Aftermath From New York Times bestselling and Edgar award winning author Peter Robinson comes this brilliant novel of suspense a thrilling tale of family secrets and past evils that have spread from one generat

  • Title: Aftermath
  • Author: Peter Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780061803857
  • Page: 146
  • Format: ebook
  • From New York Times bestselling and Edgar award winning author Peter Robinson comes this brilliant novel of suspense a thrilling tale of family secrets and past evils that have spread from one generation to another and wreaked havoc on an unsuspecting town.One phone call from a concerned neighbor has inadvertently led police to Terence Payne, the elusive serial killer knowFrom New York Times bestselling and Edgar award winning author Peter Robinson comes this brilliant novel of suspense a thrilling tale of family secrets and past evils that have spread from one generation to another and wreaked havoc on an unsuspecting town.One phone call from a concerned neighbor has inadvertently led police to Terence Payne, the elusive serial killer known only as Chameleon Now Payne is in custody, perhaps dying, and a long nightmare appears to be over at last But is it For Alan Banks currently head of the local police force too many questions remain unanswered at the chamber of horrors the press will dub the House of Payne Because the darkness has not yet lifted, the casualties are still mountingd there are still monsters loose in the world.Showcasing the dark forces of human nature, master of suspense Peter Robinson is at the height of his storytelling powers in a novel that will leave readers guessing until the final page.

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    1. I was completely engrossed in this multilayered police procedural that focuses on the investigation of the wife of a serial killer. Did she know of her husband’s deep dark secrets or was she an innocent victim?When a random domestic violence call is placed by a concerned neighbor, police are shocked to discover the lair of a serial killer hidden inside Terry and Lucy Paynes’ house. It appears that Terry is the “Chameleon Killer,” and it seems as ifLucy is a victim of her husband’s sick [...]

    2. This was a tough read because of the subject matter - sexual child abuse both in the past and in the present. A policewoman responding at the scene of a crime is under suspicion of excessive violence and Annie Cabbott is the investigating officer. Meanwhile, DCI Banks heads a complicated investigation into the murder of several young girls. His work is made even harder when he starts to suspect mistakes were made early on. Another great police procedural and a really good vacation read. The next [...]

    3. Peter Robinson, in my opinion, is one of the best writers of police procedurals. His characters are fascinating and believable. The stories get deeper and more meaningful and the characters richer and more complex with each new book. Alan Banks has grown to become a complicated man who is in conflict about his broken marriage and the demands of his job. I look forward to reading the next installment in this popular series.

    4. Odd one this. Very well written indeed - unbelievably grim, though. Being an adopted Torontonian, Robinson was, like me, horrified and transfixed by the Barnardo/Homolka rape and murder trials in the early 90s, when I was living in the city. He's said the book is inspired on the case. This book borrows heavily from that real life case in many key areas, in fact at times it reads like the thinly veiled true crime book he professes to want to avoid, but he diverts in one crucial detail - he contex [...]

    5. DCI Alan Banks is acting Superintendent and in charge of the hunt for a serial killer dubbed 'The Chameleon'. He feels that he isn't cut out for running such a large operation which has seen five teenage girls go missing and he is struggling to come to terms with the prospect of finally severing his ties with his wife, Sandra. In the early hours of the morning the police in Leeds receive a call from a woman reporting a domestic disturbance and two police officers are sent to investigate. One of [...]

    6. Fantastic book! It starts out the opposite of most crime books . It reveals the killer in the beginning of the story and it reveals itself from there. There is a domestic incident at #35 the Hill and one Police officer ends up dead and the other seriously injured 9not to give too much away. Peter Robinson is now firmly my favorite crime and he's Canadian which is great even if he sets his books in his native England. His usual characters make an appearance in this book ( of course - Banks, Annie [...]

    7. At first it seems that Lucy Pane is a victim of abuse at the hands of her husband. Then his secret basement killing room reveals him as a serial killer who has tortured and killed at least five young women, and people begin to wonder how Lucy could not have known. This brings psychologist Jenny Fuller back into Banks' life again as he deals with the news of Sandra's pregnancy as well as complications in his relationship with Annie Cabbott while she investigates the killing of Lucy's husband by a [...]

