Orcs: Forged for War

Orcs Forged for War Orcs Forged for War is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls beloved Orcs universe The fantasy landscape in this world is brutal and unforgiving and populated by a race of unlikely protagonists th

  • Title: Orcs: Forged for War
  • Author: Stan Nicholls Joe Flood
  • ISBN: 9781596434554
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Orcs Forged for War is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls beloved Orcs universe The fantasy landscape in this world is brutal and unforgiving, and populated by a race of unlikely protagonists the powerful and violent warriors, orcs.Orcs Forged for War is an original story a new entry in this series, not an adaptation of old material It follows a ruthless and deOrcs Forged for War is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls beloved Orcs universe The fantasy landscape in this world is brutal and unforgiving, and populated by a race of unlikely protagonists the powerful and violent warriors, orcs.Orcs Forged for War is an original story a new entry in this series, not an adaptation of old material It follows a ruthless and deadly cohort of warrior orcs as they fight their way free of the dominion of an evil human enchantress Sitting on an exhilarating peak with high fantasy on one side and the thrilling, gruesome battlefields of graphic novel classics like Frank Miller s 300 on the other, Orcs presents the world of its ogre like protagonists with technicolor violence and moments of unexpected sympathy.

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    1. Really enjoyed this graphic novel, the artwork fit the story really well and was a great standard. Simple enough story but got the characters of the Orcs across quite well. I will check out the novels after this

    2. Solid skull-crushing fun. Fast-paced and well-rendered this story offers an original take on Orcs.Bloody good!

    3. Orcs: Forged for War by Stan Nicholls and Joe Flood (illustrator) is a graphic novel based on what if's. What if orcs, like all living creatures, have members of the group that are good and honorable. Perhaps be even more honorable and humane than mankind. These are not the orcs that most people picture, mainly garnered from Tolkien's works. These are orcs based on older mythology, legends and what ifs. There is a book series that already maps out this universe, where humans are struggling to ga [...]

    4. Reason for Reading: I felt in the mood for some high fantasy and this sounded like it would fit the bill.Stan Nicholls has written two trilogies set in the Orcs universe and this is the first graphic novel addition to this universe. It is not an adaptation of previous material, but a new story which is set before the "First Blood" trilogy making it a prequel of sorts. I have not read any of the other books in this series and it is not necessary. The author has written a six page introduction whi [...]

    5. Stan Nicholls has written two trilogies set in the Orcs universe (not to be confused with the orcs found in J.R.R. Tolkein’s “Lord of the RIngs”). This is the first graphic novel addition to this universe and features new material (i.e it is not adapted from previously published stories). The graphic novel stands well on its own; it is a prequel, so familiarity with previously published volumes is not necessary to enjoy or follow this tale. “Forged for War” is told from the perspective [...]

    6. Say hello to Thundercats meet’s 300. Orcs: Forged for War is an action packed thrill-ride that fantasy fans will love!Full Review can be found at: Mother/Gamer/WriterFavorite Quote: “So we got to babysit a bunch of f***ing goblins in charge of a f***ing weapon we don’t know about, under orders that ain’t f***ing clear.” Magnificent! That pretty much sums up how I feel about this graphic novel. Its action packed, filled with tidbits of comic relief, and the characters resemble some of m [...]

    7. A decent fantasy comic with a small twist: the heroes in this one are the Orcs while the bad guys are the humans. While Orcs are represented as a race always looking for a fight, mankind is trying to take over everything and draining the world of all it's magic, eventually making it unlivable for most of the other races. Lots of great details in the backstory to this world, enough that I want to give one of the prose novels a try at some point. But the actual plot of this one is pretty thing and [...]

    8. Bland, grey, and predictable. I finished it to say that I had done so.By humanizing the orcs the author succeeded in rendering them lifeless and dull. The traits that make them such great foils in other fantasy were completely absent.The story itself was utterly predictable and rather than illustrating the horrors war inflicts on all people, there were hamfisted attempts to show how morally bleak everything in Nichol's world was. This usually works when there's a glimmer of hope or someone to id [...]

    9. A view of war from the perspective of grunt soldiers, in this case a military band of Orcs drafted against their will into a fight between human factions. It reminded me in many ways of what Glen Cook did for mercenaries in The Black Company series, letting us dwell in the trenches in everyday lives away from the ideologies of the "important" people calling the shots. This book has the added element of "humanizing" the normally monstrous orcs, even with their particular talent for aggression and [...]

    10. I picked this up on a whim at the library. I am not at all familiar with the author's previous work, although I did read the foreword and know that this ties into a series he writes.This book is fun enough for a quick read, which it is. The action flows along smoothly, and it never felt confusing or overly chaotic. The visual design was nice, I thought, with the exception of the goblins, who I thought were some sort of undead at first. The dragons and harpies I liked in particular.The story is n [...]

    11. Orcs: Forged for War gives a taste into the Orcs universe, one which I didn't know. But the prologue explained not only the reason for this graphic novel but some insight into the world – not that it would be much needed. Forged for War stands well on its own.The universe of Orcs seems like a nice one to explore – unlike pretty much all fantasy, here this race is not evil, war-driven for sure, but their actions are not malicious. There was a lot that was backstory (that I got to know in the [...]

    12. This was the first foray into the ORCs universe, which Stan Nicholls started by imagineering a series where the orcs were the heroes. "Why shouldn't orcs have hopes and dreams, a history, a culture, spiritual beliefs, and a code of honor?" (p.2)While the orcs are afforded personalities and distinct characters, there isn't any room left for anyone else to be more than a cardboard cut-out. Which is it's own genius in stripping bare the conventions of both fantasy good-versus-evil motifs and most m [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this graphic novel but then I'm a huge fan of both fantasy and war stories and this is a great combination of both. A word of warning though, this book does contain harsh language and some nudity. Of course, this doesn't bother me in the least but should be taken into account if recommending to a pre-teen reader. The artwork is fascinating and the story engaging as we follow a group of orcs as they carry out a secret mission for their overlords. Surprisingly, this is a very real [...]

