Ohh Yes I Am Single...!: And So Is My Girlfriend

Ohh Yes I Am Single And So Is My Girlfriend About the Book Ohh Yes I m Single and so is My Girlfriend The light hearted tale of a geek who is constantly in and out of love Durjoy is a young romantic who tells everyone every last detail of his

  • Title: Ohh Yes I Am Single...!: And So Is My Girlfriend
  • Author: Durjoy Datta Neeti Rustagi
  • ISBN: 9789380349275
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • About the Book Ohh Yes, I m Single and so is My Girlfriend The light hearted tale of a geek who is constantly in and out of love Durjoy is a young romantic, who tells everyone every last detail of his in numerous love stories Every failed relationship disappoints him even and his anger and disappointment increase as he continues to fail Dumped at breakfast and inAbout the Book Ohh Yes, I m Single and so is My Girlfriend The light hearted tale of a geek who is constantly in and out of love Durjoy is a young romantic, who tells everyone every last detail of his in numerous love stories Every failed relationship disappoints him even and his anger and disappointment increase as he continues to fail Dumped at breakfast and in love again by brunch, Durjoy seems to be unable to find the girl who will understand him Who did he really love, he begins to think was it maybe even the first girl he ever kissed Was any of it real and has he already passed by his perfect one Seeing every fling as a possible girlfriend, he persists in trying to find The One Is this a vicious cycle or the purest of quests And what will become of poor Durjoy About the Authors Durjoy Datta, Neeti Rustagi Durjoy Datta is the Author of five bestsellers, including Now That you are Rich Let s Fall in Love and She Broke Up, I Didn t I Just Kissed Someone Else He is presently studying management at MDI, Gurgaon and runs his own publishing house, Grapevine India Neeti Rustagi is the co Author of this debut novel.

    One thought on “Ohh Yes I Am Single...!: And So Is My Girlfriend”

    1. I loved the name of the books by this author. Each of them is interesting and funny and mind blowing. So I bought all the books. Now, I am really regretting it. This is the story of the author. About his first crush, first love, first kiss, first sex and first pill n so on. And seriously its really cheap way to talk of such things, its really very degrading and humiliating. After reading 70 pages, I just hate the story and so the author.I think guys will like this book because basically the book [...]

    2. Durjoy Dutta, I wonder from where you got the inspiration to WRITE BOOKS with such pathetic English and lack of creativity. I literally regret why I started reading this filthy book with such a foolish story. The book revolves around Durjoy, a Bengali guy and his relationship with half a dozen girls. Some like him some don't but he finds all of them CUTE.It's really irritating that CUTE is the only adjective in Durjoy Dutta's dictionary to extol a girl.Apart from this, the story itself is vexing [...]

    3. Durjoy Dutta's books only consist of eye catching titles and strictly nothing else except pure shit! Throughout the book, the reader is taken on a nonsensical ride with sights like first time crushes, the virginity losing ceremony, dumping ,sex, dumping again and yet again with a lot of you know-what-in betweenahh and finally true love and what follows then is a stereotypical bollywood movie!So even if you are sworn fan of Dutta (which is rare i guess), you should avoid this!

    4. It is not written for my age group but I read it anyway. We have to read outside our comfort level at times. The hero (he has the same name as one of the authors) narrates his love story - or stories - for the benefit of anyone who's interested.The gospel according to Durjoy. How he was a fat, ugly fellow who followed the same girl home from school for years. The first crush. The first kiss. The first sex. The first true love. By the time I finished this book, I was ready to murder the main char [...]

    5. i remember i said earlier that i am going to take a break from the author and read something else. but when i finally saw this book in the library i could not resist. " oh yes i am single is another funny titled book by durjoy which works well to grab the attention of the readers. ones who have read durjoy datta before would better know that the content of the book is not half as interesting as the title itself. then why do i go back to his book?? i can explain!! for one, i cannot read two serio [...]

    6. I've had the misfortune of reading this book.Basically if author's intention was to make the reader hate him vehemently he has succeeded.It's full of cliches and unimaginative situations.But what's most disturbing was the cheapness and shallowness of the protagonist.The book mostly plays out like a random episode of Californication.I mean really??Did the author actually think that any serious reader is going to like the hero and the book itself??The book has no soul at all.I truly felt disgusted [...]

    7. ahhi am still trying to understand and am digesting the fact there was some relation b/w title and the content but i lost my all hopes. i started reading this book just for fun not for some fantastic and classic reading. i am new to reading world so i would just say it was just a random book that helped me when cable was gone or my freinds were sleepy. i would say its kind of masala book.

