A Pet for Miss Wright

A Pet for Miss Wright Miss Wright is a writer She enjoys her work Each day she sits at her desk and writes stories with marvelous characters who live exciting lives But except for the click click click of the keyboard it

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  • Title: A Pet for Miss Wright
  • Author: Judy Young Andréa Wesson
  • ISBN: 9781585365098
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Miss Wright is a writer She enjoys her work Each day she sits at her desk and writes stories with marvelous characters who live exciting lives But, except for the click click click of the keyboard, it is quiet in Miss Wright s office Too quiet And too lonely.So Miss Wright decides she needs a pet to keep her company.But finding the perfect pet may not be as easy as itMiss Wright is a writer She enjoys her work Each day she sits at her desk and writes stories with marvelous characters who live exciting lives But, except for the click click click of the keyboard, it is quiet in Miss Wright s office Too quiet And too lonely.So Miss Wright decides she needs a pet to keep her company.But finding the perfect pet may not be as easy as it sounds A mynah bird is too quiet, a cat makes her sleepy, and a hamster running around on its wheel makes Miss Wright dizzy What s a lonely writer to do As the happy ending to her story, Miss Wright finds not only the perfect pet but also the perfect helpmate to her work.

    One thought on “A Pet for Miss Wright”

    1. A Pet for Miss Wright boasts some lovely, intricate illustrations. It contains a lesson that certain pets aren’t right for everybody and it’s important to find the animal right for you, as well as one against keeping wild animals as pets.So why two stars?Miss Wright purchases every animal she brings home (including a cat, a dog, and a monkey(!) ) from a pet store. She does absolutely no research on the species prior to bringing them home—instead just waits until they start causing havoc be [...]

    2. Love this book. All the problems with various pets, but a dog ends up being the best pet for a writer. I totally agree. :-) And my Newfie Barnabas Reed sleeps at my feet while I write too!

    3. Miss Wright is an author. She enjoys her work, but it's a quiet, solitary occupation. She decides to get a pet to keep her company. But what sort of pet would be best? After trying several animals that are unsatisfactory, the pet shop owner recommends a dog. As I could have told her, the dog is a perfect pet. He rests quietly on the floor beside her as she types, and she doesn't feel lonely any more. But this dog becomes a helpful critic. He gives kisses when he likes her stories, he buries his [...]

    4. Upon finishing this book, Pippa declared, "I don't like that story." She didn't elaborate Not being a dog person myself, I found it depressing that Miss Wright adopted & then gave back a slew of "unsuitable" pets before settling on a dog. How sad for the unwanted pets! Not to mention that most of her choices were unwise considering her needs. This story felt more like an allegory about misadventures in dating, than a story about pets. It wasn't an unpleasant read. It just didn't quite suit u [...]

    5. A cute premise, but I was disturbed by the way Miss Wright returned the pets that didn't suit her to the pet store. And I was disturbed by the fact that she even went to the pet store. Poor message for kids.

    6. Miss Wright, a lonely author, realized how lonely she was. When she started trying out pets, she discovered that none of them were what she needed. The pet store worker suggested she try a dog. While she worked, the dog slept on the floor near her and she felt less lonely. He became her critic, reacting to her written words with howling, whining, kisses, or taking her for a walk to think of better ideas. The reader can't help liking the dog.

    7. Miss Wright is a writer which is a lonely job. She needs a pet to keep her company. What pet should she get. She tries several. Birds, fish, monkeys, cats none of them are right. Then she tries a dog and he is perfect, he gives her a kiss if he likes the story, he whines when the story is sad, he howls when the story is funny, and he is good company. The story is cute, what makes the book is the wonderful illustrations by Andrea Wesson.

    8. All agesMiss Wright is a writer and her work is very lonely so she decides to get a pet. After trying out several different pets, Miss Wright is about to give up on trying to have a pet when the owner of the pet store convinces her to try a dog. The dog turns out the be the perfect companion for writing. You could use this for a pet themed story time and talk to the children about all the different kinds of pets you can have and what those pets might be good at.

    9. A Pet for Miss Wright by Judy YoungAudible children's book about a writer who is tired of the click click of her keys. She knows she needs a pet and goes through the listof what she thinks would be a good fit. Pet store owner gives her a bird to start with. Bird doesn't talk, monkey tried to help her type,fish hypnotized her into staring contests, cat just slept all day and so did she.She tried one more animal over a few days

    10. B age 10, says, she does not like this book because some of the statements about animals are not true. Birds are not usually quiet and cats do not usually make people sleepy. I think people should not try to force kids to like dogs only. I do not recommend this book. The first time I read this it very much hurt my feelings.

    11. Another doggy lover and cat hater.Obviously the author has never met my neighbor's nasty yappy pugs. Nor my delightful cats who keep me company as I write and have never walked across a keyboard yet, but are properly dignified household decorations.Or as prolific author Mark Twain said:"Some people scorn a cat and think it not an essential; but the Clemens tribe are not of these."

    12. Miss Wright is an author but her house is too quiet when she writes. So she decides to get a pet. She tries a bird, a monkey, a fish and a cat but none of them work out. Then she takes home a dog and it is perfect. Now she can write and not be lonely.This is a really cute story. The illustrations are fun and funny. Perfect book for pet lovers.

    13. What a cute book and it comes round full circle, like a good book should. The dog was a bit unbelievable, but that's what made the story fun. Yes, a writer's life and job is lonely, but if you have a dog, it can be less lonely. Cute book and entertaining.

    14. A good read aloud to support students' writing efforts, especially when they're feeling less than good about their progress. I like that Miss Wright uses so many strategies to fix up her writing! A good book to use for grades 2 and 3, though younger students will also like Miss Wright.

    15. I really liked reading this book because of the pictures. They look a little rough and sketched which i like. I think the story line was very fun and i like how the dog had its own personality and could understand everything she wrote.

    16. Cute story about Miss Wright trying to find the right pet for her. She tries them out then returns them until she finds the magical one for her. When she does find the perfect match for her, she is able to accomplish a lot. They bond and spend time together. It's a sweet story.

    17. An entertaining tale about an author and her search for the perfect pet to keep her company as she writes.

    18. Miss Wright is an author looking for the perfect writing companion. Only the dog seems to fit. It does have some connections to the writing/authoring process. Cute illustrations.

    19. Miss Wright is an author and it's a great life just a little lonely. She decides to get a pet to keep her company but it's a trial an error till she finds the perfect pet.

    20. Why three stars. She returned the cat. I'm a cat person. Wished she would have kept the cat. Glad the dog has got a home though. Other than that it's a cute story.

    21. Humorous story about one writer's quest to find the perfect pet. Artwork is perfect as a backdrop to the lonely writer, and all her "almost" pets!

    22. Cute little story about finding the right pet. Also like the inclusion of a job as an author. I did feel the other animals got a bad rap though. Still really cute!

    23. A boring look at the whole writing process from first draft to acceptance. For any writers out there, you'll know this is boring material for which to write a picture book.

    24. I like the unique border of the pages and designs. I liked the story and I thought the monkey was pretty neat.

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