A Quarter for a Kiss

A Quarter for a Kiss With a touch of romance and a strong heroine A Quarter for a Kiss offers of the fast paced and suspenseful inspirational writing found in A Penny for Your Thoughts Don t Take Any Wooden Nickels and

  • Title: A Quarter for a Kiss
  • Author: Mindy Starns Clark
  • ISBN: 9780736929592
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • With a touch of romance and a strong heroine, A Quarter for a Kiss offers of the fast paced and suspenseful inspirational writing found in A Penny for Your Thoughts, Don t Take Any Wooden Nickels, and A Dime a Dozen In this fourth book of the Million Dollar Mysteries, Mindy Starns Clark weaves another tale of mystery and God s touch on the lives of those who seek HimWith a touch of romance and a strong heroine, A Quarter for a Kiss offers of the fast paced and suspenseful inspirational writing found in A Penny for Your Thoughts, Don t Take Any Wooden Nickels, and A Dime a Dozen In this fourth book of the Million Dollar Mysteries, Mindy Starns Clark weaves another tale of mystery and God s touch on the lives of those who seek Him.As a young widow, Callie Webber finds strength in her faith in God and joy in her growing romance with her employer, Tom Bennett When their friend and mentor, Eli Gold, is shot, the search for answers as to who and why leads Tom and Callie to the beautiful Virgin Islands There they face a sinister enemy among the ruins of an old sugar plantation an enemy who s willing to do anything to keep his identity secret and the past deeply buried.

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    1. There might be spoilers here - especially if you haven't read the rest of the books leading up to this one. With a title like this you'd think the romance would be over the top, but no. Instead, it was really well done. We get to see a lot of Tom, but I'm still totally confused about who he is. And, I know we are supposed to be slightly confused, but I think I just have a mental block because I can only see him as a slightly overweight guy in his 50s, and I know that's totally NOT the case. So, [...]

    2. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.While I read and enjoyed the previous book in this series, A Dime a Dozen, I wasn’t crazy about it. Consequently, I began this book, A Quarter for a Kiss with some trepidation. In the end, all my worry was for naught! The story kicks off with a great start and, really, doesn't slow down till the end. Besides being a bit wordy in areas, from start to finish I completely enjoyed this book.Maybe one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much more was because T [...]

    3. A Quarter for a Kiss is the fourth book in the Million Dollar Mysteries but it is only the second book of the series that I have read. I recently read book three and really enjoyed it so I decided to give this book a shot too! I was not disappointed. In A Quarter for a Kiss Callie is vacationing with her beau Tom when their mutual friend Eli gets shot. Eli is like a father to Callie and she is devastated. Tom and Callie rush to Eli’s side and when they get there they see Eli is struggling to l [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this mystery read! When Callie's dear friend Eli is shot, he tells his wife to get a hold of her. Tom and Callie had just finished there vacation in West Virginia and were headed to their respective homes when the call came. The change their plans immediately and head to Florida to be by Eli.He is critical and no one is sure he will survive. Stella, Eli's wife, has a message for Callie that Eli had given her, just before he went unconscious. Tom and Callie end up in in St John i [...]

    5. A Quarter for a Kiss by Mindy Starns Clark is the fourth book in the Million Dollar Mystery series. Callie Webber and her boyfriend, Tom Bennett, are just finishing up their first vacation together and are regretting their return to the real world when she gets a terrifying phone call. Eli, her mentor and father figure, was shot by a sniper and before going unconscious gave instructions to his wife Stella to tell Callie to find his notes and that she would need Tom's help. The pair head down to [...]

    6. Wow. To sum up how I felt after finishing 'A Quarter for a Kiss' in one word would beWow!This was not the first time I've read 'A Quarter for a Kiss' (I read the entire 'Million Dollar Mysteries' series years ago), but I was still captivated by the story and read it in about one day!!! I now want to finish the series by reading 'The Buck Stops Here' again.I loved 'A Dime a Dozen', but 'A Quarter for a Kiss' was even better! It's definitely one of my favorite books!A 'Quarter for a Kiss' ends wit [...]

    7. This was a mystery book with some romance added but no with no explicit scenes. It was well written and kept my interest through the same book with some interesting twists that could have been foretold if you were good enough. (I wasn't.) It is the 3rd book of a 4 book series. I am no going to read the other three. Fortunately my library had it available in large print. I read it just because I pulled 6 books out of the large print area to read. It was the only one of the books I found really in [...]

