Casi un objeto

Casi un objeto Un volumen de relatos excepcionales por un autor que el p blico hispanoparlante ha aprendido a considerar tan suyo como el que m s Uno por uno los cuentos de Jos Saramago prenden de modo irrevocable

  • Title: Casi un objeto
  • Author: José Saramago Eduardo Naval
  • ISBN: 9788420428192
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un volumen de relatos excepcionales por un autor que el p blico hispanoparlante ha aprendido a considerar tan suyo como el que m s Uno por uno, los cuentos de Jos Saramago prenden de modo irrevocable en la sensibilidad y la memoria del lector.

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    1. 3.5 stars rounded down, essentially for final two of the six stories.if yr idea of letting loose, delving deep into a story's nucleus is two mike's hard lemonades, this title will most likely reach well outside yr wheelhouse. if you prefer yr acidity with considerably more substance, this early collection of jose saramago is definitely a trip, ranging from unique views through window pane to turning, tuning, dropping sandoz, what you interpret in this body of work depends on yr degree of being l [...]

    2. Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago is an author I can only speak lovingly of. He has such a charm and warm glow about his prose that fills my heart with each word from his pen. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but his passing has reinvigorated an interest in his publication that has brought several volumes of posthumous releases and newly translated works to help fill the void his absence has created. The Lives of Things is one such work, appearing for the first time in English and comprised of six sto [...]

    3. Diktatörlük öyle daaaan diye gelmez. Gelince de, selam, ben geldim, demez. Yavaşça gelir. Bir gün bakmışız ki gelmiş. Portekiz'e de öyle gelmiştir belki, belki de gelmemiştir, bilemiyorum. Ama şuna eminim; Saramago'nun dikta rejimi altında yazdığı bu öyküleri, ben bugün okuduğumda, kemiklerimin ta içinde hissedebiliyorum. Biliyorum ki bugün burada da aynı şeyler var -olacak.Zaten delinin teki -ve benim için edebiyat tanrısı- olan Saramago, "Sandalye" adındaki ilk ö [...]

    4. Son yıllarda okumuş olduğum en iyi öykü kitabı!Kitapta toplam 6 öykü bulunuyor.Saramago'dan okumuş olduğum ilk kitap olmasına rağmen yazarın stili kolaylıkla anlaşılıyor.Kurgu beraberinde gerçekliği de barındırıyor.İlk öykü olan "Sandalye" yavaş yavaş çürüyüp kırılacak olan bir sandalyeden bahsederken aslında o dönem Portekiz'de uzunca zaman diktatörlüğünü sürdüren Antonio Salazar'ın düşüşünü temsil ediyor.Yazar, öykülerindeki karakterlere isim [...]

    5. From publisherRead 3/24/12 - 3/28/124.5 Stars - Highly Recommended to fans of Jose Saramago's previous work / a great intro to Jose SaramagoPgs: 142Publisher: Verso BooksRelease Date: April 4, 2012Oh god, how I love reading Jose Saramago. Picking up a book by this man is like slipping into a pleasure-coma. I wish I could remain buried within his books forever. Just cover me with his words and never move me again. Deal?Words cannot explain how excited I was when I heard that Verso Books picked up [...]

    6. Another piece of Saramago’s incredible imagination; better said, pieces, as this book is a collection of 6 short stories. Written in the beginning of his writing career, they are quite different in style and form from one another and his later on style which established his place amongst the Titans of literature.Four of them are harsh political allegories, set up in dys(u)topian universes, yet written in a more than usual amusing tone:The Chair – satirical approach of Salazar accident. Only [...]

    7. Erasmus öğrencisi olarak Portekiz'in küçük bir kasabasında bulunduğum sıralarda bir 25 nisan sabahı art arda patlayan top sesleriyle uyandık. Arkadaşlarla birbirimize ilk sorduğumuz şey "Darbe mi oluyor acaba?" olmuştu. Belediye binası camdan görünüyordu, baktık ki orada bir tören var. Merak edip gittik, öğrendik ki Jose Saramago'ya da çektiren ve bu kitapta -adı geçmese de- tiye aldığı hikayelerini okuma fırsatını bulduğumuz Salazar'ın getirdiği diktatörlüğ [...]

