My Name is Grace

My Name is Grace Amazing Grace or dis Grace Begun in WWII Scotland Grace s diary chronicles her tragic life becoming a road map to the Canadian runaway who finds it Brimming with details of tenement life in wartime

  • Title: My Name is Grace
  • Author: Lorraine Oman Hanover
  • ISBN: 9780741464231
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amazing Grace or dis Grace Begun in WWII Scotland, Grace s diary chronicles her tragic life, becoming a road map to the Canadian runaway who finds it Brimming with details of tenement life in wartime Glasgow and Canada s 1970s counterculture, this novel spans continents, generatiions, and cultures.

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    1. [Review of giveaway copy]Accustomed to reading lengthy historical books, I wasn't expecting more than a "fluff" read, and while I read almost all of it in a day it is certainly anything but that. This isn't a book for people who want a happy story, though it does end on a hopeful note.Told from two differing view points, Grace and Jude have such personalities that it is if two different authors wrote them. They seem so much like real people, with real flaws, that I found myself thinking "don't d [...]

    2. I have mixed feeling about this book - the novel is told in two parts; Jude, a troubles runaway in the 1970's, finds a diary written beginning in 1940 wartime Glasgow. The novel bounces back and forth between the two narratives. For most of the novel I was fascinated by Grace's story and felt that Jude's tale was poorly fleshed out. Throughout I was annoyed by abrupt plot changes that came out of nowhere, as well as huge leaps in time. Characters behaviour changed so rapidly and without explanat [...]

    3. I won this on GoodReads, and wasn't really sure how much I'd like it. I ended up loving the first 80% or so, and just liking the last 20%. The author does a great job of giving the two different narrators entirely different voices.

    4. This novel starts with Grace writing in her new diary at the start of World War 2 and she, unfaithfully, continues to write in it until her death in 1971. Jude finds the diary after Grace's death in an apartment she crashes in, the same apartment Grace died in. The novel takes you through Grace's naive and innocent childhood, through her time as a "fallen" (as she says) woman to a place where she finds herself again. The novel splits chapters between Grace's diary and Jude reading the diary and [...]

    5. I thought this book was amazing!It took me a little bit to get into it (like with a lot of books) but once I did I couldn't put it down. I read it in two days, I usually pace myself so the experience lasts longer but I just couldn't, I wanted to know everything right that second. I'm very bad at re-capping and I don't want to accidentally spoil it for someone so I'll just leave it here : Read it! Much Love x

    6. Jude discovers Grace's diary, and Grace--through the diary--helps save Jude. The writing style was engaging, but a bit rushed. I truly enjoyed the stories, but I kept waiting for something good to happend it never did. But I guess that's how some people view their lives--one disaster after another.

    7. Enjoyed the flawed & realistic characters in this book. Lots of suffering & loss, seem to propel individuals. Suggested read for my book club, glad I did.

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