Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer

Nate Saint On a Wing and a Prayer Christian Heroes Then Now have set a new standard of quality in Christian biography These thrilling true adventures are the best written biographies for ages and up One of the five missionaries mar

  • Title: Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer
  • Author: Janet Benge Geoff Benge
  • ISBN: 9781576580172
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christian Heroes Then Now have set a new standard of quality in Christian biography These thrilling true adventures are the best written biographies for ages 10 and up One of the five missionaries martyred in Ecuador in 1956, Nate Saint combined his love for airplanes and God in his air service ministry to isolated missionaries 1923 1956.

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    1. The story is a familiar story for me, which always gets 5 stars. We enjoyed learning about Nate’s childhood and his mechanical aptitude throughout his life. As usual for these authors, some of the chapters are a little drawn out. But in the end, we learned so much about Nate Saint, which I appreciate. What a remarkable story of evangelism! My 6 year old reported on events that I didn’t think he would catch the depth of, but the writing style kept it interesting and informative for the whole [...]

    2. I read this to my students over the last week and a half, and one day, Lord willing, I will read it to my own kids. I learned so much about how the Lord led Nate Saint to Palm Beach that day in 1956, and the many ways he served Christ before he laid his life down for the sake of the Gospel. There are so many funny, touching, and interesting stories along the way before the sad yet amazing ending.

    3. Excellent book! Our whole family enjoyed this story of a man who served the Lord faithfully with his life.

    4. I do my reviews in the form of a letter, which is why they are written like this.Dear Janet and Geoff Benge, Thank you for writing this book. I don't know how I didn't like it that much in sixth grade! Nate had a much more touching story than I expected. His experiences were interesting. Dang, this guy was smart! He kept coming up with a bunch of inventions to help others. He had issues with his leg, he served in the army, he took a bad hike in Yosemite Those are memorable and interesting experi [...]

    5. Overall, our family really enjoyed this book. We have one dissenter who always complains about most books, or this book would have had five stars.The book is hilarious, in the beginning anyway. The characters (aka writing) are endearing. We felt very close to them and all they were going through.While, spoiler, the ending is sad, we couldnt help but be amazed by all that transpired and STILL DOES through the acts of these brave men/women. Such a great book for family time/devotionals/bible study [...]

    6. This was an inspiring story of a man whose love for God out weighed everything, even his own life. His love of airplanes, God and mission work came together to help other missionaries and natives of Ecuador. Without his sacrifice and those of four fellow-men, a fearsome tribe of people might never have been reached with the Gospel. My son really enjoyed this read-aloud. He was sad that Nate Saint lost his life but was happy for him that he did it while fulfilling his passion.

    7. My boys and I loved reading about Nate Saint. His whole life was interesting and adventurous. He was a very likable guy. We also loved his ingenuity. He was always finding better ways to fix problems. The most important thing that he did, though, was sacrifice his life to bring the gospel message to the Waorani people. His death, along with 4 other missionaries paved the way for others to teach these warriors about forgiveness.

    8. Before this book, I read Jim Elliot in this series. So, I knew Nate Saint's ending. I really liked how the author would write about the safety inventions that he helped create. I also liked the last chapter when the author didn't only talk about what happened to Nate Saint's wife, Marj Saint, but also about the other wives made widows by the Aucas.

    9. Love the historyI love to read about people like Nate Saint who are ordinary people who allowed themselves to be used by God in extraordinary ways. To God be the glory!

    10. What an inspiring story of man who was willing to sacrifice all. This biography almost read like a story of fiction and was a page turner. Now that my whole family had read this book, we are looking forward to watching The End of the Spear.

    11. The true story of a missionary and his family willing to sacrifice everything for the gospel. This story inspires, draws you in and makes you think. Both my 8 year old and I really enjoyed reading this. I would definitely recommend this book!

    12. I read this aloud to my kids. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, despite knowing ahead of time how it would end. (tears) Great story, well written. I recommend everything I've ever read from the Benges.

    13. Very good book! True story about missionaries in Ecuador. You will always remember these people once you read this book.

    14. Inspiringbut sad of course Cried reading this to my 8 yr old :( It's incredible the sacrifice so many make.

    15. Another excellent biography by the Benge. Amazing how the Lord used such tragedy to show His love for a lost people group. What an amazing life led by Nate Saint and a touching testimony.

    16. This book is absolutely fantastic. My mom read it aloud to the whole family. You MUST read it. It held our attention from beginning to end. It had us both laughing and crying. Great job Janet Benge!

    17. A YWAM book, nicely done, it gets you into Nate's life and what motivated him to a life of service for the Lord.

    18. Great book about Nate Saint and is life as a missionary in the 1950's and his death at the hands of an indigenous tribe.

    19. This true story is beautiful. Nate's love for the Gospel is truly astounding. The fact that his killers were saved through the Gospel he shared is miraculous.

    20. A wonderful story of how God used this man's life to help the Indians in Ecuador to come to know Christ and his love.

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