Dinosaur Dig!

Dinosaur Dig The first title from Nosy Crow a new imprint of Candlewick Press Dinosaur Dig has everything that boys love diggers dinosaurs and dirt plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure Bursting wit

  • Title: Dinosaur Dig!
  • Author: Penny Dale
  • ISBN: 9780763658717
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The first title from Nosy Crow, a new imprint of Candlewick Press Dinosaur Dig has everything that boys love diggers, dinosaurs, and dirt plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure Bursting with energy, noise, and a splashy, surprising ending, this is an absolute riot of a book.

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    1. This board book has everything - digging machines, dinosaurs, counting , machine sounds. What more could a little person want!

    2. A delightful book that any dinosaur lover and non-lover alike can get into. My 5 yr old loves dinosaurs and loved this book because of it. my 3 yr old twins could care less about dinosaurs, but loved the story line and bright colorful pictures, and I, who could also care less for the big creatures, loved that it was also a counting book, therefore had some educational qualities. And I also have to admit, although simple, I too, was engaged in the story, and absolutely loved the ending. It brough [...]

    3. So"Dinosaur Dig! has everything that boys love -- diggers, dinosaurs and dirt - plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure. Bursting with energy, noise, and a splashy, surprising ending, this is an absolute riot of a book." Diggers, dinosaurs and dirt - everything that boys love! I WILL TRY IT! NOW I FINALLY KNOW WHAT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY!

    4. A high energy dinosaur / construction picture book. The bright colors and lively text will make this a fun preschool concept counting book.

    5. Thump! Crash! Clatter! Clunk! Scrape! Sploosh! As the dinosaurs dig away at their construction site their numbers increase and their project gets more & more involved. Count as the number and variety of dinosaurs adds up until the very last page when the final project is revealed.It’s no secret, our family has a huge reservoir of dino-lovers. Not only has the Turkeybird been a fan since I can remember, but as soon as Littlebug could start playing with his dinosaurs she grabbed them and wou [...]

    6. Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale combines dinosaurs, counting, dirt and construction trucks in a book boys will really dig! Dinosaurs Dig begins with One dinosaur, an Allosaurus, with an excavator digging a hole. He's joined by a Triceratops in a loader to make Two dinosaurs shoveling gravel and earth. The book continues with eight more dinosaurs: Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Megalosaurus, Iguanadon, Ankylosaurus, Baryonyx, Stryracosaurus, and Deinonychus. Additional construction trucks include: a [...]

    7. Dinosaurs + construction = awesome! The dinos are working on a project and it takes all kinds of big exciting machines to build it. The text is simple, repetitive, and includes lots of onomatopoeia (sound words like crash, clatter, and splash). Each page a new dino joins in the fun so this book could be used in the classroom for its focus on counting. Readers can trace the completion of the dino building project through the pictures and it's not until the last page that the special project is re [...]

    8. This board book was a big hit with my preschool construction and dino fan. Numbers of dinos up to 10, mostly recognizable by species, use various construction techniques to build what turns out to be a splash pool for themselves-- a sure hit with preschool readers! There is a lot of repetition and rhyming, good for older toddlers and younger preschoolers, but the word rhythm is awkward and likely to tweak adult readers' sensibilities. This is not a counting book-- in many of the pictures the rea [...]

    9. I picked this up for my son for two reasons. First, he loves dinosaurs and second because he is fascinated by Diggers, so this seemed like the perfect book for him. It was a really simple but well-done book, perfect for little boys, though I'm sure little girls would get a kick out of it as well as it a fun book. It is a counting book from 1-10 and show how 10 different dinosaurs working together with construction can create something really cool. The front end pages feature the kind of dinosaur [...]

    10. This is one of the best picture books I have seen in a long time. Why? Dinosaurs and construction trucks, everywhere! And you get to count! The dinosaurs are names on the inside of the front cover, and the different types of construction vehicles are named on the inside of the back cover. As the story progress, we can count more and more dinosaurs digging, shoveling, and having fun. It's a great book for reluctant readers, since there is opportunity to count aloud, read the onomatopoeia of const [...]

    11. K likes anything to do with dinosaurs. So when he picked this book up I knew he would enjoy it. This is an easy read, the book has colorful illustrations, counting, rhyming and does a lot of repeating. Such as dumping dirt and rocks. Dirt and rocks tumble down. Crash! Crash! Crash!" The dinosaurs are all working together to build something fun it looks like and each one works with a machine that helps get the building going If you like dinosaurs, machines and building this is a good book for you [...]

    12. This one is more of a 3.5 for me as I am not really into Dinosaurs, BUT, I know most of the kids that come into the library are mad for Dinosaurs. I like the Dig part (goes great with our 2013 Summer Reading program) and that the dinosaurs are productive making something. Right now in front of my house they are putting in a new water line, and it is big trucks, dump trucks and noisebut hey they are productive and when we are done I hope our water pressure is better!!

