La conspiración Mozart

La conspiraci n Mozart Was he poisoned by a jealous rival composer Was he killed for breaking the Freemasons code of silence Or was a shadowy historical Order somehow involved in his death Was the bizarre and brutal murder

  • Title: La conspiración Mozart
  • Author: Scott Mariani
  • ISBN: 9788498006643
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Was he poisoned by a jealous rival composer Was he killed for breaking the Freemasons code of silence Or was a shadowy historical Order somehow involved in his death Was the bizarre and brutal murder of pianist Oliver Llewellyn two centuries later somehow connected These are the questions facing troubled former SAS soldier Ben Hope in a breathless quest to find the kilWas he poisoned by a jealous rival composer Was he killed for breaking the Freemasons code of silence Or was a shadowy historical Order somehow involved in his death Was the bizarre and brutal murder of pianist Oliver Llewellyn two centuries later somehow connected These are the questions facing troubled former SAS soldier Ben Hope in a breathless quest to find the killers of his friend Oliver At the centre of the mystery lies an old letter, rediscovered after many years, which may or may not have been written by Mozart himself.

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    1. Returning for another full-length novel, Scott Mariani sends Ben Hope into a tailspin of emotions. After learning that his friend and former colleague, Oliver Llewellyn, has drowned in a freak winter accident, Hope attends the funeral. While there, Ben sees Oliver’s sister and his own former love interest, Leigh, who is now a well-known opera singer. Tensions rise and Hope disappears before old wounds can be reopened. However, when Leigh contacts Hope for some assistance, they must put their p [...]

    2. Audio Book - 11 hours 22 minutes - a solid 4.0 stars out of 5.0As a lover of classical music, I was lead by the title to assume that the main story would be about a serious conspiracy surrounding Wolfgang A Mozart. Alas, this was not to be but nonetheless Scott Mariani has written a tough and taut thriller which has gripped me from the first 20 minutes or so right through to the exciting and stimulating last 22 minutes. I liked the action-packed nature of the storyline and despite the plot seemi [...]

    3. Another great mystery from Scott Mariani. Mozart's death and the mystery surrounding it are at the centre of this thrilling tale. Ben Hope makes for a great male protagonist. He's SAS trained, intelligent, focused to the point of bloody mindedness, effective in getting the job done but reckless and prone to leaving a high body count behind him.In this story Ben is reunited with his ex-girlfriend and old love Leigh. Their story runs amidst the main narrative. Unfortunately though it was lacking i [...]

    4. If Dan Brown and Andy McNab ever wrote a book together I think it would this. I was highly disappointed with this novel for a number of reasons. Firstly, the title suggested that this would be a mysterious tale but I feel that the author did not go into enough detail or delve deeply enough into the Masonic world. In fact, rather than being a fictional novel focusing on the life and death of Mozart it focuses on the personal story of a family affected by the rumours surrounding Mozart's death. Se [...]

    5. “This was a pretty good fiction suspense novel, more like an action movie, took a while for me to get into it, the first 12 chapters go back and forth quickly between times and places fairly quickly, but at chapter 12 it starts to get into the story pretty good.The theory on this may be considered a bit disturbing, has some violent discriptions some involving sacrifice type rituals.Overall it held my attention, not an easy task, it is suspensful story, keeps you on edge, and just when you thin [...]

    6. I downloaded this as a free ebook from yesterday and spent most of last night and all of today reading it. I like thrillers, and this was certainly a well-written, interesting page-turner. Because it was free I had low expectations of it, but I couldn't have been more mistaken, and am already looking to get other books by this author (who I had not encountered before).What I liked about it:* A really good plot based on well-researched possibilities. It was interesting.* The plot was delivered w [...]

    7. When I first heard about this book, I was really excited. A novel that postulates on the death of Mozart? How does this book know that I absolutely adore the movie Amadeus?! So, of course I was intrigued. However, the further I got into the book, the more I realized that by the end I was probably still going to be able to count the number of references to Mozart on both hands. He was hardly even a part of the story. Merely a catalyst for the trials and errors of ex-military, current muscle-for-h [...]

    8. Honestly, bragging about the similarity between The Mozart Conspiracy and The Da Vinci code is useless. Thrillers like this marked our time of living. During the reading I was thinking that The Mozart Conspiracy is made with the same contexts like the Da Vinci code. Which is true. Robert Landon is Benedict Hope, Li is Victoria Vetra, or Sophie Parker, but that's not the point. We are all missing a huge thing here. The thing is that Dan Brown is working on the discover of the history event. Scott [...]

    9. It has been two months since, famous opera performer, Leigh Llewellyn’s brother, Oliver passed away. Oliver was in Austria conducting research on Mozart. He had come up with the theory that Mozart was murdered by the Freemasons. Leigh decides to pick up where her brother left off. She is joined by her former flame and former British Special Air Service Officer, Ben Hope. What Leigh and Ben discover will have them running for their lives. The Mozart Conspiracy is both music to by ears and a bre [...]

    10. I really loved this book. I fell in love with it. The story, the plot, the characters. Especially with Ben Hope. He's just perfect in my opinion. He's strong, intelligent, determined, sensible, sensitive and handsome. The way he goes through the whole situation is really amazing. I don't believe there's such a man in real life. I really expected that there would be more about Mozart and his death, but it's okay. The end was heartbreaking, I couldn't stop my tears. I'll get some more books from S [...]

