100 Things You're Not Supposed to Know

Things You re Not Supposed to Know Familiar to everyone who watches George Stroumboulopoulos The Hour on CBC the two essential Disinformation volumes of Things You re Not Supposed To Know are now combined in this deluxe hardcover

  • Title: 100 Things You're Not Supposed to Know
  • Author: Russ Kick
  • ISBN: 9781932857627
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Familiar to everyone who watches George Stroumboulopoulos The Hour on CBC, the two essential Disinformation volumes of 50 Things You re Not Supposed To Know are now combined in this deluxe, hardcover book, 100 Things You re Not Supposed To Know.A proven hit, this book delivers shocking tidbits of information backed with solid references For instance, did you know HitleFamiliar to everyone who watches George Stroumboulopoulos The Hour on CBC, the two essential Disinformation volumes of 50 Things You re Not Supposed To Know are now combined in this deluxe, hardcover book, 100 Things You re Not Supposed To Know.A proven hit, this book delivers shocking tidbits of information backed with solid references For instance, did you know Hitler s blood relatives are living in the United States The world s museums are filled with fakes Some Fortune 500 companies are secretly making huge profits from pornography An atomic bomb was dropped on North Carolina in 1958 The first genetically modified humans have already been born.

    One thought on “100 Things You're Not Supposed to Know”

    1. This book is a wet dream for people who enjoy a good conspiracy theory. 100 interesting facts are given that will make those who already distrust the government shake their heads and say, "I knew it. I knew they were up to something." Those who lack that level of distrust in the government will find their eyes opened to the level of corruption in the government and in numerous other areas. Of course, some people will shake their heads in disgust at the author for making up such filthy lies and p [...]

    2. About 20 were no brainers, or mostly suspected. The other 80 were genuinely interesting factoids, mostly of the creepy/"what's the world come to" sort. Certainly worth picking up and reading, it's a quick way to learn stuff you didn't know and really should. Disappointing the the bibliography in it is so limited, so it's not much of a launching pad for more research.

    3. A must read for everyone. I am now properly angry, disgusted, sad, horrified, sickened, irate, etc, etc.One thing I would have liked is if Kick would have cited his sources for each "number" there is are references in the back, but it would have been easier to follow up and check facts with citations.

    4. I guess the writing style was a little too fake hip for my style, but there was some good and interesting information in this little book. Should disturb many.

    5. Conspiracy theorists unite! This text is for you. With such earth shattering revelations as, "The government lies to its citizens" to "Shakespeare's works are loaded with sexual jokes and terms" this is the non-thinker's Bible. Despite that, it was amusing to discover that the settlers of the US of freakin' A practiced cannibalism to stay alive their first New England winter (and present New Englandahs should follah suit to get rid of the plethora[r] of ignorant dwellahs who still creep and clin [...]

    6. This.was a downer. A small coffee table book about how everything SUCKS! Government is corrupt, corporations are greedy, and organized religion isized religion.I recommend each "chapter" be read at random times, and not continuously like most people read novels. THIS WILL BUM YOU OUT!

    7. Man and I thought I was paranoid before lol! This is great for anyone who likes trivia and thinks there is a lot more going on than the government and media want you to know. There are a handful of facts that are a little pointless and something I considered well known but overall a fun quick read

    8. This was a great read! I recommend putting this one on your coffee table. The only downside is that it's 2009 and this book hasn't been edited since 2004, so some of the scientific facts and government policies have been updated more recently. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend it.

    9. A very enlightening read. Some things the book lists are absolutely shocking. It gives very short accounts of facts that will certainly interest you further and cause you to look into deeper.

    10. come on, really?This is a fun read if you're a 15 year old punk. Only very few of these 100 small stories actually gives you something to think about. most of it are just fun facts - of which the facts often is wrong (funny, since one of them actually is about misquoted facts).For conspiracy theorists? bah, booooringFor political interested? bah, insubstantialFor me? Complete waste of my time

    11. I spotted this book while waiting in line at my local B & N. It seemed interesting and was on sale for next to nothing. This was one of those cases where an impulse book buy actually worked out for me. As I read it, I couldn't help but think of these guys:It just seemed like information straight from their newspaper. Some of the facts are disgusting. Almost all are infuriating. The author's biases are occasionally apparent through his use of sarcasm, but that didn't take away from the book t [...]

    12. Russ Kick has an axe to grind and is evident throughout this VERY EASY read. Some of the 100 anecdotes offered here have been common knowledge for some time and are not "revolutionary" in their revelation. There are a few nuggets that gave me a wee bit of a pause but as an educator, a scientist and an eternal skeptic I found the lack of evidence or single case studies to be less than overwhelming. Run read, great for party trivia and takes maybe an hour, tops to finish. Don't pay full price, bor [...]

    13. This was a Giveaway book for me. I like books of lists like this. You can read it in bed at night, and eat, er, read as much as your tired eyes will allow. Russ Kick's book is filled to the brim with interesting factoids.Some are kind of funny. Some are terrifying. Some will shock you. Some will simply confirm things you thought to be true. (Like politicians are BIG, FAT LIARS. . . even under oath.) This is an informative, entertaining book, and I highly recommend it.

    14. An interesting read. Surprisingly to me, there were actually quite a few things that I wasn't already aware of, and many of the things that I already knew were expanded with details I wasn't previously aware of.An interesting mix of historical notes and current events. The latter of which are mostly examples of government abuses and failures. Some of it is starting to get a bit dated now, since it first came out in 2003 and 2004, but most is still applicable.

    15. Despite its slightly paranoid undertone, and a little too much politicizing at times, 100 Things You're Not Supposed To Know contains several interesting tidbits that'll make you pause. Hitler has living relatives in New York. We've accidentally dropped an A-bomb on North Carolina. Freud was actually a really lousy shrink. A fast read, perfect for fact junkies and conspiracy theorists alike.

    16. I received this book via givaways.I really enjoyed this book; it's a relaxing read and would be a great addition to your coffee table collection. The secrets, conspiracies, cover ups, and absurdities covered are wide ranging and well researched; some I had heard of but many I had not which made it all the more interesting.

    17. Good book, some of them may be outdated. Intersting idea though; present the public a load of information that many organizations don't want them to know. Eventually people will know them, thus the book should be updated frequently.

    18. Years ago I was in Circus of Books on Sunset, probably on my way to a concert, and I happened across this book (or one of the two books its made up of) and I was totally interested. But I was poor, and didn't buy it. More recently, my fiance gave me this, and I love it.

    19. i haven't techniquely read this book, what i have read is 50 things you're not supposed to know 1 and 2, i assume this is a compedium, but i could be wrong, in any case both books are fantastic and funny and facinating, who knew such information could be packed into such a small book(s).

    20. Absolutely wonderful book! I love learning new things about what I already know and having other things confirmed and Kick does that very well. I'm surprised someone hasn't already threatened him with bodily harm for the sacred cows he kicks in the teeth here.

    21. Awesome! Great coffee table read. So many things I had no idea about that I have passionately recited to others who are always immediately intrigued. I really enjoyed this quick little guy and always find my myself flipping back through just to refresh my did-you-know fetish.

    22. Prepare to have your mind blown when you read this book might upset everything you think you know about the world!

    23. Some of the info in this book is not accurate at all, but some of it is really interesting. Had to give it 3 stars, in spite of the inaccuracies.

    24. Interesting little facts. A quick read. I'd say I knew about 30% of these, heard of 20%, and am scared shitless of the other 50%.

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