Bob and Larry's ABC's

Bob and Larry s ABC s Bob Larry and all Veggies from the hit video series VeggieTales RM are here in these fun books to teach young children fundamentals such as colors numbers shapes and letters

  • Title: Bob and Larry's ABC's
  • Author: Phil Vischer
  • ISBN: 9780849915086
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bob, Larry and all Veggies from the hit video series VeggieTales RM are here in these fun books to teach young children fundamentals such as colors, numbers, shapes and letters.

    One thought on “Bob and Larry's ABC's”

    1. The rhymes read well and sound great when said out loud. (I read this to my niece). but the pictures were just the exact same slapped together bad cgi you see on the show. And there wasn't really a real story or way to help teach kids about the alphabet. It's just a nice rhyme. :/plus, the Christian part, with god making everything, is not something I agree with or think that a child should be taught. But Sunny insisted I read it. :) Not something I'll read again or recommend. Think we'll read s [...]

    2. InformationalGrades:P-KThis fun and educational ABC book with some classic VeggieTales characters was one I found at my sister's house for her toddler, and just had to read. Not only did I see my newphew love the whole silly book, but he was easily repeating the alphabet as I was reading things with him. From a classroom point of view, this is not the most entertaining book, due to the illustrations not being the most interesting that they could have been, but this was a very easy read and had a [...]

    3. When Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber begin a tour through all 26 letters of the alphabet, no letter is safe from funny vegetable humor. The books is so fun as Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber travel from A to Z with their non stop rhymes. The Abc’s might just have met its match. Bob and Larry’s ABC’s is an entertaining work of genius by Phil Vischer. Each letter is explained with impeccable funniness. The books travels through actual Veggie Tales stories and bible stories. Pictu [...]

    4. My children and I love this book, I actually have it memorized after reading a few times. This makes storytelling so much more fun for the kids. They love the pictures and the rhyme. I would recommend.

    5. This is by far the absolute worst baby alphabet book I have ever picked up. There was no context, no teaching opportunities, no coherence or story. At best, I was hoping it would serve as an opportunity to understand alphabets and sounds and it makes even that very confusing!

    6. My daughter found this at the library, and after a quick skim I figured veggies + ABCs? Ok! But no, not at all ok. Unless you believe god created all veggies, in which case have at it!

    7. This book is very enjoyable especially for Veggie Tale fans. It is perhaps not the strongest book for understanding the sounds the letters make.

    8. This book is more fun if you've seen the Veggie Tales videos. Lots of "in jokes" for fans of Bob, Larry, and the gang.

    9. using the characters from vegitales to teach about the abc's using characters and artifacts from the stories

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