The Prince's Boy: Volume One

The Prince s Boy Volume One In a fantasy world where male male lust fuels Night Magic Prince Kenet lives a sheltered life Isolated from the war that threatens the kingdom he and his whipping boy Jorin are of age but still sne

  • Title: The Prince's Boy: Volume One
  • Author: Cecilia Tan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a fantasy world where male male lust fuels Night Magic, Prince Kenet lives a sheltered life Isolated from the war that threatens the kingdom, he and his whipping boy Jorin are of age, but still sneak forbidden pleasures in their bed at night When a dark mage tries to bespell Kenet into sexual submission, the prince and his boy are thrust into the world of intrigue, seIn a fantasy world where male male lust fuels Night Magic, Prince Kenet lives a sheltered life Isolated from the war that threatens the kingdom, he and his whipping boy Jorin are of age, but still sneak forbidden pleasures in their bed at night When a dark mage tries to bespell Kenet into sexual submission, the prince and his boy are thrust into the world of intrigue, sex, and war Volume One of The Prince s Boy collects chapters 1 through 56 of this wildly popular gay erotic web serial by Cecilia Tan Begun on July 29, 2009, chapters were posted weekly, following the adventures of Prince Kenet and his whipping boy, Jorin Drawing on complex themes of dominance and submission, the need for secrecy in a world where homosexuality is not accepted, and the intertwining of sex with magic, Tan weaves a complex, sex filled adventure that is part Three Musketeers and part Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Cecilia Tan is simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature, according to Susie Bright She is the author of many novels and short stories, editor of dozens of erotic short story anthologies, and the founder of Circlet Press She was inducted into the Saints and Sinners Hall of Fame for GLBT writers in 2010 Her previous books include Black Feathers, White Flames, Edge Plays, The Siren and the Sword, The Velderet, The Hot Streak, and others.

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    1. This was a fantastic erotic delicious fantasy. The prince and his boy battle magicians who use sex to get powerful.If this is your cup of "milk" I highly recommend it.The audio is also very good and hot. There is lots and lots of sex on this one. Also humiliation andLots of BDSM alsocious.This is not a one book there is a cliffhanger on book 1 and book 2 Needs to be read.The narrator was OUTSTANDING , There ARE about 15 to 20 characters on this audible and each one was done to perfection.Highly [...]

    2. For Volumes 1 and 2.I am taking the coward's way out. I have no idea how to rate this, so I will not. Very dark fantasy, very dark erotica, totally original. I didn't heed the warning Ms. Tan was nice enough to include in her introduction and started off strong, full steam ahead. That lasted for about the first half of Vol. 1 then I had to take more and more breaks simply because I was overwhelmed. I certainly wanted to know what happened and perseveredjust at a much slower pace.I want to includ [...]

    3. Originally written as a serial, the book is sometimes very wordy. That said, I found the story to be very entertaining. Loaded with intrigue, magic giving man on man sex and a well developed main characters. I liked the world building and the magic aspect of the story. The book does end on a cliffhanger so have book two on hand even though the price is kind of steep for what is primarily porn.

    4. This was originally written as an online instalment, though luckily for me I could read this volume all in one go. It is a fantastic story of a young boy who is taken from an orphanage to be the whipping boy for the Prince and bear his punishment. Over the years the two boys become inseparable and grow to love one another and look out for each other. However, they become separated and it's the story of them trying to make their way back to each other once again. I would definitely recommend this [...]

    5. Never thought I'd finish this or give it 4 stars but there it is!!!! 😆🤔🙄😍 This was a strange and interesting read and I totally NEED to see if there's a HEA for Prince Kenet and Jorin his soul mate!?!?!???? So on to Volume 2 book 2 😚

    6. Wow, wow, wow, if you like this type of MM erotica fantasy:very sexual, sensuous, some non con sex , some BDSM, and all around tickling your funny bone a bit, this is the one for you.I got to hear this on audio and it was wicked sexy. did I say HOT? The young prince and his young servant embark in a sensuous, sexy , bdsm adventure in a magic land where magicians use sex to enhance their powers and sex with a prince will help them rule the world. All this is combination for a delicious "Milk" sha [...]

    7. Compelling intensely erotic m/m fantasy novel. A guilty pleasure this one, prepare to be shocked! The Prince's boy is Jorin, chosen from an orphanage by Prince Kenet at age three to be his whipping boy.'I let out a scream of pain and this one had nothing to do with my injuries or bruises. It was the pain of my heart being torn from my chest, the agony of knowing that tonight, for the first time in over fifteen years, he would not sleep in the circle of my arms.'

