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  1. Some days, I need silly and yesterday, The Goblin Reservation fit the bill perfectly.Familiar with Simak through the beautifully pastoral Way Station, when I saw this for a mere dollar, I snapped it up. A madcap adventure set in a vibrant university setting, it echoed the feel of Doorways in the Sand. While it is set on a future Earth with alien races, aircars, moving sidewalks, and the like, it is also an Earth that is home to small populations of The Fae.Peter Maxwell, a professor in the Colle [...]

  2. 1969 Hugo nominee for best novel.Maybe I'm a chump. I mean, I look at a title like this and I smack my lips and a slight thought drifts across my subconscious, "Satire". I remember loving Way Station, but not quite making the connection between that classic SF title and this. What was I expecting? A haunting exploration of old alien tech and a breath of injustice that makes me think of indigenous Americans and their troubles spiffed up in the mask of an alien? Well yeah. Aren't assumptions fun a [...]

  3. Some smartass said that the golden age of sci-fi is twelve. And personally I agree with such opinion. I've read this book for the first time when I was twelve years old and I simply loved it, and it made me read it again and again in years after, and look for other sf or fantasy books. I was seriously hooked on genre, obviously.Now that I was rereading it after so many years - it still worked for me! Yes, I admit there was a lot of plain silliness and some really cardboard characters there. But [...]

  4. Срещите ми със Саймък всъщност са сравнително малко, но наистина не се колебая особено силно вече, когато името ми попадне пред погледа. Той за мен си е същински вълшебникigoqdec/2017/08/

  5. 3.5 stars. Okay, how to describe this roller-coaster of a book. Well, to start with, take an Earth where: (i) humans live side by side with elves, fairies, trolls, goblins, banshees and other mythological creatures; (ii) time travel is not only possible, but commonplace (to the extent that the planetary university has a Time Travel Department), permitting Neanderthals, William Shakespeare (and at least one emotionally sensitive ghost) to live in modern times with the aforementioned mythological [...]

  6. Саймак настоящий мастер scifi. Безудержная фантазия, не ограниченная каким-то рамками. Мягкий юмор, без характерного для американских авторов ухода "ниже пояса". И при этом, хотя ситуации совершенно фантастичны, не возникает отторжения "так не может быть". Возможно, за счет тог [...]

  7. Simply a classic, and probably the best book that Clifford Simak ever wrote. It's short (particularly compared to modern novels), but fun, funny, and deeply enjoyable. The blending of fantasy and advanced science was not invented by Simak, but he handled it wonderfully well here. Not only is this a classic of fantasy and science fiction, but I consider it to be one of the funnier books in both genres as well!I can imagine that some might find the relatively second-class status of the heroine off [...]

  8. After having read a half dozen, mostly early Simak scifi novels and a handful of his short stories, I had the impression of an enjoyable 'laid back Bradburyesque country' style to his work. However, What I have not delved into, was his fantasy works - For unclear reasons, I tend to avoid this sub-genre The very title of this novel, repelled me somewhat. However, I had the book and am determined to read as much of his work as I can get a hold of.I have to admit that I found this Hugo nominated no [...]

  9. Резерватът на таласъмите приютява предците на човека: knigolandiafo/book-review/rБедният професор Питър Максуел – не стига че по пътя му към далечна планета, където уж имало дракони, го отвличат мъглявеещи същества, които го отвеждат на своята странна планета, идваща от друга Вселена, [...]

  10. One of the best compliments I like to give about a book is that it's an easy read. This doesn't imply that it is simple or devoid of ideas, it refers to the easy ability for anyone to pick up the book and enjoy it from beginning to end. Clifford D. Simak has a knack for writing easy reads.The Goblin Reservation is a little divergence from some of Simak's more traditional science fiction work and it's a charming diversion.Within this book you'll find cavemen, goblins, trolls, aliens, time travel [...]

  11. Загадки, извънземни и таласъми за разкош(Цялото ревю е тук: knijenpetar.wordpress/201)С удоволствие се върнах към една книга, която съм чел като хлапе. Новото издание на „Резерватът на таласъмите“ („Бард“, 2017, с превод на Живка Рудинска) ми дойде като истински подарък от прекрасните вр [...]

  12. This is a book rather typical of the times it was written - late 60s - sci-fi "with a twist"; in this case, the twist is that an Earth a few hundred years forward - in many ways recognisably "our" Earth (sans digital revolution of course : no-one ever predicted that!) - is entirely a University, used by a Galactic confederation which itself is simply a background to the story.The story centres on Peter Maxwell (see, even the names are familiar), a Professor whose 'transportation pattern' is myst [...]

  13. After trawling through several sf stories from the 60s which rely on just one idea, it was a relief to read this kitchen sink of a book from the same period. Everything is in here! Interstellar teleportation, crystal planets, intelligent insect hives, time travel, a Galactic university taking over the Earth, the "yo-yo" repeating universe theory, neanderthals, goblins, trolls, fairies, and banshees. It works better than it has any right to, and several of the seemingly disparate elements (which [...]

  14. Непогана фентезюха, хоч від неї так і віє фантастикою 20 століття) Усі ці химерні інститути: Конні Віліс, дежавю. Сам сюжет побудовано гарно, багато нестандартних (на той час) персонажів. Напевно, зі мною щось не так, бо в мене книжка зупинилася на оцінці "норм". Гумор, як і у вип [...]