    8. There is not much to add here. The author clearly has no imagination. all his novels are poorly written and the stories end up being a drag. Buying this book is spending money on a product long after its expiry. Disappointed!

    9. This is the first book by the author that i read and became his fan,the way he portrays his character and there psychology to the reader is simply brilliant,the story is all about what happens today and its a good book to read by today's youth.

    10. first of all i like the names which increases your eagerness that what will be so different in this book,can say author has knows the exact nerve of people or can say e knows how to attract someone towards his novel.I heard alot thing about author and his writing skills so i opt out his novel to read it out but i found it much a normal story.i expected alot but there is nothing new in it except the ability of a character to fall in love numerous timesough characters are portrayed well,even the f [...]

    11. Apart From A Few Grammatical Mistakes Though The Writer Has Specified About The Grammatical Mistakes In His Book Through A Character Reading This book Has Been A Pleasure :)))I Found It Better Than " Revolution 2020 " Of Chetan BhagatThis Book Is Much Better On The StorytellingI Had Goosebumps Towards the end of the Story True Love Prevails A Thumbs Up To " Ohhh Yes I Am Single "Now keen to read Durjoy's Earlier books

    12. I heard a lot of good comments about the authors This is the first of his books I am readingDamn, I hate it And now I hate the author tooThis is a tale narrated by the hero, named after one of the authors, about his first crush, first kiss, first love, first sex, first firstThese are all personal things, who in his right mind want to know all these?? Pure waste of time!!

    13. wow an amazing book by durjoy! Witty, fun and new aged love story with those cranky one liners, romantic masala and all the ingredients necessary for the making of a fun and romantic love story! :)

    14. It has been quite a long time that after Chetan Bhagat, another author manages to keep the spelling and grammatical mistakes to the bare minimum level, which happens to be a mandatory pre-requisite for writing a book. So, no appreciation there. The story was another one as expected, same boy-girl drama, which we have been coming across since our childhood. Nothing great there too.Durjoy Dutta, Being a Bengali, and reading many Bengali authors, expectations from him was fairly high and guess what [...]

    15. I read this book for two reasons - first was to read at least one book by Durjoy Dutta (and the last it surely will be) and the second was to just pass my time wishing to steer my direction towards a light read. But it went beyond just a light read. It was BORING as hell. There was just crap in the entire book. The same old story of making and breaking relationships between modern day guy and girl. And how come a single person have so many relationships. Does every other guy or girl walking on t [...]

    16. Flight delayed by 4 hours??? what worst can happen to you? Wellyou can walk to the book store at the airport and out of all the books available, you pick this book, hoping for a witty, light novel. This is hands down the worst book i have ever read. And let me tell you, i have read 'One night at call centre'.There are books that you proudly want to display in your book shelve. And here we have one that you would want to burn and have a good laugh. The idea itself gives me a sense of happiness.Th [...]

    17. The writing skill of Durjoy Dutta is real a shh|t!! The book seemed to b interesting till 100th page or could say Till before Interval later wazz screwed whole night Reading it:-( The interruption dat waz made by NEETI RUSTAGI was really irritating n i alwayzz skipped that scrap.)To be true it happened 4 d first time, dat i had to count the pages remaining and unwillingly completd the whole book!! It wazz really a boring Love Story n i also wud lyk to say dat Durjoy Dutta cant exctract fun from [...]

    18. 227 pages of bullshit, there is no content in the book, nothing unusual in narrating style also, only there is some obscene they might expect readers feel some fun, even that also not done well by this idiots, worst book I had ever read, first time I feel like I want to have a fast reading mode like in tape records!, entirely this book is soulless, I wasted my time reading this bull shit

    19. My first novel from durjoy's catalogue. Was pretty much cool in description, sometimes cocky but wasn't too much close to 'Real Love' thing throughout the novel. Writing style has been pretty impressive and specially the way he insults or 'doesn't gives a Damn'.overall a fine work, a indifferent style of writing this novel by changing the narratorsumbs up, apparently !

    20. As I am a big fan of Durjoy Datta, I Bought this book soon it released. I must say, first half of the book was awesome i liked it very much but in second half it disappoints me as par my expectations.

    21. This book is about the author's life. He narrates it to his friend, while she interacts with the incidents which happened in the course of his life, mostly concentrating on his love life and his relationships. Worth reading once. But still not as good as his first book "Of course I love you".

    22. You would enjoy the first half and then it tends to become a bit long drawn. A racy book, which you can finish overnight.

    23. A Nice break from some serious books. The narrative story keeps you gripped somewhat. But as they say everything excess is bad. So was the sex part in it. But overall a cute book.

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