Tyrannosaur Canyon

Tyrannosaur Canyon A stunning new archaeological thriller by the New York Times bestselling co author of Brimstone and Relic A moon rock missing for thirty yearsFive buckets of blood soaked sand found in a New Mexico ca

  • Title: Tyrannosaur Canyon
  • Author: Douglas Preston
  • ISBN: 9780765311047
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A stunning new archaeological thriller by the New York Times bestselling co author of Brimstone and Relic.A moon rock missing for thirty yearsFive buckets of blood soaked sand found in a New Mexico canyonA scientist with ambition enough to killA monk who will redeem the worldA dark agency with a deadly missionThe greatest scientific discovery of all timeWA stunning new archaeological thriller by the New York Times bestselling co author of Brimstone and Relic.A moon rock missing for thirty yearsFive buckets of blood soaked sand found in a New Mexico canyonA scientist with ambition enough to killA monk who will redeem the worldA dark agency with a deadly missionThe greatest scientific discovery of all timeWhat fire bolt from the galactic dark shattered the Earth eons ago, and now hides in that remote cleft in the southwest U.S known as Tyrannosaur Canyon Tyrannosaur Canyon is a stunning novel from acclaimed bestselling author Douglas Preston, hailed by Publishers Weekly as better than Crichton.

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    1. A thief in broad daylight, scurries over and around the windy badlands of northern New Mexico, someone is following, he is a little concerned the geologist Marston Weathers, having just found his "treasure". The dreams of a lifetime at long last, becomes a reality not gold or gemstones, not even ancient coins. Mr. Weathers is the top dinosaur hunter in the nation, but lacks honesty some would say, a stickler for obeying every rule he doesn't claim to be, that the law demands. A free man, until c [...]

    2. Tyrannosaur Canyon (Wyman Ford #1) by Douglas Preston is a great thriller/mystery based around an archeology find. It is fast paced and exciting. I enjoyed it on many levels. I loved exciting stories of archaeological finds, stories that puzzle, those that might involve the government, and a new scientific find. Murder, mayhem, and suspense is the bonus! Good story!

    3. What I wanted:What I got:That's what you get when you don't check up the book you reading before. Anyway, the book wasn't that bad, it was just not what I wanted. I wanted a t-rex, perhaps a couple of t-rex, and people being hunted by t-rex, instead I got t-rex.il and a lot of people after the fossil. I had a bit of trouble getting into the story of Tyrannosaur Canyon and Wyman Ford isn't really working for me. I prefer his agent Pendergast books with Lincoln Child. The part of the book I liked [...]

    4. There's a lot going on in a remote area of New Mexico.Somebody shoots an old prospector and hides the body. The old prospector had a map that leads tomething. Somebody is stalking a woman. There's a mysterious alphabet soup agency poking around.Lots of drama, for what I felt wasn't a lot of payoff.

    5. After finishing Impact, I was intrigued enough to try another book by Douglas Preston. I selectedTyrannosaur Canyonon the basis of the reviews on .I feltTyannosaur Canyonwas a much better book -- even though it was written beforeImpact .I loved the irony of the plaque in Beezon's office of a minnow in the belly of a fossilized fish, itself in the belly of an even larger fossilized fish. It cleverly foretold of predators chasing victims in the plot only to become the victim of even larger predato [...]

    6. You know it's a bad sign when you keep flipping to the end of the book to see how much further you have to slog 'til the end. I consider myself a fan of the Lincoln-Child (LC) books. At the time of this writing I've read seven Pendergast books back-to-back earlier this year. Although I wouldn't categorize them as tomes of High Literature I do find them well-written (especially for the thriller genre), suspenseful, interesting, and almost always entertaining. Having blazed through those seven co- [...]

    7. I picked this book up expecting to be entertained. I'm perfectly able to suspend disbelief if they story is good enough. Oh my was I disappointed. This book was about as interesting as watching paint dry. This author is - according to the blurb "hailed by "Publishers Weekly" as 'better than Crichton'." My ass. I've read most of Cricthons books and although not all of them were to my liking, not one of them came close to this in sheer stupidity.If you hate something you're supposed to be specific [...]

    8. WHAT? WHERE ARE THEM DINOSAURS?Misleading titles. Fffffffffffffff-I don't know. There was something essential missing that should've been part of such an action-incorporated, part science-fiction thriller.Wish I could pinpoint it out but I wouldn't want to waste more thoughts on this.Mediocre.Or maybe just missing a live T-Rex.

    9. I just read Preston's 2017 non-fiction "Lost City of the Monkey God" and someone mentioned "Tyrannosaur Canyon" in a review. I recall being on the disappointed side with "Canyon", as I was expecting something like a combination of Preston's great "Relic" and Crichton's great "Jurrassic Park". But no, this is a rather weak outing by this author. Best to stick to Preston's Pendergast work and his latest aforementioned "Monkey God."

    10. A thriller by Douglas Preston, copyright 2005. It must have been reasonably good, because I couldn’t put it down. Mind you, I am a sucker for mysteries and/or thrillers that involve the science of paleontology.I found the pacing excellent—the point of view changed regularly, but there was no confusion about whose POV each chapter captured. There was a perfect number of characters. I could keep them all straight and their names did not blend together to perplex me.The book begins with the moo [...]