    8. If your taste in erotica includes science fiction or fantasy, you probably already know Cecilia Tan's work. This story, the first half of the epic (in several senses) erotic serial she began web-publishing about two years ago, is an intoxicating mix of sex, romance, magic, and political intrigue, with a few fight scenes thrown in. A pampered prince and his whipping boy, who bears the punishment for the prince's transgressions, are separated by a deep-laid plot just as their childhood attachment [...]

    9. "The Prince's Boy" had me coming back for more every single week, eagerly awaiting the next installment of this tale. Of course, I would expect nothing less from writer Cecilia Tan given her long history of producing engaging and well-crafted erotic books and stories. She really outdid herself this time, though. As Jorin and Kenet alternate being the narrative voice for each chapter, I and the other online readers become more and more involved in their independent struggles to find each other an [...]

    10. Ever read one of those books where the secondary characters are far more intriguing than the main characters? That's what I discovered in The Prince's Boy: Volume One. I'm a huge fan of Cecilia Tan, but this one just missed the mark. I just didn't care all that much about Jorin and Kenet and the endless sex and swallowing of semen got utterly repetitive. Granted, this was originally a serial story and yes, it reads like it. Usually I don't leave a multi-part story unfinished no matter how much I [...]

    11. This review is of the on-line version (because I haven’t got my copy yet), which started posting in 2009 on Circlet Press. Today, two years and 96 chapters later, Cecilia Tan posted the Epilogue. All I can say is - what a ride!This book hit all my kink buttons - it's not a story for the weak. I read quite a few m/m novels that end up boring me, with dull, repetitive sex scenes and no plot. This story has just the right amount of both. And the sex - it's difficult to describe. It’s all over t [...]

    12. I did not enjoy this story as much as I'd hoped to, given its fantasy theme.I found myself getting more and more dragged down by the storyline of the prince's interactions with the sorcerer, Seroi. It all just got very dismal and while I expected the author to resolve it, it wasn't happening soon enough to my mind. I wanted the story to go on to something different, something more, and not just focussing on the sexual abuse. I appreciate it might have been setting up the plot for later scenes, b [...]

    13. I just LOVED Cecilia Tan's "The Prince's Boy". I'd never read an online installment story before and was pleasantly surprised at how much I looked forward to Wednesdays every week for my M/M fix. Cecilia Tan's talent and proclivities shown through with a delicious glitter of romance, magic, harshness and down right sexiness. Each character brought something tasty and special to the buffet and with men like Jorin, Kenet, Roichal and Marksin, Kan and the Night Riders it is an all you can eat buffe [...]

    14. A story about two boys who love each other so much, they have to fuck literally everybody else in the kingdom before they can lovingly hate-fuck each otherwhich doesn’t happen until the very end of the last book. Gratuitous sex, which isn’t bad, except for the part where apparently you can magically travel by ass-raping peopleke in mid actwhich created such a disturbingly funny visual for me, I just couldn’t mentally engage in this book after that. Oh, and I’ll probably never look at mil [...]

    15. The Prince's Boy, by Cecelia Tan, was an interesting, provocative, and delightfully erotic story of Prince Kenet and his whipping boy, the orphan boy named Jorin. The tale takes us on the journey of two young men and the purity of their love for each other in a world that would never accept them openly as lovers. Ms. Tan created a rich environment for us to follow along dangerous twists and turns of Court intrigue, sorcery, and the brutality war.As Kenet nears his coming of age ceremony, the Hig [...]

    16. I've been meaning to read this story since Cecilia Tan began to post it, so when I found a link to it the other day and remembered it was finally finished, I started reading. By the time I'd gotten a couple chapters in, I was kicking myself for not reading sooner, but also glad I'd waited until Tan had finished posting it, because some of the cliffhangers were enough to have me biting my nails. If and when I get the chance, I will definitely be sending money her way to encourage her to write mor [...]

    17. I have to say that i liked it for the most part, But really? Sex EVERY chapter? I know its part of the story and all but after a while i was just skipping it it got so monotonous. And i didnt really get the whole part at the end where Jorin is made a sex slave and has to be trained Why exactly does he have to be trained just to be released? If they were so worried about Kenet being out there you would think that they would have broken the spell, then released the bond like they are going to anyw [...]

