Lord of Fire

Lord of Fire After years of preparation he has baited his trap well luring depraved members of society into his devil s playground so he can earn their trust and uncover their secrets Yet no one in London suspec

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  • Title: Lord of Fire
  • Author: Gaelen Foley
  • ISBN: 9780749936525
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After years of preparation, he has baited his trap well, luring depraved members of society into his devil s playground so he can earn their trust and uncover their secrets Yet no one in London suspects that Lord Lucien Knight is England s most cunning spy, an officer who has sacrificed his soul for his country.

    One thought on “Lord of Fire”

    1. First read Oct. 2007, Re-read August 2012I finished reading this book in 1 day. This is Lucian's story. The "fallen" twin who just never quite measures up to his brother. A spy who hosts "orgies" in his underground grotto to gain useful information for national security. A man who is the verge of personal collapse. He has seen, experienced, and performed dispicable acts of humanity and is completely disenfranchised with everyone and everything. He is alone. Enter Alice Montague. She is his oppos [...]

    2. Great book, though the first half is so much better than the second. Love Lucien!!!!!!!!! Here's my favorite quote: “You don’t know,” he said in a low, almost hostile voice. He shook his head. “I don’t even know what I’m doing with you. You’re not like anyone else who’s in my life—” He stopped abruptly. “Did you ever drink too much wine, Alice?” He held up the glass in his hand and waggled it idly, making the ruby contents swirl.   “I’m not one to overindulge.” [...]

    3. Lord of Fire was a fabulous book that has a little bit of everything: heart-pounding action and suspense, spy intrigue, history, and best of all, swoon-worthy romance. Galen Foley's writing style contains a richness of detail that vividly brings to life the world she has created, making me feel like I had actually been transported to another time and place. It is apparent to me through reading her books and looking at her website that Ms. Foley is meticulous with her historical research, and it [...]

    4. I got lulled into security by reading four romances in a row where the heroes were likeable, treating heroine and others around them with respect, and not in need of reform.But that's all right.Things are back to normal with Gaelen Foley's Lord of Fire. What an apt name for the novel because that is precisely what I want to do to the hero - stick him into the fire and have some barbeque while he roasts.OK, let's get down to this hypothetical. You are a young woman and this is your experience wit [...]

    5. An emotional 4.5 stars.I put off reading this one in the series because I did not like the sound of the hero, Lucien Knight, at all. And as I began reading the story- with some trepidation- I found my fears largely justified. He was a pretty horrible person. Whatever the excuses or explanations, he was a massive man-whore, one who thought nothing of indulging any selfish desire he had or, just as disappointingly, thought nothing of using sex as a means to an end. That end might have been vaguely [...]

    6. A pesar de que el comienzo fue de lo más aburrido el resto de la historia fue entretenida y me gustó bastante no tanto como Seductora Inocencia ese libro me encantó so much.Después haré una reseña un poco más extensa.

    7. He de decir, que lo terminé hace unos días, pero llevo otros tantos sin conectarme desde el PC. De ahí, que mi opinión sobre este libro sea tarde, justa y muy poco explicativa.A mi los dos personajes me han gustado en su base, sobre todo él, que demuestra mucha profundidad de sentimientos, más de los que demuestra. Ella, en cambio, ha habido veces que me ha chirriado un poco los dientes, pero ha sabido compensarlo muy bien, ya que siempre, siempre ha apoyado a Lucien. Donde se demuestra qu [...]

    8. I enjoyed this addition to the series and thought it a good read. Although it is classed as a Historical Romance it has quite a few elements of a Spy/Thriller novel which I really enjoyed. Lucien is a bit of a dark character but in his job he has to have secrets and pretend to be many different things/people. Deep down he is a bit of a tortured sole who believes that he is not loved or wanted by anyone, even his family. He puts on a stoic exterior and even tries to convince himself that it is no [...]

