Bailey Meet Bailey a dog who surprises and charms his fellow human classmates with his irrepressible antics Follow Bailey the dog as he gets ready and goes to school Should he wear the red or blue collar Bo

  • Title: Bailey
  • Author: Harry Bliss
  • ISBN: 9780545233446
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Bailey, a dog who surprises and charms his fellow human classmates with his irrepressible antics.Follow Bailey the dog as he gets ready and goes to school Should he wear the red or blue collar Both are so fashionable Will he be late That squirrel is a distraction And what about Bailey s homework Would you believe he ate it That is what dogs do, after all In thMeet Bailey, a dog who surprises and charms his fellow human classmates with his irrepressible antics.Follow Bailey the dog as he gets ready and goes to school Should he wear the red or blue collar Both are so fashionable Will he be late That squirrel is a distraction And what about Bailey s homework Would you believe he ate it That is what dogs do, after all In this funny new book from the best selling children s illustrator Harry Bliss, school proves to be an unexpected place for Bailey to do all sorts of things he loves reading, fetching, painting, digging, singing and making friends

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    1. I love that even though Bailey is smart enough to attend school, he's still very much a dog. He needs someone to fill his water bowl, he wants to play fetch at recess, and he rummages through the trash at lunchtime. He even, gulp, eats his own homework. Bliss has thought of everything in this wonderful tale of an educated pooch!

    2. What I love about this book is how unremarkable Bailey is in his environment. Normally a book about a dog in school would be about how special it is that there's a dog in school, but Bailey causes his classmates to raise their eyebrows on account of most of his behavior. And yet, nobody questions that Bailey belongs there. What's also brilliant is how all of the humor is in the illustrations. The text and the pictures do an Abbott and Costello, where the text is the straight man. One of the funn [...]

    3. I realized yesterday upon reviewing Henry and Mudge that I've yet to review one of my favorite dog-as-a-lead picture books. Years ago, I was gifted this adorable book from a student/family who loved hearing stories of the antics of my former four-legged friend of the same name. Obviously, this one packs a sentimental punch for me and I love reading this one, as I do believe Bliss perfectly captures the sweet, funny innocence of dogs in this book for kids. The illustrations hold most of the humor [...]

    4. Bailey by Harry Bliss is a picturebook about a dog that attends school.Bailey gets ready for school in his doghouse, which has a bedroom, bathroom, and closet. He runs to catch the bus, then travels with his head out the window. At school Bailey puts everything in his cubby, gives the teacher a bone, but has no homework because he ate it himself. Bailey tells about his favorite things, then does math counting bones. After lunch, where he eats garbage, Bailey gives a report on Fala, and has art c [...]

    5. A cute story about adorable Bailey, a doggie who attends elementary school with mixed results. Bailey rises to greet the day, taking his grooming seriously. As he runs to catch the school bus, he's tempted by a squirrel and a fetching stick, but he barely makes it to class on time. What ensues during the day are his adventures with his classmates, teachers, recess and the best time of day - lunch. Recommended for ages five and up.

    6. a cute book about Bailey the dog when he goes to school.Easy to read for a young reader. colorful pictures. I got this for my grandaughter, but of course I had to read it first.I'm sure she'll love it.

    7. This was a fun read. Bailey has some struggles with regular school, but he tries his best and the other students seem to have a lot of patience with him and really seem to like him.

    8. Children’s Choice Award The children’s book “Bailey” by Harry Bliss is about a dog that gets ready for school, attends school, and arrives home from school. This is a perfect book for school aged children because it is a fun twist on what happens during a typical school day. Because Bailey is the only non-human classmate, it helps young readers to understand what to do and what not to do in the classroom, such as eat their homework as Bailey does. The light humor in this favorite childr [...]

    9. Bailey Rocks!This book was reviewed as part of 's Vine program which included a free advance copy of the book.I don't know what it is about dogs, but they always seem to generate endearing children's book characters and just when you think there are more than enough animated dog celebrities along comes BAILEY. Graphically pleasing with a unique story-telling method, Harry Bliss warmly and entertainingly introduces a new furry canine for kids in the aptly titled book, BAILEYILEY is the story of [...]