    13. Brilliant. Author/illustrator Penny Dale places dinosaurs at the helm of heavy equipment on a construction site. What could be a better pairing than dinosaurs with cranes and bulldozers?!In Dinosaur Dig, dinosaurs work together to carefully build a magnificent creation, shoveling, dumping, lifting, mixing, with lots and lots of onomatopoeia. Very fun.“Five dinosaurs mixing.Mixing sticky cement.Sticky cement on shiny trowels.Scrape!Scrape!Scrape!”

    14. My guys freakin love this book. We pick out our favorite dinosaurs in the beginning and then point them out as the story progress's "Hey your dino is spraying my dino with paint!". Sometimes I make them count the dinosaurs on each page. Sound effects required for the heavy equipment. The story is simple but the art is pretty great. Dinosaurs and trucks are a gold combo for little boys.

    15. Well done, Jenny Dale. This book has it all. Dinosaurs, diggers, counting, dirt. I love the endpapers as well, featuring dinosaurs on one end and the names of the machines on the other. The children will read this one over and over again. The illustrations are clever and exciting. A very fun book overall.

    16. Another great book that combines two frequent passions of preschoolers. What's not to love about a book that combines construction machines with dinosaurs and throws in all kinds of sounds to repeat?

    17. Cute book that includes dinosaurs, counting, and construction equipment. I like that the front end papers have picture of dinosaurs with their names and the back end papers has picture of construction equipment with their names.

    18. Big hit with my 2 year old. He loves trucks and likes dinosaurs. Great way to combine them both! Plus he will actually count the dinosaurs on each page!

    19. Good one for Toddler Time. Good "sound" word and short text. Combines the popular themes of dinosaurs and construction. How can you go wrong? :)

    20. My son loves this book! It has little boys two favorite things: Dinosaurs and Trucks together in the same book! I'm a carpenter and am impressed with how accurate the pictures of the tools and trucks are! Even the names of the trucks are accurate. Most kids books have all kinds of mistakes on these things. The author did her research! My son also loves to count the dinosaurs on each page! 5 stars!

    21. I originally picked out this book because I love dinosaurs. Also, I wanted to find a counting book that would be engaging to students. I love this book because it is an exciting way for students to practice counting. Also, this book introduces a lot of onomatopoeia which is an extra bonus to the book overall. I would recommend using this book in the classroom because there are many educational aspects to the book such as dinosaur names, machine names, counting, onomatopoeia, and etc. Dinosaur Di [...]

    22. Given that my kid is in love with vehicles, and now dinosaurs are as popular as ever, it was probably inevitable that I had to buy this book. Resistance was futile. I still like Dinosaur Zoom the best, and never get tired of reading it. I still hate Dinosaur Rescue, and get pissed off every time I read it (is it wrong to cheer when the kid accidentally tore out a few pages of Dinosaur Rescue?). At least this is middle ground. I just wish I knew the real, simple names of the vehicles, since no bo [...]

    23. What? No! This book is terrible. There are dinosaurs and trucks and splashing, so pretty much all of my kid's favorite things in one book. There is language rhythm, counting, and rhyme - my favorite things. However, and a big however, every page is nothing but strange sentence fragments. I think there may be one complete sentence in the whole book. In my opinion, that is unacceptable in a book for learning readers.

    24. I bought this book to read to my 25 month old grandson. It is a large book with beautiful pictures. Lots of different kinds of dinosaurs and tractors/Cats. This is a "counting book", but there's a real story as well. If you have a young child fascinated with tractors and dinosaurs - this is likely to be a real hit for him/her.

    25. This book is filled with diggers, dirt and dinosaurs. Although this book sounds like it would be appreciated more by boys, the story s told in a way that bursts energy and excitement. I also liked that this book incorporated some counting within, without making it feel like a "math" book. This would be a book better suited for younger children, 2-5.

    26. Five reasons why this picture book is a crowd pleaser:-Winning combination of dinosaurs and trucks are sure to appeal to our young aficionados-Tons of action, adventure, purpose, and, the all important, DIRT!-Lively, expressive, and compelling graphics-Collaborative effort offers the opportunity to count from 1 to 10 dinosaurs as the work force increases-Raucous "ta-da" ending

    27. I liked the front and back pages that shared the name of each dinosaur plus the name of each machine. This book was a good combination of dinosaurs and big machines, something kids both seem drawn towards.

    28. kindergartners would loooove this book! Because its about dinosaur! They love to dig. The letter and the words are printed big like the dinosaurs and also, the last words are repeated for memory. Love that. Great for learning new words, phonologic awareness and reading skill.

    29. Dinosaurs and construction vehicles combined into one book? It's sure to be a hit with any young boy.Good for toddler or preschool storytimes.

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