    11. This was a very action packed book and I loved every moment. The plot was clear and I loved the story. I definitely recommend it.

    12. A techno-thriller for dinosaur nerds. Although the cover art and blurbs present Tyrannosaur Canyon as a Jurassic Park knock-off, this book is about humans who chase fossils for both the brief glimpse into a lost world and the financial rewards which accompany it, all wrapped in the cloak of a fast-paced thriller. Here's a bit of a disclaimer: I grew up wanting to be a paleontologist, and am predisposed to favor any story about this topic which is at least competently written. Douglas Preston's p [...]

    13. I have learned over the years of reading in the same few genres and from reading the same authors that you will come across similar situations. Most of the time this is not a bad thing but when you read your sixteenth novel by Douglas Preston, it starts to feel familiar but not in a good (I have had this pizza and loved it) kind of way but more like (man, the same pizza that used to taste god until I ate it until my taste buds revolted against the repetitive taste) kind of way. The book is fasci [...]

    14. It's strange that I could enjoy this book but still have a lot to complain about. I cannot continue without SPOILERS. As a dinosaur enthusiast, I was intrigued by the title and while the back cover didn't say TOO much about the plot, I suspected there would be a T-Rex somewhere in the story. I knew the "treasure" had to involve a dinosaur somehow and this intrigue helped me plow through almost 100 pages, cordially accepting each of the many characters and their different POVs, when all of a sudd [...]

    15. I would be ashamed to acknowledge that I read this novel, if it were not for the fact that my story may serve as a cautionary tale for others. I have never read Douglas Preston before this book. I likely will never again read Douglas Preston. The blurb on the cover states, "If John Grisham had written Jurassic Park, he couldn't do better than Tyrannosaur Canyon." I think, if John Grisham chose to sue for libel he would have a compelling case. This book was meant to fill the desperately needed vo [...]

    16. Fast moving and complex, Tyrannosaur Canyon kept me on the edge throughout. It was hard to stop reading since every chapter left the characters in dicey situations and you wanted to know what happens next. Preston uses Crighton's technique of short chapters, moving among 3-4 major characters. Unexpected new developments kept happening right up until the climax. The last few intense action scenes were over the top, I kept wondering how the characters could keep functioning and stay alive after al [...]

    17. I just finished this book for work, which was on loan from a good friend who recommended it to me. For the type of book that it is, it is all right.Basically the plot revolves around a group of people trying to be the first to lay claim to a mummified Tyrannosaurus Rex. I’ll grant you that the moon rock virus bit was a nice unexpected twist, but this book suffers from what many books of this age suffer from. Sparse character development, lots ofswearing and solving problems by violent means. I [...]

    18. I was not sure if I would be able to get into this book as much as I have other books by the author, but I was. The science was kept understandable and it was interesting.

    19. Fun action packed read. Imagine if Dan Brown was a better author and wrote about fossils and government coverups instead of Church conspiracy theories.

    20. Not as good as the 2nd and 3rd book. Or could have been my fault as I started reading from book 3 going to book 1. Lesson to self- ALWAYS start with the first book!

    21. Carte tipica de aventuri. Reuseste sa te tina in intuneric in privinta unuia dintre elementele importante ale actiunii, particula Venus, dar dezvaluirile finale nu m-au impresionat. Fiind vorba de o serie de 4 volume, ramane de vazut. Sfarsitul cartii ridica niste intrebari interesante legate de provenienta particulei Venus si a asteroidului care a eliminat dinozaurii.Seria se numeste Wyman Ford, dar prima carte pune in centrul actiunii pe Tom Broadbent. Ford apare doar ca personaj secundar.

    22. I read this book for a challenge, otherwise I probably never would have picked it up. I saw this quote"better than Crichton."and though I have not read Jurassic Park I have seen the movie and I could not imagine if this book was made into a movie, I would not like it near as much. However, I liked the direction the story went, and I enjoyed the way the author chose to explain things. Decent read, way better than I thought it would be for its content.

    23. Had a slow start for me. I mean the content was good, but just seemed to move slow but was worth the wait in the end.

    24. Está aqui outro grande romance de Douglas Preston, um dos meus autores favoritos; é um daqueles livros que nos prende a atenção na primeira página e não nos larga até acabarmos de ler o último parágrafo. Para além disso, desperta em nós ideias, pensamentos e reflexões que nos acompanham muito para lá de termos terminado a leitura do livro. Douglas Preston é definitivamente um mestre na construção de histórias que combinam ciência, religião e as implicações do confronto entre [...]

    25. I just finished Tyrannosaur Canyon, by Douglas Preston, clearly my favorite book of his so far. I think. I am always excited when I am reading a good book, but I think this was the best yet. My reasons are partially negative ones. There were no gory, gruesome murders in this one, and fewer killings than in the others I've read. However, I think he still describes dying in a lot more detail than is necessary.The story begins with a murder--just not a terribly gruesome one. Bad enough, of course, [...]

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