More Than a Mistress

More Than a Mistress When Jane Ingleby interrupts a duel in London s Hyde Park Jocelyn Dudley Duke of Tresham gets shot and Jane late for work at a milliner s workshop loses her job She is angry enough to demand a n

  • Title: More Than a Mistress
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Jane Ingleby interrupts a duel in London s Hyde Park, Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, gets shot, and Jane, late for work at a milliner s workshop, loses her job She is angry enough to demand a new job of Jocelyn, and he is angry enough to hire her as his nurse Her blue eyes are the sort a man could drown in if it wasn t for her imprudence She questions his eveWhen Jane Ingleby interrupts a duel in London s Hyde Park, Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, gets shot, and Jane, late for work at a milliner s workshop, loses her job She is angry enough to demand a new job of Jocelyn, and he is angry enough to hire her as his nurse Her blue eyes are the sort a man could drown in if it wasn t for her imprudence She questions his every move, breaches his secrets and touches his soul, and soon the dangerous duke is offering her a different job as his mistress.Jane tries to keep it strictly business, an arrangement she is forced to accept in order to conceal a treacherous secret Surely there is nothing perilous than being the lover of such a man Yet as she sees through his devilish facade and glimpses the noble heart within, she knows the greatest jeopardy of all is the rising passion that could tempt her to risk everything.

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    1. I'm going to start repeating myself, but I just love Ms. Balogh's writing! No other modern author is as apt at "transporting" me to Regency London as her. All it takes is the first paragraph, and the setting is crystal clear in my mind and I find myself in another time and space. More Than a Mistress was no exception: I was captivated from the start, and Jocelyn and Jane were another great couple to be added to my all-time favorite H/h in Romancelandia.Let me admit that I thought I would have so [...]

    2. More then a Mistress is just one of those books that capture you from the start and doesn’t let you go until long after.One of the most unlikely meetings to take place in both their lives. Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham is faced with another duel as he’s ascued to have been the lover of a married woman. A gentleman through and through takes up the duel instead of calling the woman a liar. So when a young woman runs toward the duel to stop them, Jocelyn is annoyed when he’s shot in the leg [...]

    3. 3.75 starsFirst time reading this author and I did enjoy it. I found it dragged a little bit in the middle and towards the end but, overall a good, solid read. I really liked Jane. She was spirited and not afraid to voice her opinion. Of course, Jocelyn was your typical Duke of the era. Felt he was entitled to anything he wanted and how dare a little upstart like Jane question him and dare to answer him back. He was not handsome, she decided. Not at all. But there was a raw masculinity about him [...]

    4. Written September 23, 20143.8 Stars - A perfect enjoying historical with a cold-hearted hero gasp!!My first historical by Mary Balogh is a "Regency" story written 2000. An, as it so often is when it comes to me, completely unplanned impulse "click and buy" book. In retrospect, a successful one. Certainly not my last by this author. Good spent book-time in all ways. Quality in my ears (listened on the audio) makes me happy, very happy.More Than a Mistress feels like an classic HR in the good old [...]

    5. Regency painter’s easel, by Theodore Alexander★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Rosalyn Landor has an amazing ear and an ability to deliver the accents of England’s social strata. This raises her reading of Historical Romances to the upper echelon. There are lots of characters from different class levels in this novel, and her talent makes it that much more fun. She is fast becoming my favorite narrator for this era, though she does modern day beautifully, too. My eyes lig [...]

    6. Romance. You know what? I want to read a Regency romance about the second most notorious rake in London. He's pretty good at flirting, but that other guy is always swooping in and stealing away his conquests. It just drives him up the wall! So the second most notorious rake in London decides to do something about it. No matter what it takes, he will win the title of Most Notorious Rake in London. The current Most Notorious Rake in London thinks this sounds like good fun, as a little competition [...]

    7. 4.5 starsThis review is of the audiobook version, narrated by Rosalyn Landor.This was, I think, one of the first of Mary Balogh’s romances I read and I remember thinking at the time that it was something a bit out of the ordinary.Our hero is Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham. He’s rich, arrogant and jaded, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and while accepting deference as his due, is secretly tired of all the toadying he experiences day after day. He has a reputation as a rake, one who doesn’t d [...]

