Trans Human In this sequel to Post Human humanity will be forced to face a future advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive Nineteen months have passed since the AI turned against humanity and

  • Title: Trans-Human
  • Author: DavidSimpson
  • ISBN: 9781450283854
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this sequel to Post Human, humanity will be forced to face a future advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive Nineteen months have passed since the AI turned against humanity and was subsequently destroyed In the meantime, James Keats has turned over the AI s powers to a non intelligent, easily controlled operating system He and Thel have leIn this sequel to Post Human, humanity will be forced to face a future advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive Nineteen months have passed since the AI turned against humanity and was subsequently destroyed In the meantime, James Keats has turned over the AI s powers to a non intelligent, easily controlled operating system He and Thel have left the planet and spent six months vacationing on Venus, which has been newly terraformed without the consent or knowledge of the Governing Council The AI has been deleted, but the message it sent out into the abyss of space in search of a companion has been answered An alien force dwarfing the Earth is on its way to find out why the AI has stopped communicating Keats and company can only assume its intentions will be hostile when it finds out the truth Only one thing is for sure nothing will ever be the same again Welcome to the Trans Human era Welcome to the singularity.

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    1. Boy, this is tough.There is so much potential here. The ideas are actually intriguing. But there are SO many problems with the execution.First, like the first two books in the series, the author jumps from idea to idea with brain-wrenching suddenness and zero "stitching" between the concepts. Events don't lead to each other, there isn't a lead up, the author just introduces whatever whizzy-bang will completely resolve the current crisis. It is frustrating. As soon as some good tension builds up [...]

    2. Holy fucking hell How many times can a writer kill everyone and bring them back in 3 books? This book was grueling to get through, but having read the first two, I forced myself to do it - you, however, should NOT!STAY AWAY!!!

    3. Wake up, Universe!The sequel to Post Human does not disappoint! Following the characters into the age of nanotechnology, Simpson whips up a storyline with more turns than a Grand Prix qualifier that doesn't skimp on insight. The story is thrust into action with satisfactory zeal as the solar system is invaded and the A.I. returns.Or does he? Simpson does a great job of setting the stage before tossing the characters into new light antagonist-protagonist-antagonist the plot shifts and morphs as i [...]

    4. An fast paced adventure with many twist and turns, memorable characters and a surprising ending. This author again demonstrates his writing abilities that left me pondering many theoretical and ethical questions. Instead of focusing on the story I will concentrate on the science that is the building blocks of the book.As Trans-Human points out, Einstein propelled science probably a couple of hundred years forward for his theories has proven electromagnetic effects, gravity, wormholes and so much [...]

    5. Post-Human was one of my favorite finds so I didn’t want to wait to read Trans-Human. Therefore, I purchased a Kindle version to read on my iPad. Trans-Human didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t put it down! I don’t want to give away too much, so I am going to try to keep any spoilers to a minimum if I can, but I want to say that I think David Simpson is the best writer I’ve read at weaving a fast-paced story that won’t let you put it down. And by fast, I mean lightning. You find yourself u [...]

    6. The key to good science fiction is setting up a believable "world" (whether single planet, universe, multiverse, whatever), defining "how things work" in your world, and telling a good story that uses the elements of your world, subject to the constrains you have applied. When plausible, it is OK for new elements to be introduced, but some reasonable explanation needs to be offered. I find the elements introduced here to be sorely lacking in such explanation (and/or I did not find the explanatio [...]

    7. Still unbelievable technology. James as a hero is still annoying. Very short chapters as compared to the first book. Fortunately this seems to be a short read. I had to force myself to get through this book, and basically skimmed the last 5 pages or so, because I was happy to be done.

    8. I have to say, I gave this series the old college try, but about halfway through this book I just couldn't do it anymore.Book #2 (Post-Human) was by far the best, and does the best as a standalone novel. I struggled through Book #1, the prequel, but after the second book I was ready to give it another go. I particularly enjoyed the number of literary allusions peppered into the writing, hoping that this would place the series a cut above the many wannabees.But I just couldn't do it.As other revi [...]

    9. Trans-Human is the best sci-fi novel I’ve read since its predecessor, Post-Human. Simpson excels like no one else in the writing business today at combining entertainment value with deep, philosophical substance. Not since the original Matrix film has their been a story this fun and, at the same time, this deep.The original book, Post-Human, set up the concept of its protagonist, James Keats, as a futuristic Jesus character, battling the Artificial Intelligence that was repeatedly compared to [...]

    10. Trans-Human by David Simpson is an engaging sequel that will delight fans of his book Post-Human. It is a thought-provoking, energetic sci-fi book, with a robust dose of high-octane exploits.This book carries the story forward after the occurrences in the first book, but it is not a standalone sequel; it does reference Post-Human and I think both novels should be read in sequence. In Trans-Human far-reaching consequences from the events in Post-Human have come calling, looking for the Artificial [...]

    11. Continuing right on where Post-Human ended off. It has been 19 months of peace since the rogue AI was deleted. Unknown to James and the Council however, before the AI was deleted it sent a message to an alien ally - which was now on the horizon to answer the call to help. Unable to defend mankind against such a foe, the only solution is evacuation. But as mankind starts to evacuate, it becomes unclear who are enemies and who are friends.Improbables: An advanced race coming to "rescue" humanity d [...]