    8. Disclosure: I won this book in a giveaway. I am a fan of the Banks series and eagerly look forward to each in the series. In this installment, there are actually several story-lines. Foremost is the story about the killings of several teen-aged girls. But we also have the story of the police-woman who responded to the call about a domestic disturbance (which led to the discovery of the murders) and of course, Bank's own divorce situation. Plus one missing girl may not be a victim of the serial [...]

    9. Wow! Really enjoyed this book, keeps you on your toes keeping up with the characters & the bodies! A phone call from a concerned neighbor leads police to a serial killer, Terence Payne, & a house of horrors! "As his eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, Banks thought he could see little clumps of mushrooms growing here & there from the earth. Then he realized "Oh, Christ," he said, slumping back against the wall. The nearest clump wasn't mushrooms at all, it was a cluster of hum [...]

    10. Aftermath: An Inspector Banks Novel by Peter Robinson is a well-crafted character-driven thriller. The characters are well-developed and the lead in particular, Inspector Alan Banks is as multi-faceted and human as a fictional character can be. The author gives a tremendous depth to each of the personalities he features but none more so than the protagonist.With plenty of hints and tie-ins, there are still enough surprises to keep the reader guessing until the end and the way it turns out is spe [...]

    11. Maggie, a victim of spousal abuse, hears screams from across the street and calls the police. Two officers arrive, and find Maggie’s friend, Lucy, on the floor, bleeding, having been coshed in the head with a vase. In the basement, they see a naked dead woman tied to a bed. Lucy’s husband attacks one detective with a machete, killing him. The other fights him off, maybe a bit too hard, smashing his skull after she had handcuffed him, bereft as her partner’s life ebbs onto the floor while s [...]

    12. Peter Robinson's Aftermath: An Inspector Banks Novel was the first in the series that I have read, but it will not be the last. It was published in 2001, so it is a little dated (VCR's, not cell phones and instagram, etc) but still a very solid story of a serial killer in a small Yorkshire town. Bodies are discovered in the cellar and a police officer is killed during a domestic violence call. How much is the wife Lucy involved? From the opening lines the book grabs you and does not let you go u [...]

    13. Peter Robinson's Inspector Alan Banks has appeared in 18 novels to date; the 19th, Bad Boy, will be released later this month. In Aftermath, the 12th in the series and published in 2001, a serial killer in a small Yorkshire town is discovered to have bodies in the cellar. How much does his wife, Lucy, know? She is found inthe front-hall bleeding from a head wound when the police show up. Maggie, who has fled Canada from an abusive husband, is an illustrator of children's books, lives across the [...]

    14. Alan Banks has been transferred to a central detective group to search for a serial killer who's targeting teenage girls. The local cops in Leeds are called to a domestic disturbance and discover the killer in the cellar. He slashes one cop to death with a machete, while the other cop is able to beat him off with her baton. Upstairs, his young wife is unconscious after being hit in the head. A scene of unbelievable horror meets the investigators - one young girl, the latest to go missing, is dea [...]

    15. Reading this series in order (though, okay, I skipped a couple) has been so enjoyable, because Robinson continually levels up as a writer, and it's a joy to see his craft develop and the complexity he aims for deepen. These don't "transcend" the genre any--and the books can still be pretty awful about women but also sometimes really good--but they're pretty satisfying intellectually and emotionally. Every time I finish one, I go look up what the next book is about and I want to get my hands on i [...]

    16. Excellent, definitely a page-turner, but not for the squeamish. Robinson's Banks series improves as it goes along and the creepiness of this murderer sneaks up on you and is only uncovered at the very end by an investigation into much older abuse. Nobody much mentions Janet Taylor, the cop who gets investigated for using too much force to subdue the machete-wielding "abusive" husband, but I liked her character too. She reminded me a bit of Barbara Havers in Elizabeth George's books.

