Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor

Buffettology The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World s Most Famous Investor In the world of investing the name Warren Buffett is synonymous with success and prosperity Learn how Warren Buffett did it and how you can too Building from the ground up Buffett chose wisely and p

  • Title: Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor
  • Author: Mary Buffett David Clark
  • ISBN: 9780684848211
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the world of investing, the name Warren Buffett is synonymous with success and prosperity Learn how Warren Buffett did it and how you can too.Building from the ground up, Buffett chose wisely and picked his stocks with care, in turn amassing the huge fortune for which he is now famous Mary Buffett, former daughter in law of this legendary financial genius and a succeIn the world of investing, the name Warren Buffett is synonymous with success and prosperity Learn how Warren Buffett did it and how you can too.Building from the ground up, Buffett chose wisely and picked his stocks with care, in turn amassing the huge fortune for which he is now famous Mary Buffett, former daughter in law of this legendary financial genius and a successful businesswoman in her own right, has teamed up with noted Buffettologist David Clark to create Buffettology, a one of a kind investment guide that explains the winning strategies of the master Learn how to approach investing the way Buffett does, based on the authors firsthand knowledge of the secrets that have made Buffett the world s second wealthiest man Use Buffett s proven method of investing in stocks that will continue to grow over time Master the straightforward mathematical equipments that assist Buffett in making investments Examine the kinds of companies that capture Buffett s interest, and learn how you can use this information to make your own investment choices of the futureComplete with profiles of fifty four Buffett companies companies in which Buffett has invested and which the authors believe he continues to follow Buffettology can show any investor, from beginner to savvy pro, how to create a profitable portfolio.

    One thought on “Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett the World's Most Famous Investor ”

    1. A beginners guide to value investing21 April 2014 I just clicked on Mary Buffett's name on and discovered that she is actually the author of quite a large number of books, and each of those books has the name 'Warren Buffett' somewhere in the title (though in reality there are only four books). To be honest with you I am not really sure who Mary Buffett is because she is not one of Warren's children, nor is she his ex-wife (who is dead, by the way) but from what I can remember when I read this [...]

    2. I figure the only reason it sells is that people like me are curious if the author -- being Buffett's daughter-in-law -- can provide insights not available elsewhere. In this regard, and almost every other, the book was a miserable failure. All the true advice in the book is pretty obvious and better available elsewhere.

    3. If you are looking for some ground-breaking Buffett investment revelation in this book, you'll be disappointed. But if you follow Warren Buffett, then you know that very little of his investment philosophy is truly ground-breaking, but that's the point. It's simple, but difficult to apply.What you will find in this book is what I have found to be difficult to find elsewhere. This book essentially combines the qualitative investment philosophy that Warren talks about a great deal about publicly w [...]

    4. Buffettology is the first book from someone who, thanks to personal and professional access to Warren Buffett, has been uniquely positioned to learn from the master. Mary Buffett had the privilege -- during her twelve years as his daughter-in-law -- of sharing some of this very private genius's informal discussions of his investing philosophy, and now she shares some of her invaluable observations with us. This breakthrough book offers a full-blown explanation of how Buffett uses Business Perspe [...]

    5. Very poorly written overall. Perhaps the most annoying tic is to ascribe Corporate Finance 101 ideas to Mr. Buffett. This would be like a book about a physicist, let's call him Mr. Smith, believing in gravity. "Mr. smith believes that gravity is a force that attracts objects in relation to their mass." the key ideas of the book are merely asserted, backed up with one example or anecdotes. Contradictory ideas are not explained.

    6. There's nothing groundbreaking here. It works more as a primer for economics at large and the stock market in particular. The later half of the book is full of mathematical equations, designed to help wannabe Buffetts in making sound stock-buying calls. For the casual reader though, its the first half which is interesting as it provides an insight into the mind of the world's most successful investor.

    7. Everyone in America should read the first 190 pages of this book before they invest their first penny in stocks/mutual funds or consider contributing to a 401(k).

    8. I have a different edition. Well, what can I say. I'd say it clearly is the work of an ex family member, trying hard

    9. WB LOOKS FOR COMPANIES WITH ROE >15%Other peoples folly and WB's discipline are the key to his success.The intrinsic value of an investment is the projected annual compounding rate of the return the investment will produce.Without some predictability of future earnings any calculation of future value is mere speculation.Buffett got the idea of a concentrated portfolio and a circle of competence from Keynes.Graham would only invest in companies whose projected return was 25% pa +.Sometimes sto [...]

    10. Saw on multiple articles and heard on my podcast that this book was one of the books you should read if you're an investor. I really enjoyed the first part of the book. I'm a real warren buffet fan, I mean who in finance isn't, and reading about his personal life and how he brought that over into his family was really fun to read. Now as to the second part, "Advanced Buffetology" the style of writing was really boring. Being in finance, mostly everything interest me but this part was really repe [...]

    11. This book is basically for indivduals with a background in investing/equity research. If you are looking for a groundbreaking strategy sadly there is none out there that can make you super rich. This book mainly explains the basic fundamentals that Buffet used in investing.If you are young, have a good background in investments and have a source of income/wealth then you can use these fundamental combined with you existing skills to follow these strategies and be reasonable successful in terms o [...]

