Desmond and the Naughtybugs

Desmond and the Naughtybugs This spirited picture book reveals the true sources of bad behavior as it introduces Desmond a sweet boy who falls under the influence of the Naughtybugs leading him to do some rather naughty thing

  • Title: Desmond and the Naughtybugs
  • Author: Linda Ashman Anik McGrory
  • ISBN: 9780525472032
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This spirited picture book reveals the true sources of bad behavior as it introduces Desmond, a sweet boy, who falls under the influence of the Naughtybugs, leading him to do some rather naughty things Full color.

    One thought on “Desmond and the Naughtybugs”

    1. Something that I've tried to always believe when interacting with children, is that kids are not bad. They just make bad choices and do bad things. This book tells the story of Desmond, a typical boy, who is usually a good kid. Just like all kids, he gets mad, frustrated, disrespectful, and unwilling to cooperate. Sometimes he just can't help it. When children read this book, they understand that they can still be good kids and overcome the desire to do what is wrong.

    2. I understand people's complaints around not teaching taking responsibility for actions/behaviors, not teaching the link between emotions/behaviors I get it. Still, I would totally use this book in my teaching. This book can be an avenue to talking to kids about their behaviors. Yes, I still want to teach my students to take responsibility and think about WHY they are doing things (and no, it's not because of bugs), however, they will be more likely to start a conversation when they can blame it [...]

    3. This book, I didn’t love, unfortunately. The illustrations are beautiful, the idea is cute, I get where the author was trying to go with it, but I believe in taking responsibility for your actions, and teaching kids to do the same. Having said that, I also do agree with separating naughty behavior from who the child is as a person, so I see how the author is using the bugs as a metaphor for that. Still, I couldn’t shake the whole responsibility thing. This story tells us about Desmond, who i [...]

    4. Ugh. I did not enjoy this book. Instead of empowering children and teaching them about emotions, behavior, and self-control, this story presents a child who struggles with these concerns and is told that the cause of these issues are whimsical little "bugs". This book is not interesting or well-told, and is not something I recommend on any level. Let us instead help kids to understand these things with some facts and well-told stories. Perhaps then we can start them off on the right foot with th [...]

    5. While I did enjoy the whimsical illustrations, this book was just kind of bratty to me. Desmond justifies his bad behavior on magical "naughtybugs" that cause him to create all kinds of trouble, seemingly without any consequence. The parents in the story just seem to roll with it and accept these naughtybug excuses. I can see what point the author was trying to make but I really don't think kids will make the connection.

    6. Desmond is usually well-behaved but sometimes naughty bugs convince him to do naughty things. Text is rather lengthy. Illustrations are overly busy. However, my biggest issue with the book is that Desmond and his parents use the naughty bugs as an excuse for naughty behavior. I feel it is important to teach children to take ownership of their choices and to be responsible for their own behavior. Not a fan of this book at all.

    7. Desmond is a sweet boyually. It's when the naughtybugs start to interfere and all things go haywire. He is attacked by the sloggies, the peskies, the squirmies, the whineys, and the snarlies. It's been a very trying week for mom, dad, and Desmond. I think kids will totally get the humor and will easily separate the facts from the illusion. Used for "BUGS!" Storytime: April, 2012

    8. This is a great story, that explains how perfectly behaved children can act naughty sometimes it's the naughty bugs! I'm not actually sure if it's a good idea to give them an excuse for their naughty behavior, but the story is funny and our girls enjoyed it.

    9. Very clever story of how naughty bugs came to visit and caused Desmond to misbehave in a variety of different ways. Nice illustrations - love the bugs!

    10. A cute way to look at all the naughty bugs that at times pop up in our lives and how to handle naughty bug infestations in our lives.

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