The Magic School Bus in the Arctic: A Book About Heat: A Book About Heat

The Magic School Bus in the Arctic A Book About Heat A Book About Heat The Magic School Bus slides into the icy arctic to learn why people animals and things lose heat and how they preserve it from house insulation to walrus blubber

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  • Title: The Magic School Bus in the Arctic: A Book About Heat: A Book About Heat
  • Author: Anne Schreiber Art Ruiz Joanna Cole Bruce Degen
  • ISBN: 9780590187244
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Magic School Bus slides into the icy arctic to learn why people, animals, and things lose heat and how they preserve it from house insulation to walrus blubber

    One thought on “The Magic School Bus in the Arctic: A Book About Heat: A Book About Heat”

    1. My generic review of the Magic School Bus books - We really love the series. This book doesn't have all the cartoony dialouge asides that the earlier books have. There are maybe a comment or two per page instead of full conversations. Some people hate that; I think I prefer it. The page is less busy.These books clearly explain a certain topic. There are often additional activities at the end of the book for further learning.We read these for 'fun' during picture book time and we read them when l [...]

    2. This book is an excellent resource for explaining to students more about heat. This book could be used to further students understanding of heat, if they do not know enough already. This could be combined with an exciting heat lesson in order to keep students engaged and interested in heat.I would recommend this for 1st grade and up. I think there is enough information that 1st graders could gain a basic understanding, and the older grades would still be able to enjoy this book as a refresher as [...]

    3. Once again, Ms. Frizzle and the kids take a fictional field trip (at one point covered in blubber fat!) to the arctic. They saw polar bears and walruses, but mainly learned about how heat radiates and dissipates and how insulation keeps us warm. Our girls love the Magic School Bus TV tie-in series of books (and the original videos, too) and we all learn when we read these stories!

    4. The magic School bus in the arctic--a book about heat is a great resource to use when trying to teach kids about heat. It is a fun book with great illustrations detailing what is said in the text and the bubble comments are funny and makes you want to know what someone is gonna say next. At the end of the book there are letters to the frizzle and her kids which are funny and the last page has an experiment that the kids can do. A GREAT BOOK FOR A LESSON!

    5. The Magic School Bus series is a great series for teachers to own for their classroom library. In this particular book, Ms. Frizzle takes her class to the arctic to learn about heat insulation. They learn about how igloos trap heat inside and blubber on animals. The series presents science in a fun and interesting way. I would use this book in classrooms from 1st-5th grade.

    6. This was one of the better Magic School Bus Stories. My special needs teen age son and I both really enjoyed learning about the arctic and how the children figured out how to warm the bus up after it froze and wouldn't start. We even giggled outloud at how 'gross' it was when the kids covered themselves in blubber! ewww! But it was a way to keep warm. Fun educational story wonderfully written!

    7. I love the Magic School Bus books. I've read quite a few over the years. Legomeister loved them a couple of years ago. He still checks them out sometimes, but he doesn't ask me to read them to him anymore. Now it's Little Miss who requests them. This one's kind of gross; they use blubber as insulation to keep themselves warm.

    8. We almost didn't put this one the 'true-fact' shelf seeing all magical elementsbut since most of the content is true, we're going to go with it. Even though it's kind of a hybrid. AND, it's more about heat than the Arctic.

    9. Very basic science. The TV series tie-in is not as informative and in-depth as the original book series.Ms. Frizzle makes the kids wear blubber suits. Blubber as in real gloopy, sticky fat. Eww

    10. This was one of my all time favorite books when I was in elementary school. It can be read at any elementary grade level. I would suggest using it in a science lesson to introduce the idea of heat energy and transfer between objects.

    11. Good! We're usually really happy with Magic School Bus. Love the "blubber blankets" in this book. :)Bonus--watch this on Youtubeyoutube/watch?v=gO328h

    12. It was a very, very good book because it was about the cold arctic. Arnold was not happy about the field trip, like always. The rest of the class liked it.

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