  15. A perfect mix of fantasy, murder mystery, and the hard sci fi Simak is famous for. It's probably one of the best sci fi books ever written. In the future, the entire planet Earth is the university of the galaxy, with a College of Supernatural Phenomenon, as well as, a College of Time travel. Shakespear drinks moonshine with a neanderthal, and there are goblins, trolls, banshees and world's coolest ending.

  16. Some people will go a long way to check out a library. Goblins, leprechauns, trolls, saber-toothed tigers, Neanderthal man, a dragon and a ghost, coupled with intergalactic intrigue, an alien race with wheels, and a long unused library, make for a magical and oddly compelling mix.

  17. კიდევ ერთი "ნეტავ ბავშვობაში წამეკითხა, ხომ უფრო მომეწონებოდა" წიგნი.კარგი იუმორის, ლუდის და ბატონი ო'ტულის ხათრით - 4.

  18. Storyline: 2/5Characters: 2/5Writing Style: 3/5World: 2/5Light-hearted, silly, unassuming, easy-going. Some will value that. I didn't. I had enjoyed Simak's Time is the Simplest Thing, enough so that I had been eager to read something else by him. I was later wowed by his Way Station and wanted to re-experience the pleasures I had found therein. In both those works Simak offered a penetrating ambience. He captured something of rural America and deftly inserted science fiction elements with the g [...]

  19. This ended up being an entertaining book, but I had my doubts at the start. It took almost the first half of the book to set up the plot and I struggled through that half. But, the last half was engaging and enjoyable. I look forward to reading more by this author.

  20. 'Himself again- Having just returned to Earth from an inter-galactic research mission, Professor Peter Maxwell, specialist in Supernatural Phenomena, finds himself in dire straits.Earth, as he is aware, is well-advanced in many areas; perfected time travel, for instance, enables all creatures (goblins, dinosaurs and Shakespeare!) to coexist. But Maxwell has accidentally discovered a mysterious crystal planet containing a storehouse of secret information not yet known on Earth.Knowing the value o [...]

  21. Originally published on my blog here in August 2001.Simak is best remembered today for serious science fiction like Way Station, but he wrote several more whimsical novels, of which this is one. It is still full of ideas, but these are presented to amuse rather than to make you think.The invention of a mechanism for time travel has led to some surprising discoveries, not least that creatures such as goblins and trolls had at one time really existed. Peter Maxwell is an expert on them, but an int [...]

  22. Halfway point thoughts: The book begins with a straight-forward SciFi premise. Peter Maxwell is being questioned by a government official because of an unexplained deviation in his extraterrestrial journey (via long-range teleport). In quick succession there's an encounter with goblins, a surprise meeting with a biomechanical sabre-toothed tiger and a bar brawl featuring a temporally displaced Neanderthal and his best friend, Ghost (a ghost). All the while we steadily get clues as to what happen [...]

  23. On a whole, for something from the late 1960s, I liked it and I think it holds up relatively well to the test of time (so far). It is fun, short, creative, clever, and interesting story that comes together and there's a scene stealing saber tooth tiger prancing about. I feel like there are some hidden layers to the novel, but my tired brain is not processing it since I was catching two or three chapters after a tiring work week.It was a little random and wordy at times, you could really tell Sim [...]

  24. Купих си Резерватът на старо в Бургас миналото лято. Мисля, че струваше 2 лева. Има един израз - "This book is used but the words are still good". Това твърдо го вярвам. С две думи - чудесна книга. Оптимистична и добре написана. Хареса ми погледът на Саймак - бъдещето на науката и миналото на митичнит [...]

  25. A funny, sometimes poignant page-turner that shines with imagination, in both the science fiction and fantasy genres at the same time. In a future world where mythical creatures and peoples walk the streets with humans, extraterrestrial aliens and humanity exchange visitors and business, and time travel is a fact, a man is trying to solve his own murder before whoever killed him once can do it again. I love Simak's work, and this is one of his best.

  26. Loved it! The humor reminiscent of C. S. Lewis or others from past decades with lots of great creatures and allusions. Time travel, aliens, fae, it's all here. Highly recommended when you need a fun, entertaining adventure.4.25

  27. Удивительно лаконичное развитие хорошего сюжета. Фактурные герои, цепляющий сюжет - можно было бы раза в три больше написать. И про толерантность хорошо сказано (положила фоточку в телеграм-канал, а переписывать лень =))

  28. Another early sci-fi/fantasy favorite that has been in my personal library and re-read many times. A fun, rollicking read complete with goblins, a saber-tooth cat, a Neanderthal and bad guys from the future.

  29. File this under Books I Should Have Read Already. I carried around for more than 30 years (probably lots more) a worn paperback I got from a used bookstore, and it sat on a shelf next to Clarke, Anderson, Williamson, Blish, unread. I started it a number of times, but never got that far and lost my well-traveled copy to a fire in 2013. A decidedly odd book. Dated elements, but not overly so, given its oddness. I got a kick out of a subplot line involving the Goblins (actually, Little Peoplee trad [...]

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