    17. My favourite of Peter Robinson's excellent Inspector Banks series of novels finds a serial killer and his victims in a Yorkshire basement. The question is, how much did his abused wife know about her husband's activities? Was she deliberately ignorant of his actions or perhaps a willing participant? The book is occasionally grisly but it is genuinely frightening and the best he has written.

    18. this was the first Banks book I read, and I enjoyed it enough to make me read all the other ones.he is to me, a believable character, and I like the supporting characterst overly grim, and even though you know who did it, there is still enough twists to keep you guessing all the way through.

    19. Just a short review -- kind of. I LOVE the Inspector Banks books. Anyone who enjoys a good British mystery should really be introduced to Banks. Good solid writing and characters. Peter Robinson is a truly gifted writer and story teller--invite him in, you won't be disappointed!

    20. Großartig: ein Thriller, wie er sein soll. Spannungsreich geschrieben, intelligent, nicht platt, mit einer überraschenden Wendung, was die Auflösung betrifft. Höchst lebendige Figuren. Werde definitiv mehr vom Autor lesen!

    21. Dosarul Cameleonul de Peter Robinson este un roman captivant, crud și violent. Are acțiune, mister, multă dramă, dar și puțină dragoste. În Dosarul Cameleonul găsim mai multe tipuri de violență și abuz. Întâlnim soția abuzată din toate punctele de vedere, aflăm povestea unor copii lipsiți de copilărie și privați de șansa la o viață normală și liniștită. Putem observa și efectele unui lucru groaznic asupra comunității și avem șansa de a intra în bârlogul unui cr [...]

    22. Aftermath is the 12th book in the DCI Banks series. As a big fan of this series and of police procedurals I have to say this one was grittier than most of his previous books. Obviously there is a murder to investigate in the Yorkshire Dales setting, that’s a standard, but the crimes in this book were horrendous. We are looking at a serial killer and the victims are young women, all in their late teens. The story is unfolded in graphic detail manner, focusing on a serial killer, a rapist all th [...]

    23. I received this book for free through Giveaways. As always, an honest review.Going into this book I thought it would be a typical police procedural, murder mystery. Which technically it was, but the story was so captivating that it's anything but typical. Aftermath is the story of what happens after multiple terrible crimes occur. Terence Payne most likely abducted, raped, and killed multiple young women in an idyllic town in England. The police can't know for sure, since he was incapacitated b [...]

    24. This begins with the discovery of a house like Fred West’s, touches on the political farce and travesty of justice that was the Tony Martin case (though under a different name) with reference to a police officer being pilloried under the ‘criminals are victims’ dogma, and truly does live up to its title. The aftermath is that of child abuse, of the hunt for a serial killer, of the separation of the leading character from his wife but then everything is, in some sense, an aftermath.Inspecto [...]

    25. I am really enjoying the Alan Banks series, but I really begin to wonder about all the depraved people. In this story, Alan has been looking for a serial killer who kills young women. So far, five have disappeared. Then an unexpected domestic dispute gives the police the killer and a basement full of bodies. Alan and his crew must gather all the information and decipher what happened, the story is not complete. Also, a police officer is killed when he answers the domestic dispute, and his partne [...]

    26. I usually enjoy books written in foreign places but wasn't one of them. Since the acronyms for government agencies and job titles were different it was just confusing. The unusual way the author included several different cases into this serial murder investigation was entertaining, however, the real mystery was in decoding various nouns.When the purpose of reading is to help cure insomnia, this is a good choice.

    27. The old-fashioned sexual objectification of the female characters was somewhat jarring, especially in a book about sexual violence against women. When the third woman in a row was described in this sort of way ("her figure tapered and bulged in all the right places"), I gave up. Oddly, he even had ostensibly straight women describing other women in this way. Awkward and off-putting.

    28. Interesting crime novel in which the culprit is immediately caught. It's largely about the ramifications of a serial killer's crimes and also how victims can become perpetrators. Banks is a decent character too, far better than in the chaotic TV version.

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