    8. Unequivocal 5 stars for being…~Delightful~Amusing ~Tender ~Heartfelt ~Sensual A bit corny, a tad farfetched, not classic Mary Balogh (more Lisa Kleypas-ish!).But made me smile and swoon in equal measures. *sigh*A delicious alpha H who’s not a jerk (at least not excessively so!) and a spirited sweetheart h lock horns and more. First she gets him shot, then he forces her to be his nurse and later his mistress – not that she’s a timid or helpless quarry.Add some villains, trying circumstanc [...]

    9. I loved this book! Mary Balogh captivated me from the start with this unusual, intelligently written, emotional and sensual love story.When we first meet Jocelyn, he is arrogant, cynical, bad-tempered and domineering and revels in his rakish reputation even when it is undeserved. He treats lesser individuals with disdain including his long-suffering servants.Joselyn jerked impatiently on the bell rope beside his bed and vented his irritability on his vale, who had not brought his shaving water u [...]

    10. In the middle of a duel the Duke of Tresham is distracted by a woman yelling at the participants to stop. In his distraction the Duke ends up being shot in the leg. He blames the woman and summons her to him so he can make sure she knows it. He's surprised when she doesn't give ground and admit she was wrong. Believing it is her fault he ends up detaining her to help him which ends up making her late for work. When Jane tries to explain the circumstances to her boss the woman says she won't beli [...]

    11. Oh. I loved this story so much!!Hero Jocelyn who's hiden his emotions behind a wall of arrogancy and disdain, and heorine Jane a Lady on the run from a crime that may or may not have been committed. They meet up in the most unlikely of ways and quite by accident whilst Jane walks to work one morning, a lady with a conscience, she sees fit to interfere in a situation which she really should not have. And so the story is set in motion. A series of events mean that Jane and Jocelyn spend alot of ti [...]

    12. I liked this book a lot up until the big reveal of the heroine's secret around the last 1/3 of the book. It was then that the hero did the big 180 degree turn around and suddenly became retarded and irrational. He didn't do anything terrible, it's just that you would think he would understand why the heroine didn't tell him the big secret (even though he could have figured it out on his own if he'd look in front of his face). And of course, instead of being rational about it he takes it as a hug [...]

    13. Witty banter, matched adversaries , spine of steel. The 4 star drought is over. Kind of, I am rounding up because the relationship between the Hero and Heroine is so much fun as well as their verbal give and take. On her way to her menial job, Jane, the on the run heroine, stops a duel in process. The Duke of Tresham has been challenged by a supposedly cuckolded husband, and Jane’s interruption results in the Duke getting shot in the leg. Jane ends up becoming the Duke’s nursemaid and she gi [...]

    14. Well, that definitely was different, this is my first Regency book with a lady as a mistress,it didn't have the severity of most books, or the dramatics, as all Mary Balogh's books it had the touch f gentle smoothness and lightheartedness which I'm over the moon for.Jane was more of an adorable character, at the beginning I couldn't help but smile every time she talked, I kind of understood Jocelyn attraction to her impudence, she was supposed to be a servant but all she did was scold the master [...]

    15. Why haven't I been reading Mary Balogh? I suppose I'm leery of the herd of Regencies/Victorians, most of which tend to be fluffy-fluff with characters who seem like they're 21st century minds dressed in costumes. Thank heavens I've broken my latest dry spell of 2 star reads.This book made me happy :) I felt like I'd been transported. Rosalyn Landor was a fabulous narrator (as usual). Sometimes I do admit to finding her hero's voice to be too pompous, but in this case it fit the role to a tee. Jo [...]

    16. In all honesty, I can't wrap my head around what I've just read. I mean, I like Baloghs books. She has written some fantastic stories and yes, also some mediocre ones (especially all those series, seriously, not a fan over here). But even her worse books are still Baloghs, they have solid storylines and that sound to it, that makes a Balogh, they have her style. This book, I don't know, was it her debut or something?, it felt nothing at all like a book of hers. For the most part, the storyline w [...]

    17. 4.5 starsIt was almost a 5 stars reading. I liked the plot and mostly story progressing. As usual Ms Balogh's protagonists were charming and added good enjoyment to story. Especially, I would love to read a story about Lord Kimble who is one of The Duke's close friend and Lord Ferdinand who is his brother.I love how MC's relationship developed into a sensual love. Although, almost everything very good, I didn't like last quarter of the book. I felt that it was lack of some exciment and their HEA [...]

