One thought on “Season of Glory”

  1. The story of the 1961 New York Yankees, by Robert Creamer & Ralph Houk. A couple interesting notes about the book. It was published in 1988, so it wasn't written when the events were news, but when it was history. Also, most of the book was written by Creamer, the veteran sports writer. He often talked about Houk, the team's manager, but Houk himself added sections on his own. Usually he would add detail to some event or action mentioned in the Creamer section. An unusual way to do it, but f [...]

  2. An entertaining and well researched book on the 1961 home run chase between New York Yankee outfielders Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle and the Yankees race for a pennant.Told by author Roger Creamer (who also wrote a great biography on Babe Ruth) along with 1961 Yankee Manager, Ralph Houk, this book is more than a tale about the home run chase between Mantle and Maris, it's about the entire season and entire Yankee team.I previously knew a lot about the Mantle/Maris home run chase, but it turns o [...]

  3. As a child these two guy (Mantle and Marris) were my childhood heros. I still have every Topps baseball card of these two greats that I collected back in the sixties.

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