Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield

Clara Barton Angel of the Battlefield While exploring The Treasure Chest Felix and Maisie are transported to a Massachusetts farm in Disappointed that they have not landed in their beloved New York City they wonder why they were br

  • Title: Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield
  • Author: Ann Hood Karl Kwasney Scott Altmann
  • ISBN: 9780448454672
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • While exploring The Treasure Chest, Felix and Maisie are transported to a Massachusetts farm in 1836 Disappointed that they have not landed in their beloved New York City, they wonder why they were brought to Massachusetts to meet a young girl named Clara Barton Perhaps Clara has a message for the twins Or maybe they have one for her

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    1. When Masie and Felix's parents divorce, the twelve-year-old twins reluctantly move from New York City to Rhode Island with their Mom, who is distracted by a demanding new job. Their new home is a mansion that once belonged to their great aunt but is now owned by the local preservation society. Living in a historic mansion sounds exciting but the family is restricted to the small, hot servant’s quarters. Expecting their new life in Rhode Island to be boring compared to the hustle and bustle of [...]

    2. This book has a lot of potential and I really enjoyed it; I just found it too short and it took too long to get into the real story. Of course it is meant for mid-graders and not adults, like me. I did love the idea that this series teaches children about people in history, going back to their teenaged years. The name of this series is "The Treasure Chest". This is the kind of cool series I wish I could write.First in a series: When the Robbins parents get a divorce, twins Maisie and Felix move [...]

    3. I came across these books very recently at Square Books Jr. The covers could use a bit of work, but the premise and content are actually very interesting. One can sympathize with a parent who wishes they could find specific books for their children, and when they do not, they write them. Michael Chabon famously does this with Summerland. The adventures of Maisie and Felix in "The Treasure Chest" series are certain to delight those with an interest in magic, time travel, mystery, and history. Tra [...]

    4. First Impression:I love Ann Hood and was excited to see a middle grade series coming out authored by her.While Reading:Felix and Maisie are going through a tough time. Their father has left, their mother uprooted them and dragged them to live upstairs a house turned into a museum. One that they aren't allowed to explore on their own, but only through a tour. However, children will be children and they find a way to explore through the old rooms, set up for daily tours and find The Treasure Chest [...]

    5. Great book for students in grades 4-6. 12 year old twins become involved in time travel back to historic people. Angel of the Battlefield is about a young Clara Barton. The twins can't return home until they do what they were sent to do. What they are sent to do is part of the mystery they must solve. The items that propel them back in time come from the room called the Treasure Chest. Mystery and history makes a great combination.

    6. This book was suspenseful and kept me reading it felt like i was in the book seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling those things. it was so much powerful description and the book gave a very detailed picture drawn on the cover making the characters facile expression stand out, glinting on their faces making them look so real.

    7. I'm a big Ann Hood fan, so when I saw she wrote a children's series, I checked out book #1. If I was about 9, I think I'd probably like this book a lot. But there's just not any real depth to offer a mature reader. This is no Harry Potter, perhaps because she's targeting an audience who just hasn't been reading long. Anyway this was quick and painless but probably not worth the time.

    8. "This time she went into her room and closed the door, leaving Felix standing there wondering who had that other piece and how in the world his sister had talked him into doing the very thing he had promised he would not do."Good read. Good characters. Good story line. I like that the author is choosing the important "unknowns" to bring into the books.

    9. I ran across this book at the library as it was on my To-read list and read it. Took me less than an hour, a quick history kid read. Safe and good-unless you are uncomfortable with time travel. :)

    10. To see my full review:wp/p1jhaj-4fNWhile I don’t usually seek out and read MG books, I’m really glad that the publisher gave me this novel to read at my leisure. Originally, I wasn’t sure if I would read it for review or not, but since it’s such a quick read, I decided to give it a shot, and I’m happy I did. Though definitely a novel for young readers, the story itself is interesting—with a little bit of drama, lots of snooping around, and time travel, I was hooked almost from the be [...]

