A Perfect Opportunity

A Perfect Opportunity As a young widow with a son Sarah tries to make life as normal for him as she can When making something special for her son gets difficult Sarah finds herself wishing she had someone who can help Wi

  • Title: A Perfect Opportunity
  • Author: Darlene Panzera
  • ISBN: 2940012309006
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Nook
  • As a young widow with a son, Sarah tries to make life as normal for him as she can When making something special for her son gets difficult, Sarah finds herself wishing she had someone who can help With a plate of cookies and a simple request, Sarah may find than a helping hand A sweet romance for contemporary women.

    One thought on “A Perfect Opportunity”

    1. Sarah seems like such a sweet person and you are immediately drawn to her. You can't help but want something good to come her way, and it does in the form of her new neighbor, Matt. Their need for companionship, the timing, and their mutual attraction to each other are a recipe for not only cookies, but for a new beginning.Ms. Panzera has touched on two very real life situation here and spins a tale that will leave everyone smiling.

    2. Darlene Panzera is the queen of the sweet romance. Just what I needed to get me though the day, a fun short romance!

    3. Short storyI did not realize this was on!y a very short story. It does not let you get to know the characters well. It is like a slice in the life of the H/h. In saying that it is a quick read with a good feel to it.

    4. If The Lifetime Channel made an afterschool special, this would be it. A Perfect Opportunity is about doing the right thing and being true to yourself and those you love. The message is delivered with a light and gentle touch, but it wasn’t enough to carry the book.There were several issues which kept getting in the way of Opportunity. Panzera’s prose was effective but a bit stiff and mechanical. A few abrupt point-of-view changes, along with some minor formatting errors, also didn’t help. [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this short romance story. It's flirty in a sweet way, and I loved the main characters, Sarah and Matt. Sarah's trying her best to make ends meet as a single mother and hates asking people for help. But luckily for her, Matt, the new next door neighbor, is more than eager to help her assemble a skateboard for her son's birthday, help out at her son's party, and anything else she needs help with but won't admit. This is the story of two good people (one widowed and one divorced) f [...]

    6. I LOVED this story!!! it is sweet and funny just a great feel good read. You could really relate to the characters!!! Check out Darlenes book trailer for the short story too right here is the link youtu/CljAig9eYm0I loved her story and cool book trailer to :)

    7. enjoyed this book for a short read. Pity the book could of not been made into a full length novel. The story line was good. Will be reading more novels. Hopefully there will be full length novels from this author

    8. This is a great read!!!!!!! It is a really fun sweet story! You could really relate to the characters. I highly recommend reading it! :)Check out this link for her book traileryoutu/CljAig9eYm0

    9. This is a cute story about how to meet new neighbors and change your life. The characters mirror true life. I liked it.

    10. Very short but sweet, fine for a just before sleep read. For me the story line moved along a little too fast but to be expected by short stories.

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