Emmett Single dad Emmett Deverell thought moving to Jacobsville Texas would mean quality time with his children Then he realized the truth his kids were uncontrollable He knew the three rapscallions neede

  • Title: Emmett
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373089109
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Single dad Emmett Deverell thought moving to Jacobsville, Texas, would mean quality time with his children Then he realized the truth, his kids were uncontrollable He knew the three rapscallions needed a woman s influence But the only female available was Melody Cartmand Emmett trusted her about as far as he could throw her.

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    1. Is it too late to call social services for three kids who in 1993 are being raised by a bitter, neglectful father after their selfish mother left them for another man? The bitter, neglectful father also does the rodeo circuit because it's fun, pays a lot of money, and keeps him away from his kids who remind him of his wife and failed marriage. The bitter neglectful father hates the virgin heroine (who is the sister of the man his wife ran away with), but he has to rely on her to take care of his [...]

    2. I don't know why I do this to myself. Unrealistic characterizations all around. Plus not as concrete as I like my stories to be. Got this in a trilogy at the UBS and I was bored I guess.

    3. I did not like this book. She was given a raw deal with him. She is going to have all the work and none of the joy of having her own family because he has 3 already. I hated that! Even his ex wife who left her own kids get to have more and the heroine is left without anything but the leftovers from the ex. I have only read this book once and I would not even reread it.

    4. A little bit confusing at first. Mostly because Emmett hated Melody all of a sudden and that hate turns into love and I think it's kind of funny. But I liked the element of children in this story. So cute. Too bad the story went too soon so it's not really my favorite.

    5. Once again, I found the story too short for any real development of feelings between the characters. What made it seem especially unrealistic was how how Melody loved Guy after the way he treated her. Love doesn't just come that deeply, or that intensely that fast.That aside, it was an okay read.

    6. Real Life RomanceThis is a cute story about letting go of the past, forgiveness, and love. It's one of the few romance books I've read where children don't magically disappear because the adults want intimacy, which really makes it believable. The hero and heroine both make mistakes, but have the best of intentions and work to overcome their issues. The very end made me laugh too.

    7. I felt like this was a slightly more modern DP. H wasnt quite an arse and he only occasionally smoked ;) There was a large age diff - h was 20 and H was in his 30s - seemed like late 30s. And boy did we get hit over the head about her being young. Calling her 'little one' constantly, plenty of emphasis on her virginity and his protectiveness. I liked that she wasn't a doormat; in fact, she seemed much more mature than he gave her credit for.

    8. 1a lettura 10 aprile 2012rilettura sett. 2014Emmett Deverell Melody Cartman(cugino di Logan Deverell della serie "Most Wanted"- questo libro non tradotto in Italia - Christopher DeverellTed Regan, Guy Fenton che si conosceranno nei prossimi libri)

    9. I'm happy that Emmet did get his own story. Cause he and his children were funny as heck in Case of the Missing Secretary. Also by the magnificent Diana Palmer.

    10. Para tener una relación con Emmet hay que ser muy pero muy valiente y no lo digo por él, sino por sus hijos :D

    11. Tři otravné nevychované děti. Hrdina, který už dva roky po útěku své ženy objevil, že děti se nevychovávají samy a on jako otec by se k tomu měl nějak postavit. Hrdinka, která o něm ani na moment nezapochybuje. Aby Emmett netrpěl sexuální abstinencí, tak se obětuje a zasnoubí se s ním. Sice má tři nevychovaná děcka, o která se nestará, a bývalé manželce se s nimi zakázal stýkat, ale má „nástroj rozkoše“, takže roztála jako sněhulák na jaře.Děj je [...]

    12. Two Diana Palmer stars. 1 1/2 in the real world. Melody & Emmett were introduced in a previous book. He hates her because she helped her brother run off with Emmett's wife. She's terrified of him because he's big, gruff and hates her. He's got three terrors of children. Somehow he got custody. Seems his ex didn't exactly fight for them. The kids are hellions and split their time between wreaking havoc and watching tv. Sometimes they stop to eat. For some reason the two youngest take to Melod [...]

    13. It seemed like the book started in the middle of the story. I loved Emmett and Melody but it seemed like their story was rushed.

    14. Homens do Texas 10Acreditar Outra VezDiana PalmerA história seria simples se não fosse as três crianças. O pai Emmett é o tipo homem que deixou a educação das crianças a cargo da esposa e quando ela vai embora ele não sabe o que fazer. Amy e Polk são demais, adoráveis, inteligentes e extremamente engraçados, me diverti muito com os dois. Já Guy, o mais velho, sente todo o peso da separação dos pais, está perdido, ressentido e com muito medo. Melody é um amor, apesar de ajudar a [...]

    15. EmmettMuy buena y interesante.emmett no quiere una relación estable después del fracaso de su matrimonioendo padre soltero tiene más que suficientero se dará cuenta que alguien que siempre ha estado a su lado poco a poco será especial para el. Se sentirán atraídos pero primero tendrán que superar el pasadoy buena la recomiendo.

    16. Delightfulmakes a person never want children. Haha. A funny romantic caring story. building a relationship with children involved can be traumatic and this put it in perspective.

    17. I feel like I need to stop reading these romance books for a while, I just aren't over keen on the plots of the recent ones but hope that I can get back into them soon as I still have quite a few to read.

    18. I thought this was different to most romances because of the three your kidse story was sweet and i loved that Emmett was so sweet to Melody. Emmett is a very strong hot man who actually admits he doesn't know it all

    19. I like Melody. I also like the children and their somewhat grumpy dad. It's probably just me but I am not one to readily accept an "instant" family with not just one but four children.

    20. Decided to reread it recently, and this is definitely one of the funniest DP has written!! Such an entertaining read.

    21. A very funny edition to the Long Tall Texans series. Some laugh out loud moments from the terrible trio of children Emmett has.

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