    14. This is a graphic novel and will be read by a lot of my student who enjoy the war, battles and illustrations of gross, gore and good times. The boys who read the traditional super hero graphics will be easily taken in with this. Orcs: Forged for War is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls’ and details the unusually and ‘different’ world of this unique Orcs universe. The lively or deadly landscape drawings are enriched with deep understanding and thought provoking text. I would not sugg [...]

    15. Everyone knows orcs are bad. But Nicholls is trying to show that, as brutal as they are, even orcs have feelings. The real bad guys here are humans, who apparently fuck up the world's magic by their brute voraciousness for resources.Not a bad read. The comic relief's an orc and dwarf who like to bicker like a couple of old biddies, only with axes and swords, when their tongues aren't enough. There are a couple of annoying goblins who can turn themselves into fire, which only makes them look like [...]

    16. It was alright.I liked the smooth dialogue and the action. The backdrop was quite interesting too, with the religious unrest and whatnot.The artwork was a bit hit and miss for me. Personally, I like my orcs to be really ugly and this lot seemed a bit too clean and respectable for my taste. Also I didn't really see the thought process behind the design of the goblins. They looked like no kind of representation of a goblin I'd ever seen before and I found it quite jarring. I also took issue with t [...]

    17. I had never read a graphic novel before picking up this book, but I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed this! It had a lot of action and the illustrations were fantastic. The author really made the orcs sympathetic heroes which was refreshing. My only complaint was that the font used for the narration was difficult to read. I also wished there was more story text - but then again, I'm used to reading "regular" books and not graphic novels, so I'm not holding that against this book becaus [...]

    18. Interesting. Admittedly, fantasy is not really my genre, so I went into this with lukewarm feelings about the setting and subject matter. But, I genuinely enjoyed this story in the graphic novel format, because this type of story lends itself well to visual representation. I really did get to see the Orcs in a different light than I've seen them before, so that was nice. They are still savage and brutal, yes, but you also see how other races could take advantage of their ferocity in battle.

    19. Read this while at work in one sitting. The artistry makes it hard to differentiate between each orc. The characters aren't very well defined making it hard to relate to them. The story line is short but the book is long, not a good combination.I did enjoy the twist on the take or Orcs. That they are the good guys and humans are the bad guys. Perhaps his written books on Orcs might have grabbed me more.

    20. Fun military graphic novel, with orcs as brutish but not evil (The invading hordes of humans are evil--led by a truly evil evangelist. The orcs' boss, a half human queen, is evil--she likes to rip out and eat the hearts of her victims.) Here the orcs are dispatched as guards for a secret weapon and nearly betrayed and exterminated by a traitor.Gory, some (gasp) Language, well done art. Hope there are sequels.

    21. Set on a world full of fantastic races, there is a war going on between rival human tribes who are both essentially evil. Caught in between are Orcs who are magical slaves or something. Anyway it sort of reads like a dirty dozen meets Tolkien with swearing. I thought it was alright, and I kind of wanted to see what happened at he end But I was kind f hoping it would make me interested in the fantasy series that comic was based off of. It didnt.

    22. This one seems like it wants to go for realistic and gritty with its twist on Orcs (think: native americans, "noble savages," with occasional dropping of monsterisms to remind readers that, hey, these are orcs, don't forget) -- but then undermines that by employing an artist with a style that fits alongside Penny Arcade? Ok

    23. This book! It is filled with blood and violence and all other good things. Joe Flood somehow managed to take a pulp fantasy novel and make it look exactly like a pulp fantasy novel.Plus! The main characters are the Orcs! And they're exactly as rough-and-tumble as Orcs are supposed to be.Yay!

    24. I read the book this was based on, so it felt pretty similar. I was surprised when I read the introduction that it was a new story. I liked the world and the characters, but I'm still disappointed at how human they seem. It also feels like the world is somehow a proxy for our world, with the different races and religious conflict and evil manipulative religious leaders etc etc

    25. A welcome addition to the already awesome series of stories about Stryke and his loyal Wolverines. Serving as a prequel to the first trilogy, this graphic novel is a fast paced quick adventure. While not diving too deep into any of the characters or too much world building, it works well as additional material or a teaser for the series, but is someone flat taken on its own.

    26. I haven't read the novels in this series, but as a stand-alone comic prequel, this was pretty good. Bloody and violent. Exactly what I was looking for! Side Note: Also, I am sick of people always using the term 'graphic novel'. That is a term made by marketing teams to make comics more accessible to a wider audience. Don't be ashamed to say COMIC BOOKS!

    27. A wonderful take on the often maligned orc, this graphic novel holds its storytelling tight. The world is beautifully rendered with imaginative details (magical flaming goblin armor!) and a pace that never falters. I would recommend this to anyone devoted to the underdog and those who love watching teams of misfits forged in the heat of battle.

    28. Orcs: Forged for War is a graphic novel that introduces the characters in the Orcs series of books, which take place after the events in this one. It was an enjoyable read, although I had a hard time trying to tell the different orcs apart.

    29. I really like this book. Not only because I personally like science fiction but it had a great story line. This book also had a lot of gore so if you like gory things you can read this book. Finally this book was really great because I got very into this book really quick.

    30. Visually and narratively incoherent. I couldn't follow most of the action, and the characters all looked the same (that's not racist--the humans looked like orcs, too), and the text neither explained nor evoked sympathy. Pity. I go for this sort of premise.

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