    10. Bailey isn’t your average dog. Yes, he loves squirrels and bones, but he also loves school. From dancing to math Bailey spends the day doing things other kids do, only a little bit more dog-like. The question for Bailey though is, will he make the bus in time to get home from a great day at school?Harry Bliss is the author and illustrator of over two dozens books, many of which we are huge fans of here in our home. We loved Luke On The Loose by Toon Books as well as Invisible Inkling which was [...]

    11. 1. Rating: 42. A book review by Publisher's Weekly says, "Bliss's engaging vignettes follow Bailey the flop-eared hound as he trundles through a day at school. He's not like Mary's little lamb—he's a regular attendee. Rather than giving Bailey human characteristics, Bliss (Luke on the Loose) finds laughs in Bailey's irrepressibly doggy nature. Bailey can't speak, so his thoughts appear in balloons, just like those of his human classmates; when he rides the school bus, he sticks his snout out t [...]

    12. The book, "Bailey" by Harry Bliss is an adorable picture book that show a dogs day at school. In the beginning, he is doing things like brushing his teeth and picking out a collar. During the story he is doing all of the things an elementary student would be doing and it takes you through his whole day at school. He goes though the day with writing, math, history, art, science, and recess. At the end of the story, he is on the bus excited to go back to school tomorrow. I think this is a good boo [...]

    13. It's an ordinary day at Champlain Elementary--except that just one of the students is a bit unusual. Bailey is a dog, not a kid, but otherwise seems to fit in fine. Bliss takes us through a regular school day--Bailey gets up, brushes his fur, chooses what to wear (which color collar?), gets the bus, puts his things in his cubby, etc. He's especially good at math--and lunch--and worries about hot turning in his homework (yes, he ate it, which gives him a tummy ache). All the kids want to be his f [...]

    14. Although he's a dog, Bailey loves attending school. Like many other elementary school students, he has a little trouble catching the bus, whether it's going or coming from school. He loves reading and math, but his favorite subject is lunch when he can trade dog bones for sandwiches. Although things don't always go right for Bailey, he knows that school is the place he belongs, and he makes plenty of friends there. This title would be a great read-aloud for the start of a new school, especially [...]

    15. I have never heard of anyone liking school as much as Bailey, but when you are a dog in a school full of children, nothing but fun and antics can ensue.Waking up early and getting ready for class has its challenges, but after you have brushed your fur and decided which collar to wear, getting to the bus should not be a problem. That is if it were not for the interesting stick, the squirrel or any other distractions that could keep an easily sidetracked pooch from getting to class on time. Now if [...]

    16. This is an adorable and super cool story about going back to school and school routine.I loved the fact that the font is big and easy to read since my 5 year old is still in her practicing face and doesn't quite read well yet. I also liked that the dialogue was placed in 'dialogue bubbles' and 'thought clouds' next to the characters because I could explain the difference between the two to my little one.The illustrations are fun and colorful and the fact that Bailey is a dog and tends to do dog [...]

    17. Bailey, is about a dog who gets to go to school like a human child with all other children in the neighborhood. He can talk, read, write, dance, and do many more things like humans can but there is still one thing that sets him apart from the other kids. He still has all the characteristics of a dog; he barks, he digs holes, he eats bones for lunch, chases squirrels and licks people. This book combines a human with a dog and ends up with Bailey who brings together the class in ways only a dog co [...]

    18. I love children’s books and always find time to read them to my kids. This is a colorful jaunt though the day in the life of Bailey, a dog, who gets up and follows the same routine as a child going off to grade school. It starts out in the morning with getting up and picking out clothes to wear all the way to the end of the day and the bus ride home again.Bailey finds things he enjoys about school and things he doesn’t, but everything is brought about in a positive fun way. The drawings are [...]