    18. First listen - I have listened to two versions of this - both unabridged. I enjoyed the second much more than the first. Second listen - I plan to write a full review but for now, I'll say that this is my favorite Balogh. It's old school in many ways but is laugh out loud funny with the Duke's reactions to the heroine. But I think it best to add in here that I enjoy books with mistresses and the heroine here is a mistress in the truest sense of the word. No playing around with a "possible" mistr [...]

    19. I read this as an unabridged audio so I'll more than likely spell some things incorrectly and may be fuzzy on some of the details.The hero, a fancy-pants duke, is injured during a duel when a young lady gives a shout out. She's held up because of the ridiculous duel and ends up getting fired from her job and can't buy groceries. She blames Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, for her predicament and tracks him down to holler at him (a little fuzzy on the details here ~ this is why I need to take not [...]

    20. 4.5 stars.I like this book very much!:)Our hero is a bad tempered, ill mannered and very rude Duke *grins*The heroine? Oh I love her, she is a lady with a strong opinions who, because of a bad situation need to disguise as a commoner. You wil see that her upbringing won't stop her to speaks her mind eventhough at present she is a commoner:)This book is funny but there is a seriousness in this one too and I think this is one of Ms. Balogh's lighter story.If there is a problem, it should be there [...]

    21. Después de años de no leer Balogh, he empezado esta serie. Una joya realmente. "¿Por qué te ves obligado a hacerme daño cada vez que te sientes vulnerable?"Jane interrumpe un duelo una mañana en la que va camino a su trabajo. Jocelyn, duque de Tresh, resulta herido en su distracción y la culpa a ella. Ella pierde el trabajo y lo reprende, Jocelyn no se deja intimidar y le da trabajo: ser su enfermera durante tres semanas. Amo a Jane, amo su vitalidad y sus ganas de discutir, amo su capaci [...]

    22. Jane is in hiding from the Bow Street Runners. A chance encounter brings her to the annoyed attention of the notorious Duke of Tresham, Jocelyn, who hires her first as his nurse and then convinces her to be his mistress. But what he doesn't know is that (view spoiler)[Jane is actually Lady Sarah Illingsworth, heiress to a considerable fortune. Her guardian's impecunious lechery and greed have her on the run, suspected of a murder she did not commit. (hide spoiler)] He installs her in his love ne [...]

    23. Lo que más llama la atención de este libro es que no hay insta-love, ni siquiera insta-atracción. No se roban el aliento el uno al otro cada vez que se ven y ella no lo ve increíblemente guapo, de hecho no lo describe como alguien guapo, al menos hasta que no se enamora de él. Desarrollan sus sentimientos con su mutua compañía y es algo que se puede ver a lo largo de la historia.Jane es un personaje genial, capaz de tomar sus propias decisiones de una forma racional y de plantarle cara a [...]

    24. I loved this book! I loved how Tresham could be very curt with Jane and she would come back at him. I really enjoyed the banter between them. When The Duke wanted to be sweet and hot and sexy he could just by speaking to Jane. He also could be so mean with his words but Jane took it all. She could give as much as he could.The ending was so good that I reread it right after I finished it the first time. Mary Balogh has done it again for me

    25. I already gave this book 5 stars because of the H name lol I just love his name Jocelyn *** This is an entertaining book! so funny in parts, sweet, silly, adorable, fluffy, romantic. all the things im looking in a book when im in a good mood. I just love Mary Balogh <3

    26. Really enjoyed this book up until the very end. Didn't like the ending or felt like she wasn't sure how to tie it up.

    27. Me pareció muy buena. De cualquier modo me pareció mucho más desarrollado y apasionado el personaje de Jocelyn. ¡¡¡Me encantó!!!Más de una vez lo hubiera matado por maleducado, insoportable, ególatra, tirano, etc. etc. Me enterneció lo que sentía cuando se iba enamorando (pánico). El personaje de Jane, en cambio, me pareció más desapasionado. Me hubiera gustado que la autora describiera mejor los pensamientos que él le provocaba

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