Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond is up against a power mad media mogul in this story that ranges from the snowy Khyber Pass to a sea battle off the communist controlled Hong Kong And once the stakes are high only Bond can

  • Title: Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Author: Raymond Benson Bruce Feirstein
  • ISBN: 9780340707425
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • James Bond is up against a power mad media mogul, in this story that ranges from the snowy Khyber Pass to a sea battle off the communist controlled Hong Kong And once the stakes are high only Bond can prevent the outcome a third world war.

    One thought on “Tomorrow Never Dies”

    1. I've always been a little weary of novelizations. Usually they're poorly written with little to add to the film, TV show, or whatever they are adapted from. Yet with the novelization of Tomorrow Never Dies, Raymond Benson does something almost extraordinary. He manages to take the film and make it seem like a genuine literary Bond adventure. The Bond of the book is much the same as the Bond of the original literary novels written by Benson, meaning that it's pretty much Brosnan. But as always, B [...]

    2. Benson is at his best and worst in this novelization. There are moments of pure cliche and moments that enhance the film narrative. One of the more humorous Bond novels.

    3. With no offense to John Gardner, author of the previous series of 007 novels post-Fleming, I could not make it through the novelization of "Goldeneye" because - frankly - it added literally nothing to the movie. Like his novelization of "Licence to Kill" it actually took away from the film - it was lesser. Benson's "Tomorrow Never Dies" however adds a whole new element to the story: backstory for the heroes and the villains, detail and whole new elements to scenes we know and love, and a whole n [...]

    4. I started reading this a few months ago so my memory of the earlier segments is a bit foggy. I recall enjoying the opening and most of the middle of the novel. Having finished Thunderball in the time since I started Tomorrow Never Dies, I find that this novel is not a bad James Bond novel, and in fact the differences in the two stand out all the more. I think I enjoyed the action sequences more in hindsight. Stamper was a convincing Bond-Villain-mook. Carver received the death he was due - grues [...]

    5. Unfortunately this suffers from being based on the screenplay. It pretty much describes the scenes and background information is added in a rather clumsy fashion. However, the action moves swiftly and its a quick and easy read.

    6. I have to say that after the movie adaptation of Goldeneye I was a bit skeptical about the other movie adaptations in the James bond series. However This book really impressed me. I did not expect to find is so enjoyable and actually thinking that the book is better than t he movie. Raymond Benson add more to the characters by giving them backgrounds and explaining them. He also manages to add tot he main story as well by making it more believable than the actual movie. The motivations of the vi [...]

    7. To b honest I have never seen the film so I can't say how the novelization comparesever I found the chase and action scenes which would no doubt be stunning on screen far more incredulous and preposterous written downI realise that's part of the Bond experience but in honesty within the context of the books it works better watered down a little.I read this as a introduction to Raymond Benson's Bond tenure and in some ways it may not wholly reflect his style so I must yet seek an originalBenson d [...]

    8. Raymond Benson’s second novel in the James Bond canon was to take the movie Tomorrow Never Dies and turn it into a book. I do not think that he did a bad job, in the main because he does not take Bond too seriously. Neither are my favourite Bond film or Bond novel; but they are not my least favourite either. Worth a read for serious Bond fans but it does not really add anything that would not be gained from watching the movie.

    9. The book which was written right after the 18th Bond film began to put on the screen. While the movie was interesting and absolutely enjoyable, I felt the book is just writing what was on movie. I could see only little bit change in story and ending. In this sense, I was little bit dissapointed with this book. However, if you had missed an opportunity to watch the movie or if you could not get some part of the story, the book is absolutely recommendable, and I am sure you will enjoy it!!!

    10. It s the reverse caes like in world is not enough book was more excited than a film expect one thind 007 is to rude in the begining of the book i dont thin mr brosnan put a chessboard in the back of the minister.

    11. Benson fills in many of the gaps in the story as it was presented on the screen, and provides compelling background information for some of the characters, just as Christopher Wood was able to do with the Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker novelizations.

    12. I know I've seen the movie of which this is the novelisation, but I didn't remember it, so reading the novel seemed fresh and enjoyable. Not a huge fan of Brosnan's Bond, but it was still a good read.

    13. After this, I decided not to read any more of Benson's Bond books. He did not have a good handle on the character, and the plots were silly.

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