computer game or a homemade 3D Japanese porno.However, you know what they say, don't judge a book by it's cover.The story begins with Loren going to an arranged place to meet aliens, she had been working for the USA government for a couple of years as a [...]

    9. 3 1/2 StarsB movie type erotic romance--so bad it's good. I enjoyed this story a lot once I just went with the flow and stopped being annoyed by the ridiculous Me-Tarzan-You-Jane type dialogue and falling in love with your jailhouse gangbang. Some of the humor is obviously intentional some of it not but all of it was highly entertaining for me. Not that there weren't a few genuinely sweet/romantic-ish moments from the heroine's group of alpha male suitors but anyone looking for a romance they ca [...]

    10. Loren is one of O'Connor's better heroines so the book had a lot of enjoyable moments for me. Sadly, I don't think book 3 is anywhere as good as the first or second in the enslaved series. The ending was rushed, the hirachi men were a lot more two-dimensional and boring, and the plot tended to drift a bit as if she wasn't quite sure where her focus was meant to be. That being said, 'The Gladiators' introduced a lot of interesting new world-building, with a greater scope of aliens, male and femal [...]

    11. The sex scenes were hot but after awhile the multiple partners just got ridiculous. No woman can have that many back to back to back to back sexual encounters several times a day and still enjoy it. I mean honestly, after one hubby has her, they all had to have her immediately! You'd think that after a few days of that, the heroine would have come up with a schedule to accommodate all of her husbands and have some alone time for herself (to recover at the very least). I mean, this was a highly e [...]

    12. Gotta say, I'm starting to love these Hirachi guys and their thing for menage. (Oh, all the happy ladies) I really didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel for this particular book, given the terrible predicament, but I'm glad that miss O'Connor found it instead and I could simply focus on my enjoyable reading. As far as this book was concerned, I was rather fond of it, perhaps a bit more than I was of the others in the series but I suppose that's because I laughed out loud a lot more while [...]

    13. Rather disappointing as I had enjoyed the previous two books in this series. I never really felt as though Lauren ever got over her feelings that the aliens were lesser beings and I can't see how she developed any emotional attachment given she never once seemed to do more than fight or have sex with them. The entire thing wrapped up with a bug gap between Lauren beting 4-5 months pregnant and having no resolution with Daemon and then her guving birth and Daemon is one of the gang.

    14. Loren spoiled this book for me. I wanted her to be stronger and smarter but instead she spent a great deal of this book crying and acting like a child. For someone who was supposed to be an engineer, she had no common sense. I guess I'm not a fan of weak heroines.The story was interesting and I enjoyed the scenery descriptions. Not to mention her four guys, loved them. Hope the author isn't done with this series. I would definitely read the next one.

    15. Working at a secret government facility Loren finds that asking to many questions is never a great idea. She gets sold to an alien trader who actions her off to a gladiator owner who intends to give her away to the winners. Teaming up with Hirachi men, she tries to finds her way to escape.Angst of the unknown and smutty fluff with multiple partners.

    16. A good ending. But I really wish there was more like maybe by the next generation they create an army to help in kicking the government's ass back on earth. Hells ya!!! Who's with me!?

    17. Okay the plot holes in this one were not so much *holes* as GAPING CHASMS OF CONFUSION AND DESPAIR!!! XD But I liked the characters enough that I just winced internally and moved on.

    18. This series is so freakin' goodjust keeps getting better and better! Now all I need is for the author to write more books!!!

    19. The GladiatorsLoved this book. Hated that it ended. Hope another come as out soon. Lauren has 5 malicious, men. I loved Daemon the best. Very delightful book

    20. I liked it, though it dragged here and there. Picked up in the last half and there was some humor. I'd love to read another in the series!

    21. It was a really good story. Loren was a great protagonist and loved her four guys. I really hope the author continue with this series.

    22. I love reading about the Hirachi men and this book was no exception.Loren is a great heroine and her heroes arey caliente! O'Connor does it again!

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