    11. What can I say? I really like Ben Hope. I've said it again and again he's a standard now in my reading list.Keep em coming, Mr Mariani.

    12. Former SAS operative Ben Hope is running for his life.Enlisted by Leigh Llwellyn a world famous opera star and Ben'sfirst love he is investigating her brothers mysterious death.The official line states that her brother Oliver died whileinvestigating Mozart's death but the facts don't add up.Oliver's research reveals that Mozart a freemason may have been killed by a splinter group of the cult. The only clue is a letter written by Mozart himself. When Ben and Leigh receive video evidence of a ritu [...]

    13. If Dan Brown and James Patterson wrote a book together, I think this is close to what they'd write.Sadly I didn't think this was as good as The Alchemist's Secret, which wasn't as good as the prequels, but I'll continue in the faith that the later books get better at some point. I think the romance elements need knocking off, at best they just get in the way of the investigating, like we get the description of how beautiful a woman is but the actual investigation is done "off screen"??, and at w [...]

    14. I enjoyed this novel, although even now I'm not quite sure whether I'm a fan of its ending. While there is a certain degree of 'action' formula to this (and a couple of instances of smart people doing dumb things), the writing style flows well and is quick to escape into (if you know what I mean). I was particularly intrigued to read the author's end notes and casting 'ideals' (as in movie actors who could play the characters). Is a good blend for those who like a mystery and also are classical [...]

    15. This purportedly Dan-Brown-esque expose of Freemasonry contains very little of either Mozart or conspiracy; it reads almost like a parody of the genre. There are bodies everywhere, most the result of some very creative and gory misbehavior. The bad guys can find you anywhere, using amazing technology, and will then mow you down with never-empty automatic weapons - unless of course you are Our Hero, in which case you can duck pretty much anything. Don't bother reading this totally improbable nove [...]

    16. This was a Truly Bad Book. I admit to reading near-drivel for lack of anything better, but this was beyond the pale. I like a good conspiracy thriller, even if it's drivel-y. It's like watching B or even C movies - they do have a certain entertainment value and don't require much mental effort (a frequent plus for my tired brain). I was looking forward to a bit of Mozart pseudo-history and some tense car-chase-esque scenes. No. The dialog was crap, the plot was virtually nonexistent and the endi [...]

    17. fast-paced thriller, though this felt more like a movie (think Bourne) rather than a novel. I had been intrigued by the Mozart element, but the book really didn't touch on Mozart that much. good time-killer, but otherwise, nothing to shout about.

    18. This was a good book, but it could have been great. The author messed up the ending. He should have ended the story 30 pages sooner.

    19. Great book to listen to while jigsaw puzzling - overly graphic descriptions of ritual death by Masons consolidating their business positions. Would have preferred a happy ever after ending. Ben Hope ex SAS now rescuing hostages, friend of Oliver Llewelyn who observes a slaughter and is then made to walk out on the ice which is then shot beneath him so he drowns. He's videoed the murder and sent it to his sister Lee, a famous opera singer. A year later an attempted kidnap is made and she calls Be [...]

    20. I've read a lot of thriller-suspense books with the historical bent from the likes of Brown, Berry, Khoury and company, so I picked this up for a holiday read.I wasn't familiar with this author or the series. I was disappointed in a few different ways. I had several issues, many of which were brought up by other reviewers. Mostly, the story went on too long without enough reason for doing so. I also expected more historical reference, instead it was a back-drop with no historical story to be tol [...]

    21. What a great readSo, the first Ben Hope book (The Alchemist's Secret) wasn't a fluke!Scott Mariani has created a fabulous character in Ben Hope. A larger than life ex-SAS, rich, suave, man who could kill you with his pinky toe whilst saving a child from monster kidnappers. The book is as easy to read as a James Patterson with a plot line as complex as a Dan Brown.Personally I can recommend this book (and The Alchemist's Secret) as being a great read and I can't wait to get Ben Hope #3!

    22. I really enjoyed this story it is great food for thought. I like things that challenge my preconceived ideas about the past. Very well written in a style akin to Ian Fleming .Not as far fetched as some and like the fifties heroes I grew up with. It is thoroughly entertaining ing and a brilliant way to get through the long winter days. Reading the earlier stories in this series.

    23. Mozart uncoveredAnother great read by Scott Mariani. Uncovering the truth about the death of Mozart could prove deadly. And Ben Hope is after the truth. Did his old friend and army buddy really die in a tragic accident? What was he doing in Vienna? And what does a letter from Mozart have to do with anything? This story has intrigue from the start, along with a variety of characters.

    24. Pokračovanie bolo lepšie, Mozart a slobodomurári, z tajomstva sa nestala celosvetová konšpirácia - to bolo veľmi osviežujúce, v poslednej kapitole to bolo rozohrané na skoro happyend ale samozrejme, že nedopadol dobre.

    25. a ripping good yarn about secret societies trying to stop centries old secrets from coming to light of day. A really good read if you just want something to really keep you interested but not too heavy. Really like the character of Ben Hope and will definiately look up further in the series.

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