    8. (Genre: Christian fiction/mystery) I decided that I just have to increase my ratings on this series. I have really been enjoying them. I did skip book 3 (they were all checked out of the library and I just couldn't wait for it to come back in! But I do plan on going back to read it) and you probably shouldn't do that, since it is a series and the character development that occurs in each book is important in the next story. I really like the main character in the series, Callie. She is a strong [...]

    9. Callie's good father-figure, friend, and fellow investigator is seriously wounded, and she is sure it was not an accident. Along with her new boss,Tom (also her boyfriend), they go to St Thomas to try to figure the whole thing out. It was so refreshing to have them Not share a room (let alone the bed), and be very conscious about not doing things together so they would not become inappropriately sexually aroused. A great mystery and love story.

    10. I am not huge fan of mysteries, but my mom recommended this story. I accidentally read this book #4 first, but the story is fully self contained, and I was not at all confused. I enjoyed the Christian undertones of the plot, with clear morals being laid out for the reader to learn from. The main characters are in their 30's, close to my age, and their concerns are similar to my own. All in all, an enjoyable read, but not a fantastic story.

    11. Callie and her boss Tom are finally getting to know each other as something more, but their time together is interrupted with mutual friend Eli is shot. Can they figure out who is after him? Another great read with plenty of twists and great characters. Just watch out for that killer cliffhanger.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    12. I think this one has been my favorite of the series, so far. I think it was about time that we got to hear of Callie and Toms story. And that they were finally, in person, together, instead if their weird, long distance phone relationship. Callie still is annoying to me for several reasons, but her constant need for a canoe is just plain strange. And now I really want to read the next one in this series, which is the last, as this one left a cliff hanger.

    13. This book stars a lawyer/detective who works for a philanthropist investigating charities who apply for a grant from the foundation. If everything checks out, then she gets to give them a big check. Along the way, she keeps running into mysteries, and solves them while investigating the charities at the same time.

    14. Wonderful book! It took me so long to get through it, just because I only allowed myself to read it while I was on the treadmill. (It's suppose to get me on it more often. But with sicknesses and all sort of other things, it took me longer then usual to get through it.) But it was still great!! I'll get started on the next one probably tomorrow!

    15. Enjoying this storyLine ! A lot. I luv the characters, and though I only read her "A Penny for your Thoughts" , of this series previous books (Penny, Don't take any wooden Nickels, Dime a Dozen, and last"Buck")From reading that one earliest book, jumped right into this one, and FANTASTIC!I LIKE this authors' wrk and look forward to reading more by her.

    16. Love the way the wedding ring situation was handled. So caring, gentle, loving and no pressure. Plus she can wear it close to her heart. Love that Tom is not jealous of it. In some stories, the guy gives an ultimatum that it go. That comes across as so harsh and not needed.

    17. Yeah, I finally finished the book! (Between teaching computer classes and teaching seminary, I haven't had a lot of free time) The plot thickens in this one and I can't wait to read the last book :-)

    18. Continues the story of Callie and Tom and the J.O.S.H.U.A. foundation. Her mentor and his friend, Eli is shot in St John Island. Someone in Eli's past who is supposed to be dead, is very much alive and being very naughty

    19. Much better than book # 3 in the series. I was happy that this 4th installment gets back to the good solid writing that I am used to from Mindy Starns Clark. Always clean and some big plot twists. I stayed up until 2 AM so I could finish it. I guess that means it kept me intrigued.

    20. I enjoyed this one. The only negative I could say would be that Clark is a little redundant. The story involves a lot of "spying", "bugging", etc. She then repeats lots of the conversations trying to figure out meaning. I found myself skimming quite a bit, but liked the book overall.

    21. I love that the underlying premise of this series is of a foundation that investigates non-profits for generous contributions. Of course, there's always a mystery that needs to be solved and that always makes for fun!

    22. Didn't like the ending of this book. But I suppose it ensures that everyone will read the next one. I like endings to be endings.

    23. Tom and Callie are working together for a change to determine who shot their old friend Eli Gold. This episode is interesting and moves the plot forward to its final conclusion in book five.

    24. It was a bit sappy for me, and the ending was a little anti-climactic, but still entertaining Christian mystery and I still am emotionally invested in Callie's character.

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