Sementes de Violência

Sementes de Viol ncia Written in this controversial story cracked down on the public school system and dramatized student violence as no other novel of its time did Hunter used his own teaching experience to create p

  • Title: Sementes de Violência
  • Author: Evan Hunter Rita Salgado
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written in 1954, this controversial story cracked down on the public school system and dramatized student violence as no other novel of its time did Hunter used his own teaching experience to create protagonist Richard Dadier, who lands his first real job as an English teacher at North Manual Trades High School in New York City Dadier knows the students here will be tougWritten in 1954, this controversial story cracked down on the public school system and dramatized student violence as no other novel of its time did Hunter used his own teaching experience to create protagonist Richard Dadier, who lands his first real job as an English teacher at North Manual Trades High School in New York City Dadier knows the students here will be tough, but nothing has prepared hom for the world he enters Hunter s novel attracted much attention when it was first published, and it became a top bestseller in 1955 Set against the changing social culture of the 1950 s, The Blackboard Jungle is a time capsule that illuminates an issue still in the forefront of our minds.

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    1. My favourite part of this book was the speech the protagonist, English teacher Rick Dadier, makes to his class of teenagers:“Tell me, West, do you know what a dream session is? You ever been inside a shooting gallery, West? You know what mootah is, West? You dig a monkey scratching at your back, West? You know what a twist is? You ever flop into some cat’s pad, West? You know what screech trumpet is? Are you hip or from nowhere?West, do you know what H is? Or C? Or M? Do you know what a fix [...]

    2. Pretty good novel about teaching in a tough (and I do mean tough) vocational school in NY. Not a job I would want, I can tell you. Made into a movie in 1955. Evan Hunter was an extremely prolific writer who had many pseudonyms, the most famous being Ed McBain who wrote the 87th Precinct novels.

    3. Evan Hunter's first. The writing is strong. The characters fully formed. The plotok, the plot is a bit predictable in spots, but that's only because this is the original which so many have copied. Many--too many--of the problems facing these youths are the same problems they face today. Makes you want to scream that no more progress has been made.

    4. My wife is proud of me. I never quit books and she keeps saying to me, "Life is too short for bad books." This isn't a bad book's just dull and Hunter hadn't developed his sharp prose style yet, so I gave it 100 pages and decided I didn't want to continue.

    5. The Blackboard Jungle Review For my outside reading assignment, I chose to read the book The Blackboard Jungle by Evan Hunter. This book is a work of fiction and I chose it because it looked interesting and it gave a glimpse of what high schools were like in the 1950’s. Even though this book is a work of fiction, it gives a real portrayal of the chaos in a rough 50’s high school. The basic plot follows the challenges faced by North Manual Trades High School English teacher Richard Dadier as [...]

    6. Having just spent two years teaching at a tech/vocational high school, I found this book interesting, but not particularly enjoyable. The author did a good job of depicting how helpless and inept a teacher can feel at times especially when their students are completely uninterested in learning. I could really relate to a lot of that. The book was written in the 50s, and it was disheartening to see that a lot of the educational system's "issues" haven't changed in the last 58 years. Also, because [...]

    7. The prose grabbed me from the start. The account of a tough school is covered from all angles: students, teachers, principal, home life of the central character Rick Dadier, a man learning about teaching. Add in a mystery: (Who is pestering Dadier's wife?), and a climax: (The classroom knife fight); and you have a book which satisfies on many levels. But the prose remains - the description of snow falling at the start of Chapter 6 reflects the writing skills of a great author.

    8. An excellent story of a man "trying" to teach at a vocational high school in New York City in the 1950's -- very insightful, exciting, discouraging, inspiring. And have things really changed? Some yes, but some no. Kind of sad really :(

    9. Who knew that in our perfect little 1950's society, teachers were already confronting mouthy, lazy students and protecting themselves from assault and rape in the classroom.

    10. 21 dec 14, sunday afternoonthere was this oncea friend here asked if i'd like a bunch of bookshn d macdonaldi said sure no problem. we exchanged addresses. me time i'll send him some homemade jam and maybe a book or two. this paperback was included in the box. i've read stories from ed mcbainybe i heard or read that he also published under another nameor names so i'm reading this one nowe blackboard jungle: a novel of juvenile delinquents1954 has this dedication: this is for anita, my wife--who [...]

    11. É um bom livro que nos mostra o modo de funcionamento do sistema de ensino americano nos anos 50. É curioso o facto de poucas diferenças haverem desde esses tempos até ao dia de hoje, relativamente ao ensino, excepto que a violência e o desinteresse por aprender se acentua ainda mais, devido à tecnologia, hoje sabe-se (quase) tudo. Outro facto interessante deste livro é que evidencia alguma das razões desta falta de interesse, que é a falta de prespectivas futuras, o porquê de estudar [...]

    12. il padre di tutti i libri (e soprattutto i film) americani sulle classi "difficili" nelle scuole "disagiate". Nessuno però, almeno tra tutti quelli che conosco io, è altrettanto duro, violento e per nulla consolatorio. Certo, alla fine (ma proprio alla fine) Rick riesce a stabilire in qualche modo un contatto con i ragazzi, almeno con qualcuno, ma è un successo conquistato a duro prezzo, e nulla ha a che vedere con le paradisiache visioni dei tanti film di cui sopra. Anche da questo, naturalm [...]