    9. I've just finished it. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this book.Because in the first half of it, I could enjoy and forgot some senseless developments. But last quarter part was almost unbearable for me.There are so many things in the story that I can't accept. First of all, the hero forced the heroine (Alice) make a choice out of a child who was ill at that time. It's an unacceptable thing. Anyway, in a week, our strong, infamous, strong hero fell in love with the heroine and proposed her! O [...]

    10. This novel started and ended well, but it felt like a drudge in middle. Lucien, a spy, is a nuanced, fleshed-out, compelling hero. I had a bit of a crush on him, to be honest (despite his dastardly deeds in the beginning of the novel🤷 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Alice is a mama-bear to her nephew but also a sheltered young miss. She didn't feel like a match to Lucien, and that was my problem for much of the novel. There was a very touching scene towards the end (view spoiler)[ when Lucien comes to ask he [...]

    11. I was on the sofa ALL DAY reading this book. What a slug but, hey, it snowed last night and I pretended the roads were bad and I was stranded.I couldn't put it down. Lucien and Alice were such a great pair. They were so loving towards each other it made me smile. He was a bit of a bad boy with a real softness to him, as contradictory as that sounds. He definitely needed a hug. No, alot of hugs. Which I would have gladly provided. Alot. Of hugs, that is. :-)

    12. This book had me exercising eye-rolls. I think I actually strained an eye-muscle (if such a thing exists).The heroine is sooo incredible stupid that I was wishing she'd trip, fall down the stairs and die so I could start reading a new book.Imagine you're a young virgin with high moral standards. You end up smack in the middle of an orgy, get forcefully dragged off by an unknown man and felt up by him, perhaps even thinking you'll get raped, threatened with a gun, emotionally blackmailed with a c [...]

    13. I give this book 2 1/2 stars because I hate the heroine, Alice. She is a priggish goody shoes. Her stupidity nearly got the H, Lucien killed! When heroine nearly gets the hero killed because of her stupidity, I get pissed off and turned off to her. Endangering the H by the h really bugs me. I loved the H though, (I defy anyone who likes this series as a whole, not love LK! However, his single flaw is his objectionable taste in women--the h, Alice!Some romance readers maybe upset that LK "forced" [...]

    14. It could have been a good story if the heroine had been smarter with her actions.I disliked the heroine Alice's actions. Lucien was a highly skilled spy. He told her to stay away from certain things, but she didn't and as a result, she caused problems, putting him in danger, herself in danger and causing a spy to get away. Later in the story Alice's sister-in-law didn't do what she had been told to do, and as a result she was taken hostage. This story used women's stupid actions to cause the con [...]

    15. It's now 3:40am. I stayed up to reacquaint myself with this book which I remember with loving memories. I read it more than 10 years ago, forgot all about the names of the book, the writer and lead characters. But I remember the plots and oh the characters. I have been on some kind of a hunt for this book for about a year, reading any books which have similar plots hoping to find this book again. ReadingThe Duke led me finally toLord of Fire. While I disliked The Duke, I am so happy that it help [...]

    16. 3-3.5 StarsI’ve been avoiding writing a review for this, so I’ve decided that I'm not going to write a whole long one. I just want to say that I absolutely love, LOVED The Duke and still haven't found the words to express my feelings for that amazing book. But this second instalment of the Knight Miscellany series took me what felt like forever to finish (though it was only 11 days). I don't know what happened since quite a lot of you seem to have loved it. For some reason, which I still hav [...]

    17. This books starts off highly charged with Lucien holding court over a party that is basically a BDSM and orgy scene. I did say these books were not for the faint of heart didn't I?Lucien and Alice's first scene together made my toes curl and well, basically "Oh Nelly!" is all I have to say about that. Lucien is that delicious combo of dangerously dark and little boy vulnerable. Alice is the consummate good girl (Lucien calls her "Goody Two-Shoes") until she gets around Lucien, then she finds he [...]