    19. My boys (ages 4 & 8) LOVED this book. I'm not sure why they preferred it so much to others we've read but they wanted to read it again and again. Bailey is a dog who loves going to school with humans. My boys thought it was funny that instead of picking out clothes, Bailey picked out a collar and they loved to see what the other students thought about Bailey. One girl wished she wore red to match Bailey's collar. For the teacher's birthday, Bailey gave her a bone and a student thought that w [...]

    20. We found the books about Bailey at our local library and had to get them. They had two of them there (Bailey and Bailey at the Museum). My son was immediately excited for us to get home and read them, under one condition, that I read it to his 10 year old best friend, a Boxer, named Bailey. We loved them and the stories sounded just like s few things that our little Bailey would do. Sadly a few weeks ago our Bailey had to be put to sleep and I thought that I would have to hide these books for aw [...]

    21. The New York Times wrote an article recently about children's books featuring dogs, so of course I reserved every book on the list. This book was quite charming, about a little dog who goes to school with children just like he's one of them, but with a few noticeable differences considering that he is a dog after all! His appetite and some of his interests get him in a bit of trouble sometimes, but he's so cute that all of the kids and teachers love him and forgive him. The kids reading the book [...]

    22. Meet Bailey. He's a dog. He goes to school. A dog that goes to school? Surely you jest! Nope, Bailey is a dog that goes to school and seems to enjoy it, too.What I thought: This was a fun book. It seems preposterous that a dog would go to school. Readers' disbelief is easily suspended because despite Bailey's above average-ness, he still looks and acts like a dog. I love the illustrations. Bailey is quite a character. My favorite illustrations are getting dressed, his report, and music class.Sto [...]

    23. Bailey, an nice little dog, goes to school and loves it. Bailey doesn't talk but otherwise acts a pretty good elementary school student. The pictures are fun and my students really liked the thought and speech bubbles. It's not a particularly strong story though; Bailey doesn't really have a problem at school and no real lesson is imparted. A good quick, back-to-school read but one I will probably skip for my elementary school collection. Recommended for dog lovers and K - 1st grade.

    24. This book is about a dog that goes to school with children. When I read this I wasn't sure why there was a dog going to school in the first place. But Bailey loves to go to school he is a great student, and all the other kids love him. He makes a good impression on the teachers, and the students. Basically the book is about an average day at school and what goes on at school. This is a good book for children because it shows them to love school.

    25. Harry Bliss creates the most adorable characters! Bailey is a charmer, and we follow him on his day at school. May every teacher have such an earnest student! And of course, being a dog, he ate his own homework. The idea of a dog at school--and he is just one of the class, not OMG there's a dog at school!---is so appealing to children. The speech and thought bubbles didn't quite make a smooth read-aloud , but it was a hit.

    26. Bailey, spotted white dog who loves going to school explains the process to little school aged kids on how to go to bed early, and upon waking how to get dressed, groom themselves, brush their teeth, etc. I had fun reading this to my kids because both of them are in school and are very young, so this helped them understand the meaning behind why we have schedules and time limits for the things that we do when involved with school.

    27. What a fun read. It's not very often you can go to school with a dog who can read and write, chase squirrels and eat his homework, all of which Bailey does. This is a cute story that kids in preschool and kindergarten would enjoy. Readers will get to follow Bailey through out his day as he gets ready for school, spends the day at school learning and playing with his classmates and then heads home. It's a story that would fit in well at both preschool and kindergarten settings.

    28. The book tells the story of a day at school for Bailey from the time he gets up to the time he comes home. Since he's a dog in a person's world, shenanigans ensue. It has a sort of comic-book style to it, with all the speech/thought bubbles.If I was basing it on the story alone, I'd probably have rated it a 3. But the illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Lots of attention to detail and cute tie-ins. Well worth checking out.

    29. Bailey is quite a dog. He goes to school with regular kids, who love him, but he retains his own doggie quirks! For instance, when it comes to choosing his school "outfit" his closet is filled with half a dozen dog collars. He eats his own homework, and then has to visit the school nurse. Bailey is so very lovable, and when that is combined with wonderful illustrations and a text filled with humor, the result is a fun read aloud book about school.

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