    8. originally published in portuguese in 1978 (as objecto quase), the lives of things collects six short stories that are amongst the earliest of josé saramago's writings to have yet been translated into english. released the year after manual of painting and calligraphy (long out of print in english, but set to be republished later this year) and some four years before his epic baltasar and blimunda, the lives of things finds the portuguese nobel laureate experimenting with and developing the sty [...]

    9. Questi racconti, a essere sincera, non sono proprio del tutto riusciti. Il primo (“Sedia”), ad esempio, è piuttosto esagerato, persino per l’ottima penna di Saramago. Oltre venti pagine per descrivere un uomo che cade da una sedia, ancorché quest’uomo sia evidentemente il dittatore António de Oliveira Salazar, sono eccessive e finiscono per perdere smalto e impatto emotivo, generando anche un po’ di noia. L’ultimo racconto (“Rivincita”), poi, mi ha lasciata perplessa, perché [...]

    10. Even in short stories he can maintain his literary identity.Short little book composed of only six short stories of which highlight:1st tale Chair . He gave me a terrible fear of being so dependent on my car.2nd tale Injunction . What would happen if suddenly the objects revolted against us?3rd tale Reflux . Half man, half horse. And so it is divided in their feelings and needs.4th tale Things. A king who fears death more than evil itself.5th tale Centaur . Representing the fall of a dictator.6t [...]

    11. "Normalmente" los grandes novelistas no son buenos cuentistas. Creo que esto también lo dijo Graham Greene. O así me ha pasado con mis novelistas favoritos. Los cuentos de Vargas Llosa, Murakami o Rosa Montero no me despiertan mucho entusiasmo. Pensé que con Saramago pasaría lo mismo, pero no fue así. Tiene casi todo lo que nos gusta de sus novelas, dosificado. El "palabreo" curioso (no sé como llamarlo) se encuentra en su cuento "Silla", las situaciones inverosímiles que afectan una ciud [...]

    12. 3,5*Gostei bastante de quase todos os contos. Em muitas das suas histórias, Saramago pega num aspecto da vida ou do nosso dia a dia, a princípio muito simples, e extrapula-o, tornando-o maior e o centro da nossa atenção. Neste livro ele faz o mesmo, só que de uma forma muito mais breve e sucinta. Mas não deixa de ser extremamente inteligente e interessante. O conto de que não gostei, e que estragou o livro para mim, é o mais pequeno e último, pois não achei qualquer nexo ou relevância [...]

    13. Saramago é um mestre. "Objecto Quase" traz seis narrativas curtas de tirar o fôlego. Destaco três textos: " Cadeira", " Coisas" e "Embargo". Alegoria é pouco.

    14. 'The Lives of Things' is a collection of six short stories originally published as 'Objecto Quase' in 1978. The epigraph by Marx marks, uninhibitedly, themes political and social which the author essentially elaborated upon in his later fiction, especially in 'The Stone Raft', 'The Cave' and the tour de force, 'Blindness'. 'The Chair' opens the book, in the stream of consciousness narration, and obliquely reflects on the political state of affairs under the Salazar regime. The subject of the fal [...]

    15. Nuevamente confirmo el estilo único de Saramago. Magnetiza la intensidad de su relato, su capacidad para adentrar al lector en cada cuento. "Embargo" lo viví Sentí los latidos del centauro. Evoqué el famoso muro de Trump. Me imaginé las desapariciones

    16. 2/5 stars (average)The Chair - 1 starEmbargo - 3 starsReflux - 1 starThings - 2 starsThe Centaur - 3 starsRevenge - 3 stars This book of short stories is quite a mystery to me. Or maybe there is only one mystery - how did it win the Nobel Prize? Only 3 of the 6 stories were actually readable for me. I finished the other 3, but very reluctantly, and only because I thought it would be cheating to say I finished this book when I only read half. So I made myself finish for the sake of my 2017 readin [...]

    17. After reading Cain, I decided to read something else by Jose Saramago. I picked up this book of short stories. They were interesting and disturbing. According to the introduction, many of the stories are symbolic of life under the Portuguese dictator Salazar. I realized I had no idea that Portugal had been under a dictatorship and I then realized that I know nothing about Portugal. I have decided to read up on that country's history.The first story, The Chair, is 25 pages devoted to the act of a [...]