    13. Richard Dadier chega à Escola de Artes e Ofícios do Norte com o intuito de fazer aquilo que sempre quis - ensinar. Contudo, durante a sua preparação para professor, nunca ninguém o informou das dificuldades que se colocariam no seu caminho. Depara-se com uma escola onde a aprendizagem é deficiente e onde professores acompanham a descrença no ensino, aliado ao desinteresse generalizado por parte dos alunos.

    14. Z dílny slavného detektivkáře a duchovního otce Steva Carelly Eda McBaina ještě coby Evana Huntera (mimochodem scénaristy slavných Hitchockových Ptáků). Čtenáři se nechce věřit, že novela byla napsána už v první polovině padesátých let, kam se hrabe nějaká fimová "džungle" v Nebezpečných myšlenkách s Michelle Pfeiffer!;-)

    15. Good readI admit that I am a sucker for this genre. Blackboard Jungle is compelling. I think most readers will have known a Miller or a Westor someone who could have been them in different circumstances. They have had or heard of teachers like the ones here. That is why it is so easy to be drawn in.

    16. Young Richard Dadier is a teacher and navy veteran who gets his first teaching job at North Manual Trades High School in the East Bronx. The school has a reputation as one of the toughest institutions in the city and as one of the more cynical teachers says, it is part of the entire vocational school system which serves as a dumping ground for teenagers who cannot make it in the academic stream or didn’t want an education. But despite what he hears, Dadier is optimistic and keen to begin his c [...]

    17. Este livro foi mais uma excelente surpresa que o Linked Books me proporcionou, pois duvido que sem "as ligações" eu viesse a ler este título por minha iniciativa.Como disse atrás, não sabia o que esperar do livro, não tinha sinopse, e apenas pelo seu título, apesar de bastante sugestivo, não poderia saber do que se tratava. Quando iniciei a leitura, e apesar do interesse ter sido instantâneo, por momentos fiquei um pouco desiludida, quando entendi do que iria tratar o livro. Percebi que [...]

    18. Evan Hunter's (who also wrote as Ed McBain) novel on teaching in a New York City vocational school is based on his short teaching experience. Through Richard Dadier, a first year teacher, it shows the power struggle between students and teachers, the difficulty a teacher has in reaching students, the ways many teachers who've given up cope. All this magnified by his teaching in a vocational school which were supposed to teach a trade to those students who were not academically inclined. What the [...]

    19. This is NOT one of those teacher-prevails-against-all-odds, inspirational-type novels. I think that's important to get out of the way immediately. It is the story of a very difficult teaching situation in a vocational high school in NYC. It was written in 1954 and it is 100% a novel "of its time." In regards to gender roles, attitudes about women, and views of discipline, it is very much (at times laughably so) a story of 1950's American culture. An entertaining read and an easy read, though not [...]

    20. Pair this title with Syndey Poitier’s movie “To Sir, with Love” for a complete picture of why classroom management is so important. Consider this one of the titles in your starter kit if you are a first year teacher. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, along with Goodbye Mr. Chips, Up the Down Staircase and The Blackboard Jungle, will help you to feel completely armed in your daunting new role in the classroom.

    21. Hunter's own failed experience as a public school teacher led to his writing "The Blackboard Jungle," surely the most successful and lasting of all his novels. Hunter's prolific and diverse career included the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and, writing as Ed McBain, the 87th Precinct mystery series. If you would like to read more about him, I conducted an interview with him many years ago that is now available on Kindle.

    22. It's easy to understand how and why this novel struck like a thunderclap in the mid-50s. And it is a sturdily-written book about a Bronx school teacher trying to get through to his hardened, often violent vocational high-school students. However, 60 or so years later, it's just as understandable that its impact has lessened. Still, it should be read by teachers today, especially ones toiling away in urban schools who believe that unruly students are a recent phenomenon.

    23. It was a very nice book. The writing was done in an easily followable manner. This is the story of a new teacher starting in a public school in America. Not the type of book that I usually read, expectin it to be very boring and all the old types of actions one get in such a story, but the story was very interesting and well told, the characters were believable

    24. história muito simples de um professor numa escola técnica em que os alunos são muito mal comportados. 5 estrelas porque mal me apercebi estava tão envolvido na história, quando a história, pelos vistos só na aparência era desinteressante fim o herói, o professor Rick vê compensado o seu papel de professor

    25. An excellent book that really brings you into the difficulties of teaching "problem students" while offering a good look at life. Could have done without the 1950's garbage concerning attitudes towards rape and women in general, however.

    26. I've been a huge fan of Ed McBain's "87th Precincts" cop procedural mystery series, so I thought it was about time that I read his first novel, the classic"The Blackboard Jungle", written under his real name Evan Hunter. Shocking and powerful; highly recommend!

    27. I read this long ago but I remember it pretty well. The guys said "frigging" not "stinking" as they did in the movie. In real life they would say "fucking" of course. Pretty good movie though and an early role for both Vic Morrow and Sidney Poitier. Date read is a guess.

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