    11. This book is really interesting. It starts off a bit slow, but it picks up later in the book. It is an interesting way to get students in to biographies. It has enough of a fictional story to keep them interested, but enough of the biography to get them to learn about Clara Barton.

    12. I never read the “Bobbsy Twins” but that was all I could think of when I saw “e Adventures of the Robbins Twins” on the cover of this complementary teacher’s edition. This edition includes materials for teachers, and along with the newest fad, are aligned with the Common Core. I wonder why the author spent over a third of the book just setting up the time travel piece. Usually the travel is earlier in the story. By the time I got to reading about their encounter with Clara Barton, I ha [...]

    13. In the continuing saga of 'I'm reading these books completely out of order!' was this one, finally! Book one! This one wasn't my favorite book in the series that I've read thus far, but that's probably actually good news because it just means the books get better as they go on! I just found Maisie to be really, really annoying. Though I can understand her PoV since she is only 12 and going through a lot of things. I would still recommend this book and this series (now that I finally know how the [...]

    14. OK – I’ve been known to read and (insert blushing face here) enjoy young adult literature. This is a child’s book. All it was missing were the illustrations and I would be back in early grade school. I picked this book because I enjoyed Ann Hood’s “The Obituary Writer” so much and my library had a limited number of her books available. For a child’s book it was very good. It kind of made me wish I had a child to read it to. Since I didn’t I whipped through it in record time and l [...]

    15. Not really a STEM book though others in the series may be more so. Painless history, though, involving two kids, an old house and time travel. I like the way this book shows history in a context and links it to the future, well, the future of the past that is, eryou know. I have to read more in the series to see how the subplot of the great-great-aunt plays out: at the start, visiting her in the nursing home is an unpleasant boring duty; by the end, the kids are thinking maybe she has something [...]

    16. This was a good read for upper elementary age students. My son really enjoyed both the time traveling and the historical info. This was the first book in the series and got off to a slow start. The author spent a lot of time on the background of the main characters. We haven't covered the Civil War in much depth and this was a good introduction.

    17. This book was just okay for me. It felt like a rip-off of the Magic Treehouse books. It has a little older audience, but was not quite as engaging. I did not buy into the characters as easily. I may give the next on a try, but I am not necessarily sold.

    18. Parents get divorced kids move to a Newport mansion and find time travel magic and end up meeting a young Clara Barton. Great for Magic Treehouse readers wanting the next step. Believable kid characters, good dialogue, solid, enjoyable historical fiction adventures.

    19. After their parents’ divorce, twins Felix and Maisie must move to a mansion in Newport, RI. When they sneak into a secret room, they somehow travel back in time and meet a young Clara Barton. How did they get to 1836, and more importantly, how are they going to get back?

    20. My 12 year old niece is struggling with her reading. My mother-in-law is helping her and asked for historical fiction with a female character around her age. I picked this up and I think she might enjoy it.

    21. 12 year old twins, Maisie and Felix move with their newly divorced mother o Rhode Island to an old family mansionThere is a room called, "The Treasure Chest."They are transported to 1836 and meet Clara Barton.Old choice for kids who like antic Treehouse. More info in these books.

    22. Maisie and Felix now live in a seventy room mansion in Rhode Island after their parents' divorce. When the twins sneak into a secret room, "the Treasure Chest," they are whisked back in time to 1836 to meet Clara Barton, angel of the battlefield. Reviewer 21

    23. Really good, I knew who Clara Barton was. I learned when I went on a field trip. We went to her house on the Potomac, almost shoved SS Simon into the river.

    24. I found this to be an engaging read. It is pretty much The Magic Tree House series for an older set (gr. 3-6.) I liked that the series focuses on lesser known historical figures.

    25. Great book for middle readers. Great historical fiction on Clara Barton. I read this to my 7 year old and he really loved it.

    26. M and I read this. Time travel and history are a great combination. M thought it was really exciting. We're looking forward to reading #2.

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