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  1. I am an enormous Roger Zelazny fan (he’s my favorite author by a HUGE margin), but this was the first book of his I couldn’t finish.In a word, it was terrible.I liked the previous installment in this trilogy, Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming. But the writing in this book was beyond bad. And it’s not Zelazny’s fault.According to volume 6 of The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny, here’s what happened with Sheckley and Zelazny’s Millenium Trilogy:- For Prince Charming, Zelazny gave [...]

  2. „Донеси ми главата на принца. Ако с Фауст не успееш. Просто шеметен фарс” на Роджър Зелазни и Робърт Шекли! Три големи романа, от двама големи автора в един голям том в страхотна (и стилна) твърда корица. Какво да ви кажа, когато от издателство „Бард” са решили да кръстят пор [...]

  3. Dobro a zlo svádějí boj o to, kdo bude vládnout lidem v dalším tisíciletí a Faust má splnit několik úkolů, na základě nichž se o lidstvu rozhodne. Jenže od začátku je jasné, že švindluje dobro (Michael) i zlo (Mefistofeles), takže si čtenář není jistý, kdo na které straně stojí a komu fandit. Do boje se později zapojují i klasičtí hrdinové. Nakonec je nejsympatičtější hlavní postava - falešný Faust - Mack. Vlastně žádná z postav není vyloženě zlá [...]

  4. A thief takes the place of the selected representative of humanity in a history-hopping contest between heaven and hell for the destiny of humankind.Picked up because I wanted something light and fun. Finished because sometimes my hatred for a book is so strong I have to see it to the bitter, misogynist end to fully grasp its awfulness.Truly terrible. Flabby and unfunny – unpunny? – and, um. Look, I expect a certain amount of misogyny from Zelazny. I mean, don't get me wrong, I dig a lot of [...]

  5. Another excellent read by Zelazny. He is one of my favorite authors. This story was very engaging. To being with, it was an entertaining adventure. He knows how to tell a story that moves. He blends a nice mix of history and mythology in the story. The humor in the story is also good. Some of the jokes land with a thud but it is forgiven because they are enough amusing passages to make up for it. If anything, I wish that the authors took more space to develop some of the intriguing sub-character [...]

  6. This is the sequel to Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming, which I read (and enjoyed) at least twenty years ago. However, I recall being unable to get into this book and ultimately giving up on it. I gave it more of a chance this time and read the whole thing, but it never lived up to its predecessor. Honestly, it's a bit boring, and the writing style is uneven. Yes, it was written by two people, but sometimes it seemed like they alternated paragraphs without reading the previous one. The chara [...]

  7. I have a weakness for theology mixed with something else. Sure, this one doesn't have the depth of the Lord of Light, but it is damn funny. It ridicules our concepts of heaven and earth and well of pretty much everything. Faust as an old man who would do anything to eat a normal dinner and get laid againd an anti-hero that is charming as hell- not a typical Faustian legend. There is no great magician/alchemist/academic searching for truth but something more like most of the academics we knowlfis [...]

  8. The follow up to BRING ME THE HEAD OF PRINCE CHARMING, this series of books is probably my favorite of all the "Comical" fantasy novels out there, the trilogy being really intended for lit and fantasy geeks everywhere to get a good chuckle out of, but never doing so at the loss of a good story and interesting characters. The cast of figures is huge and as such, not everyone is as developed as you'd like them to be, but returning favorites from the previous book continue to entertain and the new [...]

  9. Not as good as the first book, and a little more all over the place. That being said, Zelazny was involved, so obviously it was fun to read. Maybe not as trippy as it could have been, but I wasn't expecting Amber soat's not too big of an issue. The discussion of morality was pretty good, if a bit like the monologue from Atlas Shrugged (not in content, in spirit). Overall, I liked the characters, not for their personalities, but because they were very detailed and three dimensional. I managed to [...]

  10. It has a kernal of really good concept surrounded by quite poor writing, silly concepts and a lot of flab. It was clearly written by Zelazny and Sheckley over a couple of afternoons sitting around a table having a few beers. A real mess. Moments of enjoyment, but that's about it. Rated PG. 2/5

  11. Продължението на "Донеси ми главата на принца" е фарс в същия стил, с много чувство за хумор и невероятни приключения. Единствената причина да не получи по-висока оценка е фактът, че не го чете 15 годишен младеж. Доста брутално е усещането, че си надраснал Р.Зелазни.

  12. Хареса ми повече от предишната (Донеси ми главата на принца), има повече неща над които може да се помисли и е малко по-сериозна.

  13. Funny and witty. The whole Millennium Contest serial is like that. But "Bring me the Head of Prince Charming" was even better for me. ;)

  14. I liked Bring Me The Head Of Prince Charming more, but this book is also funny :) But for me the first Millennial Contest was better! But this book Like it :)

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