    18. So this book took me forever to read. FOREVER. Part of that was because I went through a huge reading slump for the majority of last year. I just couldn't sit down and allow myself to indulge in reading long enough to make it feel worth it. This book at on my nightstand getting dusty until finally I resumed in the last couple of week. It wasn't the books fault. This book didn't quite grab me the way its predecessor did, but again, that could have been my fault and not the book's. Overall, the st [...]

    19. In one way so naive and predictable, bad as well, on the other, not so anymore but only with glimpses. I don't like these transformed in one week rakes, even if she walks on water. Lucien Knight was really a bad motherfucker so I didn't want to read about his emotional breakdown after 12 hours. Is this me being too insensible, aren't men supposed to be like this, little hard little soft. God, that freaking Judith McNaught just ruined me immeasurably. And as always, I don't like chasing, suspense [...]

    20. Estoy dejando una mini opinión a todos los libros que ya había leído hace tiempo y no había reseñado.Este libro está lleno de intriga, misterio, personajes memorables y una historia de amor muy linda.Toda la serie con excepción al de Alec me parece un súper acierto para las amantes del género.Sorry pero mi gemelo favorito no es este jejeje aunque su historia también te 💔

    21. I adored Lucien. This is an insta-love romance, which isn't my favorite, but was well written. I enjoyed the spy/revenge plot. I didn't expect to enjoy it after reading a few reviews, but was pleasantly surprised.

    22. Gripping right from the start with a superb plot. The hero is a tortured, charismatic, magnetic bastard, who, in his service to the Crown, has totally lost himself and any sense of morals or humanity. The heroine is a sad, lonely woman, treated with spite by her brother's widow, upon whom she is reliant, who spends her days and her love on her treasured nephew, her only living relative. This story is superior to the first, The Duke, I think, although both are extremely well-written and equally d [...]

    23. To sum this up concisely: too much chest heaving, not enough character focus. I tried reading it, but got fed up with Alice's "innocence" and "purity" by first third of this book. In addition, I found it extremely unrealistic that Alice's view on Lucien changed so quickly from the scene where he forces her to make a decision between her or her sister in law staying and the next few scenes. Overall, just kind of terribly cheesy and dreadfully boring.

    24. I don't know what it is about Gaelen Foley's heroes but Oh.My.God. How does she make them so good?! Romance writers take some notes. Lord of Fire has a bit of everything: action, suspense, spies, murder, history and of course a heart pounding and swoon worthy romance.Lord Of Fire is Lucian's story. The 'fallen' twin who never quite measures up to older brother Damien. A spy who hosts 'orgies'-literal orgies-in the grotto of his home, Ravell Court to gain/bewitch invitee's into giving away useful [...]

    25. 2.5 stars. I was going to rate it 3 because I liked the beginning so much, but overall it was just so bad. Such a pity because I really liked her writing, but the story was awful.Let me start by saying how amazing the start of the book was! I was like wow this is good. This is going to be awesome. I actually found myself more in love with Damien at first haha, but Lucien was dark and rakish and he intrigued me. Then we shift to Alice and I adored her. I couldn't wait for her to change Lucien's b [...]

    26. He had been blind to how she she had taken control of their relationship over the past few days. their whole liaison had been his whim, for his own pleasure, but now the seducer had been categorically seduced. Did she enjoy having him on his knees? he wondered, taking a rather bitter drink of his brandy. Emotionally, he was in her hands now, and it scared the hell out of him.Lucien Knight is a hardened spy for England, who, despite his cunning reputation, is a bout of insecurities and is basical [...]

    27. Wow! This is my first Gaelen Goley novel and I'm impressed. I started out with the second novel in the series, but each story is a stand alone, even though they all flow together with connecting characters. I'll go back and read one as soon as I read the third, which is Damien's story. Lucien is my favorite of the two, but the more I read, the more I wanted to know more of Damien. I look forward to this series. This is a story of loneliness, love and revenge. Each character plays a key point in [...]

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