    18. A wonderful collection of six short stories that I highly recommend.The ChairI was amazed at how he could take me on a journey through history, teaching me and guiding me through so much, and all with just a chair falling. The writing is complex and enchanting at the same time. EmbargoThis story had the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as this man finds his car has a mind of it's own. Creepy to say the least. RefluxFascinating story of 'build it and they will come' with a cemetery bring [...]

    19. nki dünyanın merkezinde elinde yeryüzündeki milyarlarca kuklanın ipini tutan bir cin var ve bu cin, tıpkı bir kuklacı gibi, gösteri biter bitmez elindeki iplere asılıp biz kuklaları sahneden çekiyor.Saramago okumayı özlemişim.

    20. Fascinating collection of short stories. 'Things' was especially amazing. This is the kind of author that you want to meet and have a long dinner withhis sense of humour is especially brilliant.

    21. Oggetti che prendono vita, si ribellano e prendono il sopravvento sugli uomini. Forse un altolà di Saramago che vuol farci riflettere su come la tecnica ci abbia sopraffatto, forse dovremmo iniziare a pensare alla vita vissuta e non ad una vita dove gli oggetti hanno sostituito gli uomini. Carini i racconti Imbarco, Cose, Centauro, leggibili Reflusso e Rivincita per Sedia sono rimasta senza parole, è il primo racconto e non è un bel biglietto da visita del libro. Ho dovuto leggere più volte [...]

    22. Una prosa poética maravillosa de este premio novel portugués. Cada una de las historias cortas demuestran la pasión de este escritor y la concertación que debe tener el lector para entender cada grito de protesta.

    23. Una genial colección de cuentos, narrados con mucha creatividad.Saramago es original porque rompe con la narrativa tradicional y juega mucho con el lenguaje, con sus descripciones y personajes.En su escrito hay mensajes ocultos, una simbología profunda que invita a la reflexión.Lecturas que te mantienen activo mentalmente, que dejan muchas interrogantes, que te obligan a pensar e investigar.Mis favoritos: Silla, Cosas y Centauro. El primero de ellos lo leí dos veces relación con el dictador [...]

    24. This was my first Saramago foray, and I had very high expectations going in. I started with this one because sometimes life only gives you time enough to read short stories, ya know? "The Lives of Things" was first published in Portuguese in 1978, and this nice paperback edition was translated in 2012. The title announces the theme. In each of the 7 short stories, Saramago doesn't explore the mere existence of things, but supposes worlds where things assert themselves as unreifiable objects. In [...]

    25. Saramago sin sus nombres, sin sus locaciones, sin sus tiempos. Tan acomodado a cualquiera, donde quiera y cuando quiera de alguien que lo lee. Su renglón seguido que nos parece que escribiera como si no se levantara ni para sus necesidades más elementales, como si al poner un punto y aparte, la idea se le va.Hay terror cuando el protagonista se descubre secuestrado por su propio auto, desesperación en un estado totalitario en que la burocracia espanta más que el sistema en sí, y hasta la ro [...]

    26. The most impressive thing about this book is the wide range in tone and style that Saramago shows in these six short stories. The book starts of with "Chair", which is a slow-moving and philosophical piece. If that's not your thing, keep going! There's some creepy-cool stuff in here too, particularly the stories "Things" and "Embargo". These two were definitely the best in the book in my opinion, and reminded me of some of my other favorite short stories with a noir twist (namely "The Lottery" b [...]

    27. I guess I prefer the two stories which are rarely, if ever, mentioned in reviews. "Centaur" plays on the dualism between man/horse & mind/body, focused on a search for belonging in a world that is no longer your own. You sense the yearning for an imaginary homeland and fatigue that comes with running away from the inevitable. It could be about loss. But it's not. It's about the will to survive against the odds. "Revenge,"on the other hand, is a mystery to me.

    28. Senz'altro non è fra i migliori libri di Saramago, che forse era più bravo come scrittore di romanzi che di racconti. Ma alcuni di questi sei racconti sono veramente belli, e anche solo per quelli vale la pena leggere questo libro. Non lo consiglierei a chi non ami visceralmente il Maestro, ma i veri appassionati saranno comunque soddisfatti della lettura.Per una recensione un po' più lunga: sonnenbarke.wordpress/201

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