    12. This book explains one of the reasons why Warren Buffet became the most successful investor. Simple calculations are presented and rules to invest. Important dos and don'ts are also warned.Every businessman should read this book. Buffettology is worth your time to learn.

    13. A good book to learn how Warren Buffet evolved Benjamin Graham value approach to gain enormous profit in stock market.

    14. Yesterday, I completed the book: “Buffettology” (1997©) written by Mary Buffett and David Clark. This is the book I thought “The Snowball” was going to be, but wasn’t. This is the book that tells you how you too can make a lot of money (with certain qualifications). All of the “tricks of the trade” – what to look for and why, and how to figure out if a company is going to make you money or not (and how soon it will do it). It’s all here in this little gem of a book. I highly r [...]

    15. I picked up this little book Buffettology last year in early 2016. At the time I had probably already passed the 30+ mark for the number of books I had read about value investing. Once you’ve read Hagstrom, Lowenstein, Graham, Greenblatt, Janet Lowe, Schroders, you pretty much know what that is all about.I had also read by then a couple of other books from Mary Buffett (The Oracle’s ex-daughter in law, his son’s Peter ex-wife). She wrote several. This one will remind you, that when buying [...]

    16. There are some good points in this book, like not forgetting about taxes and inflation, which most people do not consider in their calculations when determining if they made a profit. But there are also some misses. I read the dutch translation which was sloppy here and there and I don't know if the original has the same problems. The greatest flaw in my opinion was that some of the calculations are repeated a few times too many and also that the formula's aren't provided.I liked it but would on [...]

    17. The thing about reading an investing-oriented book 15 years after it was published is that you can judge the projections and assumptions made in the book. Buffetology was generally a decent book, but many of the suggestions and insights are overly simplistic and could have led to disasterous results over the last decade (suggesting investments in Bear Stearns and Freddie Mac). Additionally, I did not particularly care for the informal, peppy tone of the authors. I have the distinct feeling that [...]

    18. There are plenty of books about Warren Buffett available at any bookstore or library. What makes this one unique is that it is not written from the perspective of Warren Buffett's cult following. After her divorce with Warren Buffett's son, Mary Buffett capitalized on a rare opportunity to publish insider information about one of the richest people in the world and his investment strategies. Rather than quote Warren Buffett's shareholder letters to death like most authors, Mary sticks to the det [...]

    19. tenio lateva quick and good read about buy and hold strategy unfortunatelly the world does not work like that anymore. warren buffet made his fortune in the 25 year long super bull market we live in a diffrent world today where we see highly volatile markets going sidewards for years and years the rules of the game have changed and so did the players warren buffedt is a great value investor and his success will be never reached again by any one who tries his value investment approach.

    20. Intro to discounted price of future earnings. I've applied the formulas to several large cap stocks in a fantasy portfolio. My performance currently matches the S&P 500 pretty closely (including brokerage fees) but a lot of my success is due to one speculative stock that I could barely justify using the recommendations in this book.Earnings are only part of the picture in stock valuation. There are million other Warren wannabes out there that also have a big say in what a stock is worth.

    21. Its a good book (only for starters). This explains basic compounding and the importance of role played by ROE in an investment decision etc. However its a part of the puzzle of picking stocks. Don't think that you can pick stocks like buffet by reading this. Its just a small part. There is a lot more to it.

    22. A good book on how the legendary investor Warren Buffet plans his investments (which made him the 2nd richest person on planet), with heavy mathematical tools to identify good business opportunities, which seperates the good investments from the best or once in a life time investments. Author tried a lot to keep the book from being too technical and tried to make it interesting with numbers.

    23. Una visión muy diferente sobre la inversión en acciones. Explica como invertir con éxito desde una perspectiva responsable, evitando la especulación. Considero a este libro como un puntapié inicial y motivador para iniciarse en las inversiones, pero la formación adquirida es muy básica como para lanzarse al mercado. Muy recomendable.Muy recomendable.

    24. If you are interested in investing in stocks, read this book. It teaches you some very important concepts that you will want to know before you put one single dollar down on any stock.Well worth the read.Obviously, this is not a novel, and likely not at all interested if not investing in stocks.

    25. If you are curious as to how the world's richest man did it, READ this book.For all stock investors out there who are wondering how after giving away almost all of his wealth a few years back, Warren managed to overtake Bill gates as the man with the most wealth in this planet. That's quite a feat if you ask me! Well, don't ask me. Just read and learn my friend.

    26. Just skimmed through for the first time reading. Will dig into deeper next time. The "Buffet way" would help if you can pick up the next "Coke" like stock, but I'm not really sure that this type of screening really works as shown in the book. I'd say all the examples are hindsight of what Buffer did but none of the authors.

    27. This is the first book on Buffett that I read, it is highly educational, together with Warren Buffett's own words of wisdom Berkshire Hathaway shareholders letters that are available free online, it gives you an introduction to how Warren Buffett thinks.

    28. Decent book for an insider to Warren Buffett's investment techniques. I made some improvement on my option stock, but I'm sure it was my strategic move of looking at the annually statement and not this book. This book was more of a biographical, philosophical and motivational genre for me.

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