Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 12

Kimi ni Todoke From Me to You Vol Sawako and Kazehaya are now dating Sawako s worried that she hasn t told her parents about it though Will her father freak ou that his little girl has a boyfriend

  • Title: Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 12
  • Author: Karuho Shiina
  • ISBN: 9781421540238
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sawako and Kazehaya are now dating Sawako s worried that she hasn t told her parents about it, though Will her father freak ou that his little girl has a boyfriend

    One thought on “Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 12”

    1. Some thoughts:Agh, the hand-holding debacle. Sawako and Kazehaya are so embarrassed and flustered about even holding hands. (I can't say it's not true to life, though, since I imagine most people have gone through similar embarrassment the first time they held a crush's/boyfriend's/girlfriend's hand.) Given how many pages Shiina devotes to the hand-holding debacle (over twenty across two chapters), it'll be interesting to see how the page pacing goes when these two actually manage to kiss each o [...]

    2. Series Review:What I like about the series the most is that while some things about the story seem a bit hard to believe (mostly Sawako's social awkwardness and utter lack of perception), is that once you accepted things proceed in a very realistic fashion. One of the things I love the most is that the story does not dive head first into a romance plot, but lets the main character come to terms with finding her place in the classroom and with her new-found friends first. Most appreciated is that [...]

    3. I really like Sawako's parents a lot! This was another cute, sweet volume. But I'm sad the story is just sort of coasting at this point. It's just about what they're up to each day. Nothing really exciting or jaw dropping is happening. So I'm a bit bummed about that. But, I am still enjoying the story and the great characters. I just wish something big would happen.But for now, here are two very fun and cute chapter title pages! Awww! Look at little Sawako!! So cute!!

    4. read volumes 8-12 all in one go. @____@ ahhh i love this manga. somehow it manages to be sweet and touching rather than obnoxiously sappy. after reading this volume though i have to say my favorite character is now 爽パパ. XD

    5. Wow, Loved this volume and been really enjoying this manga series, omg Sawako and Kazehaya moments too! : ) Definitely recommend this series & the anime if you love shoujo/romance type series : )

    6. Sawako and Kazehaya are really cute together. This manga is filled with sweetness that is never sappy. So far this is my favorite volume.

    7. FINALLY! Wonderful as usual, the apprhensive Sawako's parents was really funny. I love series like this! Is rare to see this sweet comedy in a manga.

    8. En este tomo se siguen viendo los tímidos avances en la relación de Sawako y Kazehaya. Son tan tiernos. Aquí tenemos el momento tan temido por los novios, conocer a los padres de su novia. El padre de Sawako es la caña,ajajaja. Una de mis partes favoritas de este tomo es cuando se toman por primera vez de la mano que preciosidad de primeros planos de las manos. Quizás lo que más me gusta de este manga, las manos. Expresan tantoEl momento en el que recuerdan como se conocieron Ayane y Chizu [...]

    9. Kazehaya y Sawako son tan tímidos, no saben cómo manejar su romance en públicogo tan sencillo como tomarse de las manos es muy complicado para ellos no saben cómo piensan mucho sus acciones.Por fin Kazehaya conoció a los papas de Sawako y no fue una situación sencilla . La mamá de Kuronuma es muy linda e inmediato fue su aceptación, pero el papá se la pisó difícil a Kazehaya, como se nota a quien se parece Sawako. Pero ambos saben que gracias a Shota , Sawako a cambiado y sonríe más [...]

    10. La trama de Sawako queriendo tomar la mano de Kazehaya fue demasiado cursi para mi, sin embargo la trama de como Kazehaya conoce a los padres de Sawako salvo mucho al tomo, la autora sabe transmitir muy bien esas situaciones cotidianas y como se llegan a sentir, aun así siento que la situación termino un poco dramática. La historia de como Yano y Chizu se conocieron fue interesante, se presento una situación que hasta ahora uno no se había preguntado, tuvo un desarrollo poco raro a mitad de [...]

    11. Típico, cuando no le has dicho a tus padres que sales con alguien y te agarran con las manos en la masa.Por fin Kazehaya conoce a los padres de Sawako, aunque por cuestiones del destino, no lo hace de la manera que uno se imaginaria. Dios, este tomo me tuvo muerta de la risa, los papás de Sawako son todo un caso, pero de verdad que su padre me hizo reír a más no poder.

    12. Review by K.M. : "It's so cute, a very cute love story, that people can relate to, it can be funny at times. Good for almost all readers. Some pictures may scare young readers; not many though."

    13. ~4 - 4.5 / 5Why are Kazehaya and Sawako so cute together? They are just so adorable, it shouldn't be possible. But it is and I love it.Okay, so after thinking about this one for a while, I'm not as excited about it as I originally was, but just looking through it makes me excited all over again. It's mostly Kazehaya and Sawako, especially together, that makes me feel this way, I'm sure. I just can't stop myself from fangirling over this series every time.Most of the volume is about Kazehaya and [...]

