Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water What s the etiquette when your hostess is arrested for murder San Francisco lawyer Rebecca Schwartz has occasion to wonder when she and her weekend hostess Marty Whitehead find a body floating in th

  • Title: Dead in the Water
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780804108553
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • What s the etiquette when your hostess is arrested for murder San Francisco lawyer Rebecca Schwartz has occasion to wonder when she and her weekend hostess, Marty Whitehead, find a body floating in the 30 foot kelp tower at the Monterey Aquarium, and Marty s promptly dragged off to the slammer Rebecca quickly grasps the Emily Post solution sign on as Marty s lawyer, tryWhat s the etiquette when your hostess is arrested for murder San Francisco lawyer Rebecca Schwartz has occasion to wonder when she and her weekend hostess, Marty Whitehead, find a body floating in the 30 foot kelp tower at the Monterey Aquarium, and Marty s promptly dragged off to the slammer Rebecca quickly grasps the Emily Post solution sign on as Marty s lawyer, try to keep her client s two young kids out of the deep end, and somehow avoid drowning in the sea of lies gushing from Marty s mouth and everyone else s There s a lot of intrigue among the aquarium s oceangoing primates, as well as rumors of a pearl beyond price.For Rebecca, the sea and all its animals have always held huge attraction, but now her attention turns to a particularly fine specimen of homo sapiens hot marine biologist Julio Soto As her investigation picks up speed, she finds she better act fast to keep Julio from sleeping with the fishes he collects Because if she doesn t, he could be next in line for the shark tank along with Rebecca herself.

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    1. Breezy, Quick ReadThis is a murder mystery with plenty of variegated characters, each a personality strong enough to be a Star of the Show.It is not “dark” but is a story of broken relationships and breaking relationships, yet all but one of the Characters (the Perp) are likable and even admirable. The core of the theme is optimism.There are children involved who behave like children, childish one minute, too grown up the next. All the characters seem real because, in the aftermath of brutal [...]

    2. Fun filled readA great mystery from the start. Lovely settings and enough drama to fill two books. Rebecca is an attorney who does more than just defend clients. She goes after the truth and along the way she finds love.

    3. This was a fun read. Some of the events were so rich white people as to be unbelievable in how they happened. But over all they story was great.

    4. skimmed through most of this - just couldn't get into it. It was successful in making me want to visit the Monterey Aquarium again.

    5. I never thought I would describe a book as beige… but that’s what this was… it’s good writing, decent plot, and moves along at a good pace… yet the whole time I was thinking of what a friend of mine told me once, “If I can imagine what a character looks like in my head, I consider it a successful book.” Now when I heard this I thought… well that’s nice… but for me I have a great imagination… I can always imagine the characters… maybe not always how the author might have d [...]

    6. The Fascinating SeaAn excellent read, and a book that is difficult to put down until the grand finale. A love of fish is not necessary to read this story, but you will learn some interesting facts about them. I enjoy the Rebecca Schwartz series.

    7. Monterey storyI have enjoyed the aquarium so could picture the location. The new boyfriend sounded interesting but I missed the reporter dude. The plot was entertaining. Marty was icky and I never got behind her character. So I was wrapped up enough in the story to have strong feelings on the different players. The end was a good twist.

    8. When I bought this secondhand I was actually after one of the Skip Langdon series as I'd met Skip in a short story and wanted to know more about the New Orleans cop. This however is a story about San Francisco lawyer Rebecca Schwartz. I think it's the fourth in the series. This book is set around the Monterey Bay Aquarium where one of the staff is found floating dead in a tank. Rebecca is holidaying and visiting an acquaintance who works at the aquarium when that aquaintance is arrested for the [...]

    9. This book was listed as a "cozy" mystery, but I feel that it's a mystery that has less "cozy" and more murder. I've read lots of Julie Smith's books and always enjoy them. Families are more evident in this episode, with children being a part of the plot. As a lawyer, Rebecca must represent her friend who is accused of murder and help find the real killer. A very large pearl appears to be the reason for two deaths, but the story has several twists.

    10. Review can also be found on my blog, Redhead Reader.Dead in the Water had an interesting synopsis, but the execution was not so great, in my opinion.The book never hooked me in, and I just found I was bored throughout the entire book. It really seemed as though this book was Rebecca Schwartz’ journal rather than a murder mystery. Mundane situations, such as purchasing a car and sailing around in a sail boat, are much more prominent in this book than anything pertaining to the mystery of the mu [...]