    12. Wow. I had no idea what to expect with this one. I thought Post-Human was pretty good, so I gave Trans-Human a try. Simpson seems to have gotten even better as a writer. This book is a lot darker than the first one, a lot faster-paced, and a lot more complex. The ending was stunning. I’m not sure what kind of research Simpson did or what his background is, but the concepts at the end were so high-level that I was starting to think he was a genius. Maybe it’s all bull -- the “informational [...]

    13. This is a great conclusion to whole series by David Simpson. While the survivors of the tragedy in Post-Human think they have repaired the damage from the earlier tragedy, a new and more dangerous threat is coming towards Earth. James Keats and his friends must determine who is the enemy and how to defeat it. While doing so, he will grow in ways he never thought possible as will the human race. In the end, human intuition and emotion remain superior to any technology created by man. It shows tha [...]

    14. This one was just as bad as the last one. This is really disappointing since the first book was pretty good. The writing felt different than in book 2 and 3. In this book, nothing changed from the second book, the dialogue is still clunky and forced, the characters are extremely flat and boring. I just couldn't keep reading this book, I was bored by the story, not connected to the characters and I just would rather read something else. I will not be reading the fourth book and I am extremely gla [...]

    15. I was very disappointed after reading this book. The whole plot almost mimicked the plot of Post-Human and just used different settings. There was so much more the author had the opportunity to do with this trilogy, but instead went with virtually the same plot as the last book and a dumb ending. The ending was awful!

    16. I was not happy with Book 2, with a superhero that saves the planet - but in this book not only the same superhero and supervillain (that somehow survived) but another supervillain appears. I gave up halfway through when I realized I no longer cared about any of the characters anymore - and now could care less what happens in the next 2 books either.

    17. Never a disappointment. This series pulls you in with a high tech vision and plot by the author I would love to see these books become movies. David Simpson is compassionate yet always edgy with his plot and characters live his books!!!

    18. I love it and I hope me writing this review shows it! It's so thought out and I always had a idea like it but this is soooo much better! Love it!

    19. The plot started out better then the last book, but yet again failed to develop. Eventually, it was too predictable and over-simplified.

    20. A fast paced Scifi book. Reading a good one after years of staying away from this genre of books. This book doesn't disappoint at all.

    21. So this is my second time re-reading this series in less than a year and a half. So obviously I really enjoyed it. This time I read with a more critical eye; and rolled those critical eyes a bit at the leaps my imagination had to take. I loved some parts of this book (like terraforming Venus), but agree with some other reviewers that the character building and storyline seemed flat. Are they dead, not dead? Are they friend or foe? Somehow the writing seemed more disjointed and the luster faded t [...]

    22. Trans-Human was simply amazing. I very much appreciated how it was a plot point to explain why the AI's characterization had changed so radically from Sub-Human to Post-Human, as that was a issue that really bothered me while reading Post-Human. All the plot twists throughout Trans-Human made for a book reminiscent of a roller coaster ride (even though I wanted to smack the characters upside the head a lot - take a couple of minutes to stop, explain, and get evrybody on the same page, it would s [...]

    23. Good funThis series has every science fiction trope in it and the action comes at you like a deluge from a fire hose. This installment of the franchise does not disappoint. Once again all of humanity is in danger of complete annihilation. Once again the cast of characters that I have grown to care about have to overcome incredible challenges as they race to save our solar system from destruction. Although the language can get a bit stilted, the author does bring up some interesting ideas and exp [...]

    24. I judge my science fiction based upon a modified version of the Baen criteria, and for this one I was looking at is the technology something I can understand, is the storyline plausible (especially in light of the technology), and was it an overall good read. I think Mr. Simpson hits it on most of those fronts, but without having a spoiler I will call b.s. on about the last 15% of the story line - it gets a little crazy and some of it is a big stretch of the imagination - and book 2 of the serie [...]

    25. I found myself pulled into the story more as the various books were read. Initially I wasn’t pulled in quickly but I stuck with the stories and found myself enjoying the characters. The story is definitely sci fi and alt universe. There are weaknesses apparent that are answered later in the series. I recommend sticking with them through the end or you’ll miss some great story lines and revelations.

    26. Great seriesA delightful read. I recommend this author whose style and prose is interesting and engaging. I'm looking forward to reading more. Each book is entirely unique story line yet seemingly interconnected. I am vastly impressed by this author's ideas and ingenuity and spectacular imagination. I don't predict "what's next" or what the ending will be like which is so uncommon and refreshing. Thank you

    27. Exciting and inspiring, very imaginative work the characters are engaging the story really speaks to me and wants me to keep following the characters and being inspired by the awesome imagination of the author. Science Fiction at it's vey highest pinnacle.

    28. Oh GodNot read the first 2 books, just jumped straight into this story. No matter, this was an excellent read, and well thought out. Characters played their roles amazingly well. Suppose I had better read books 1&2 now. Good work and looking forward to reading book 4

    29. Great book!I continue to enjoy the series and look forward to the next part. The book is a quick read and I don't feel like anything is left out when I am done.

    30. A gift that keeps on giving. Transcending humanity might have many forms and meanings. The momentum of this fascinating epic saga did not skip a beat.

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