    14. It's summer break after the first year of high school - we get a flashback to the final reaction of Sawako being hugged by Kazehaya (view spoiler)[(and considering what I know of the next chapters it is the foreshadowing of why a strain will come into their relationship, because they DON'T talk to each other clearly, after all - in spite of the resolution they made to do so: Sawako is so happy but she doesn't dare hug Shota back. And he feels as if he's gone too far too soon) (hide spoiler)].It' [...]

    15. Synopsis:Sawako and Kazehaya are now dating! Sawako's worried that she hasn't told her parents about it, though. Will her father freak ou that his little girl has a boyfriend?My Thoughts:During this volume, Sawako frets over how to behave as a girlfriend. She actually ends up initiating hand holding between them, though. She wants to be closer to Kazehaya, so she takes a chance.It was cute that while they're walking down the street holding hands, they run into Sawako's mom and she invites Kazeha [...]

    16. All the awkward cuteness! Gotta love first dates. And Kazehaya getting to meet her parents was hilarious. Methinks Mr. Kuronuma is a bit jealous that his daughter is paying attention to somebody else. I get the feeling that's daddy's little girl, and he's never really had to share her before. The stuff he did made me giggle. And at the end, there was a flashback chapter about how Ayane and Chizu became friends. Looks like Sawako was more of an influence than she thought, back when she first star [...]

    17. suka sama cerita terakhirepisode 50: suara kerastentang awal mula chizu dan yano bersahabat, dua orang dengan kepribadian bertolak belakang dan sering salah paham kemudian menjadi sahabat :Dsuka sama quotes ini:"Kalau kita ini cowok-cewek, mungkin saja kita bisa langsung jatuh cinta, lho"soalnya kalau liat sahabat-sabhabat cewek gue, gue juga kadang-kadang mikir gitukalau gue co, gue kayaknya bakal jatuh cinta sama merekaatau kalau mereka co, gue mungkin jatuh cinta sama mereka hahahahah XD

    18. More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World: YA Book ReviewsKimi ni Todoke is such an innocent love story between Sawako and Kazehaya that will make you "aww" during every scene that they share together. Watching the lives of Sawako and her friends, you just can't help but fall in love with all the characters that band together with her. I definitely recommend this books to all shojo fans or anyone who wants to watch such innocence and adorableness bloom <3

    19. I love the presence of each character. Sawako's growth is so evident. I feel so proud to see how she's evolved. In a way, she reminds me of my younger self. Reading about her gives me a warm feeling as I reminisce a bit.Sawako and Kazehaya make such a cute couple. When I see them, I feel a longing for that type of relationship. If making me feel all these emotions is not what a good manga is supposed to do, I don't know what it needs to do.

    20. Sawako's father meeting Kazehaya was so funny! He is so jealous of his beloved daughter. Awww the first love is so sweet. Sawako having troubles holding her boyfriend's hand, or inviting him to her bedroom It is so cuteeee! Being nervous and happy next to your boyfriend She even loses some of her shyness when she dared to take his hand!So every struggle Sawako has when it comes to be a girlfriend is so funny and innocent. I love this manga!

    21. Boyfriend meets the Father. I wish it was that simple in real life. Hehe! Anyway, I loved this volume too, it's sweet loving and it keeps on being sweet through out the 4 chapters. I was wondering how Chizu and Ayane became so close friends and this volume answered all my questions on that.A very satisfying volume this is. Let's see what happens next! :)

    22. The flashback episodes feel like filler in a story that's already a little drawn out. I DO like getting a look at different people's point of view, but would love to see the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya develop further. Loved the bit with Sawako's dad though, so that pulls this up from a 3-star to a 4-star rating.

    23. This volume was really cute! I loved the chapter where Kazehaya meets Sawako's parents. I also really enjoyed the chapter that showed how Ayane and Chizu became friends. I am looking forward to the next volume.Contains Chapters: 47 - 50Chapter 47.) Just a Little BitChapter 48.) Do I Look Normal?Chapter 49.) There's No Way I Would Hate YouChapter 50.) You're Too Loud

    24. November 2013: 5 StarsWhat a cute volume! I squealed when Sawako and Kazehaya held hands :3 so kawaii!!!I'm really proud of Kazehaya! If I were him, I would have been terrified of Sawako's dad!I loved the chapter that explains how Chizu and Ayane became friends. Hilarious! Ryu's humorous and insightful comments were great too :3 but then, I do love Ryu

    25. Kazehaya finally meets Sawako's parents in the best version of that situation I've seen in manga. If you ever wondered how the heck Chizu and Ayane became friends, they take a trip down memory lane for Sawako and your enjoyment.

    26. Love, love this manga. Throughout, it was just freaking adorable. All the volumes so far are. In the twelfth volume, Kazehaya meets Sawako's parents. Good volume as always. Love the artwork, its very expressive.

    27. Ah, meeting the parents. Great story. I'm *nothing* like that dad. I never glare at the boys who date my daughters, or get intimidating around them, or give them the third degree. Nosiree…The hand holding sequence was precious. I may give this volume five stars just for that alone.

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