    18. DNFLove in a brutal world. Like seriously brutal, not for titillation of any character or this reader. Couldn't get far into it.

    19. This is a review is for me to gather my thoughts for my Deviant Diva review. The author note explaining this is a serial story, not a novel made me concerned. The book started out a bit slow for me. About 1/3 of the way through it, I was wondering if I could even finish this story. It seemed rather boring. I pressed on a bit longer and the story finally started to pick up. I'm not ashamed to say this was when sexual molestation and violation of the prince occurred which sparked my interest. This [...]

    20. Interesting, in a weirdly incongruous way. I can't quite tell if I love it or hate it. It is, however, well-written and interestingly developed.(view spoiler)[It did kind of annoy me, though, that while Jorin's being trained by the Sergetten dude is feeling all this pain and w/e, Kenet's off with his happy little menage with the general dude and the Marks dude (lol I don't exactly remember their names) and the worst he seems to suffer from is missing Jorin in and indirect sort of way. Makes it s [...]

    21. Okay, this is just not my thing, and it s personal and not to do with the writing, so I won't rate. I will just never understand how someone can hurt and degrade someone they claim to love or allow them to be hurt and degraded. This did not help me to understand, and honestly, I just started getting pissed off, feeling like if you love someone you should want to protect him and make him happy. I don't like unequal relationships at all, and I know this is a personal preference, so I gave it a try [...]

    22. Cecilia Tan proves that she is one of America's great storytellers in the tale, "The Prince's Boy." Finally, an author who understands how to integrate eroticism into a work so that it lends to the plot, rather than seeming like a stream of disjointed sexual episodes. I could not put this one down, and the love story between the two main characters is simultaneously sweet, innocent and courageous. Jorin & Kenet must battle dark forces that threaten to pull apart their entire world. This is d [...]

    23. 3.5starsOkay, so this is essentially porn: Twosomes, threesomes, orgies, anal, oral, frotting, BDSM, If you don't like your MCs having sex with other people, stay away from this book.It was hot, but it lacked plot. I didn't always understand the MCs' motivations, tbh. The slightly sloppy editing didn't exactly help things either.I think it was worth the 99 Cents I paid for it. I am interested in reading part 2, but I probably won't, because it's too expensive. I would've bought it if it was anot [...]

    24. Well, this wasn't quite what I was expecting. There are many reviews saying how hot the book is, but I found it was more about quantity. I don't think I've ever read a book that 90% of the story is based on sex and more sex, often for gaining power. I would have liked a bit more world building, rather than just the politics of Kings, Mages and their wars. I'm on the fence about reading the next book.

    25. Very interesting book. Ms. Tan tells a good story and the world that she created was mind-blowing. The overall plot was good. Although I'm an erotica writer myself, there were too many sex scenes. When "milk" is spilled in every single chapter, I felt as if I were covered in it. Now, I understand that this was written in stand-alone chapters originally, but it was too much, and I am no prude trust me. Ms. Tan's style is original with some hints of Marian Zimmer Bradley.

    26. I followed this one as the web serial and I'm telling you, there were times when I counted the days until the next installment. The emotion and connection between the boys, one a prince and one his whipping boy, is fraught with emotion, joy, and grief. The power dynamic, often so different than what you'd expect, is fabulous. It's intense gay erotic BDSM and I know that's what you're looking for or you wouldn't be on this page. Just do it. No one has to know. It's totally worth it.

    27. What I've read of this so far has been pretty good, but it's been a few years since I started it and quite a while since I last picked it up. Edit: 10/18/14Dropped at 19%.It really has been so long since I've even looked at the contents of this story and somewhere along the way I just lost interest. So my status is now going to dropped and my rating applies only to the first 19% I have read, which is the first 25 chapters.

    28. When I started this book, I really didn't expect much of a story. But I was pleasantly surprised that this book actually had a pretty good story interspersed with some pretty hot sex/bdsm scenes. The story had some pretty good twists and turns and wasn't predictable. The characters were surprisingly well realized. I really liked it and will read volume 2 in order to find out what happens.

    29. Wonderful, epic fantasy told in two volumes. Written as a serial, so there is a ton of smuttiness - which I totally love and can plow through like a book and not get tired of it. I am trashy like that.Plus, this was such a good story, well written, intriguing, and kept me enthralled all the way to the end of book 2. These are not short books, but I think I read them in 3 or 4 days.

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