    11. Rebecca Schwartz is ready for a few days of vacation, and the opportunity comes in the name of Marty Whitehead, an acquaintance with whom she has the love of everything aquatic in common. When she gets to Monterrey, they find themselves involved in a murder case, and San Francisco lawyer Rebecca becomes Marty’s attorney. While Marty is held in jail until bail can be set, Rebecca takes care of her kids and tries to somehow disentangle the web of lies Marty has told her. She ultimately gets pull [...]

    12. For a book that started pretty light, it got very intense toward the end- such that "cozy" fans would likely not like it.As a mystery, it's OK; the murderer came out of left field rather, apparently having had some sort of psychotic break. This means that there were not hints in the previous text as to the murderer, so while it resolved, it also seemed arbitrary to me.I have not read the previous novels in the series, but did not feel a lack from that. It seems that the previous 3 books were mor [...]

    13. This book had me wanting to go visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium I haven't been there in a long time. At first, I was having a little bit of a "why did I choose to read this?" moment at the beginning. then the murder took place and the book picked up quickly and entertainingly. The plot was written well and I loved the main character. This is a book that I found for free and of course it is number four in the series I hate it when that happens! I enjoyed this book so much I will be looking for the [...]

    14. Dead in the Water by Julie Smith started out strong-amusing with a likable heroine and smooth writing. Half-way through it began to drag but remained very readable. But the end was a disappointment-unsatisfying as a puzzle and surprisingly brutal, as though the author wanted to be sure all the elements of a book success were there-funny, bloody and hot.

    15. Cute book, lawyer accidentally gets involved in a murder investigation. Got a free Kindle copy. Would read the others in the series.

    16. Goodthis book is one where people keep showing up as victims after being murderedey continued having been discovered by people that they worked with.

    17. I'm tired of Rebecca's (the heroine) dizziness. I can't picture this woman actually functioning as a lawyer so it's pretty boring. Plus the "throw in a psycho-personality" ending always feels too deus ex machina to me and like cheating. That said, always love it when you can manage to hit someone over the head with a frying pan, especially a hot one!

    18. Fun and a good mysteryMonterey (CA) is the beautiful backdrop for a body floating amongst the kelp forest, a murdered woman. And Rebecca's friend is accused, so Rebecca takes her on as client. From there more clients and another body lead to Rebecca and her new friends finding themselves in even hotter water. A good episode.

    19. Mystery set at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Fun for its descriptions of this world-class aquarium behind-the-scenes, but otherwise it wasn't my kind of mystery. Not a bad book, but I didn't find myself caring about any of the characters, particularly the main character, a lawyer with romance problems. The two most interesting characters were children.

    20. I am never disappointed in any of Julie Smith's books! I am also realizing that with each book with different themes I am learning about something. This time about sea life and aquariums, makes me want to head tot he Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. auduboninstitute/aquarium

    21. bought this book last night and am looking forward to reading it. I have read 1-3 and have enjoyed them.Now that I finished this book I can say I enjoyed it. so glad I founs this author this summer. will definately read more.

    22. Really good Cozy mystery!This book kept me wondering the whole time. Using the aquarium was interesting! I really liked how Rebecca was able to connect with the children in this story! I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

    23. This is the first I've read of the Rebecca Scwartz mysteries and I have to say I prefer Ms. Smith's Skip Langdon novels. It was an enjoyable read but Rebecca just isn't as smart and able as Skip. However a less that perfect Smith mystery is still better than most.

    24. CaptivaingI could not put this story down. The descriptions had the ring of truth to them and the character development was pretty decent. I would read another of this author's books in a heartbeat.

    25. Great Who Dunnit!I thoroughly enjoyed this marine mystery, but never did figure out why the criminal did what they did - what WAS the reason other than insanity? Loved the characters and the constant switching between who did it, and was surprised at the end. Nice!

    26. I had previously enjoyed Ms Smith's New Orleans-based Skip Langden mysteries, and I enjoyed this Rebecca Schwartz storyline as well. Set in Monterrey, CA, this plot keeps you guessing as you follow a series of twists and turns.

    27. A good story of murder and mystery. A woman is found dead in a large fish tank. The reason? A very large pearl.A fun read. Lots of twists and turns.

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