The Ayurvedic Cookbook

The Ayurvedic Cookbook The Ayurvedic Cookbook gives a fresh new perspective on this ancient art of self healing Over taste tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution with an emphasis on simpl

  • Title: The Ayurvedic Cookbook
  • Author: Amadea Morningstar Urmila Desai
  • ISBN: 9780914955061
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ayurvedic Cookbook gives a fresh new perspective on this ancient art of self healing Over 250 taste tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease and sound nutrition.

    One thought on “The Ayurvedic Cookbook”

    1. Already wrinkly and stained from many kitchadi cooking sessions. The book is worth the price for that section alone.

    2. The Ayurvedic Cookbook by Amadea Morningstar is a delicious guide to vedic food for particular doshas. While its contents aren't medicinal in the sense of the more advanced treatments in the Samhitas, these recipes have excellent nutrition and can create subtle effects to mood and digestive order. This was my first Ayurvedic book, and it continues to offer insight these many years later. Highly recommended.

    3. "Q: My family and friends think I'm crazy to think that food can make a difference in my health. "A: Trying to convince anyone else about what you're doing only takes valuable energy you could put elsewhere. If the Ayurvedic program works for you, it will be obvious to them in the long run."

    4. This book changed my life and I've never felt so good!It taught me the true meaning of ' mind, body and soul connection'. My knowledge and understanding of life has totally transformed.I learned so much about my ' true self' and learned to embrace it and love it.I'm so grateful to have discovered Ayurveda trough this beautiful book! I recommend it to everyone!

    5. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated when I first picked up The Ayurvedic Cookbook. I am new to Ayurveda. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about the system and have started to change the way I eat according to these principles. However, to this point, I have been looking at specific foods and tastes to help my own health rather than trying to create a whole meal for my family. Even with my limited experiments, I have already noticed changes in the way I feel. I was [...]

    6. Ah yes, I finally bought this book, which Emily had in our kitchen during college! Yup, gotta reduce that Kapha, man! Unlike back then, I actually enjoy eating both vegetables and Indian food now, and am willing to try something a bit different to help in my healthy-eating quest. :)I tried a recipe last night and it was great!Update: I've tried 4 recipes so far, and they've all been good. I'm actually somewhat convinced that the Kapha-reducing oat bran bread has been helping me lose weight, so t [...]

    7. We're still trying the recipes from this book, but so far they are interesting and tasty. There's some detailed information about Ayurveda and the doshas for those unfamiliar. This is strictly a vegetarian cookbook, so I often use the recipes for lighter meals and give my husband a side of meat protein to go with it.I'm working on some health issues, and Ayurveda seems to be the most helpful system for me to do that holistically. The recipes I've tried so far make family-sized portions, so if yo [...]

    8. This is a perfect tool to learn how to use ayurvedic diet to improve your life. Yes it's a non complicated cookbook, but the introductory chapter is loaded with information on how to tailor your diet to improve health and well being.I refer most to vegetables as Morningstar know the ideal spice/herbal additions. Curries in minutes, condiments are appetizing- see mango chutney, cashew chutney, cilantro chutney.

    9. For anyone interested in Ayurvedic philosophy there's everything you need in this book to get started & beyond. It's kinda like a GCSE text book the author wants you to understand what Ayurvedic food is about instead of flicking through & choosing a recipe at random. If you like reading cookery books to understand culture & lifestyles this is for you.

    10. Many of these recipes are GF/CF, although I did not consider that until a few years after purchasing this amazing cookbook. Love the reference charts and general information included. This book is very comprehensive and enlightening even if you never try any of the recipes!

    11. I love this cookbook. The recipes are simple, easy, and everything I have tried so far has been delicious!

    12. Lovely recipes, but the instructions frequently assume too much, like you already know what a certain Indian herb is, how to get it, or how to prepare it.

    13. I like the recipes in this book, they are all vegeterians and useful for people who wants to be vegeterian. I am not vegeterian yet.

    14. a great introduction to the ideas behind Ayurveda. very interesting recipes for all sorts of ailments and general health maintenance.

    15. Love this cookbook! Great recipes, and she gives instructions on how to modify the dishes according to your dosha.

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