The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History You will find the history of the world covering the major civilizations rulers and events The book paints a vivid picture of everyday life over thousands of years

  • Title: The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
  • Author: Fiona Chandler Sam Taplin
  • ISBN: 9780794526887
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You will find the history of the world covering the major civilizations, rulers and events The book paints a vivid picture of everyday life over thousands of years.

    One thought on “The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History”

    1. See my review on amazon for a complete table of contents. I love the Usborne series of encyclopedias and other books, and was really excited to add this to our home's repertoire. While there is not a lot of depth on some areas/topics (Ancient China and Japan, for instance), there is certainly a huge breadth of knowledge. I am excited that there are 100 pages dedicated to prehistory, including the birth of our planet and the beginnings of life. There is a really cool visual timeline of prehistory [...]

    2. This was a great research book, from the first humans on Earth to great civilizations like Egypt, Greece and Rome. It was beautifully illustrated and written, I've never read an encyclopedia as fast! :)However I did not agree to the first few chapters and the theory, I don't think it should be inclouded- at all Though I loved Jane Bingham's style (how she wrote everything in a fun, cool way but still gave plenty of useful info). The Usborne illustration company did it again :) It made me see the [...]

    3. We've read through quite a bit of this so far. We skipped the caveman stuff since I don't necessarily subscribe to evolution/caveman theory. We did enjoy the ancient world part and have used the first part of the middle ages.We use this as a history spine. We read a page or two to get a general feel about what happened and the major people of that time period. Then we add other books to gain depth.I like how this book is organized. It is color coded by continent which makes it easy to flip throu [...]

    4. Well… there's some good and some bad.Good–• The book, due to pictures and scattered information, is very fun to look at.• It covers a wide range of history and does a fairly good job of it.Bad–• It presents a theoretical hypotheses as historical fact. Alright, prehistorical "fact," but that does little to soften the blow. Last I checked (which was just about never), history books were written to record facts about history.• For the first many, many, even more many pages, the dates [...]

    5. My daughter has read this book cover to cover like a novel 5 times. It is a good reference and includes links to other sources; some of which are historically educational games.

    6. Do you want to learn about world history? The book The Usborne Encyclopedia of world history is a great book about world history. The authors are Jane Bingham, Fiona Chandler, and Sam Taplin. This book includes Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval time periods. I also can't forget the last 500 years. In the Prehistoric time period there is the birth of the Earth, the first fish, and early reptiles. There was also the first dinosaur, the first bird, and the death of the dinosaurs. There was also Th [...]

    7. I'm really enjoying the short informational pages, with illustrations, in this book. It is a great compliment to the additional details in Story of the World and also on the internet link sites.I think we use this book throughout the first couple years of BYL but I don't want it in my Currently-Reading list that whole time so I'm reviewing it after a month.

    8. The Encyclopedia of World History gives information on world history chronologically. It ranges all the way from ancient civilizations to World War 2. This book is able to connect with the reader through its pictures and through its explanations on important pieces of history that have helped shape our civilization today. This book is interesting but I found it very boring. I got this book when I got the Science Encyclopedia but I did not find this one as fun to read. It has a lot of historical [...]

    9. Josh likes to call it the encyclopedia of history and pre-history. We are all in love with this book. It's just scrumptious, cover to cover. It covers the history of the universe, the birth of the Earth, evolution, prehistory, and history. Each topic is given a few pages and it's just enough to cover the basics or reinforce prior knowledge and add a bit. This is great for Josh right now in first grade and I can see that I went too advance with the Usborne Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece--this wou [...]

    10. Some evolution/pre-historic information is presented as fact when, in fact, it is not fact or proven. Never are the Usborne books unbiased enough to at least admit that there is another theory and the one that they present is not at all scientifically proven but is, in fact, a religious belief of atheism. Information presented is cartoonish and is busy. Some children do not like the format. Some pictures are very small and hard to discern.We got ours in a history core from Winter Promise and I w [...]

    11. Thanks to Noble and Dixie for the reminder about this book! We used to use this book a lot for history, then I got out of the habit. We are going to start next week to reinforce what we have learned from "Hittite Warrior" our lunchtime history read aloud. Maybe it has a special appeal to boys . . . Malachi especially likes this book as well.

    12. This was one of our additional resources for Sonlight Core 6 World History this year, but I wasn't really that thrilled with it. I pulled it out regularly at the beginning of the year, but as we progressed, it just became an irritant so I quit using it. It's a good book, but in the context that I was using it, I didn't enjoy having it as an additional resource.

    13. I found this in a box of my son's old books and decided I could use a history refresher. This was a great overview from the beginning of everything to the year 2000. I am going to spend some more time looking at the timeline in the back of the book, as I often get confused about when events took place.

    14. It was the fact that I am a homeschooler that made me purchase this book, but I think it should be on every families bookshelf. The text is excellent and there is no way you would find all of this great history links on your own.

    15. Actually pretty good, considering it covers history of the world in 400 pages with pictures and still has a lot of details.

    16. We just read a page or two every day. We skipped the evolution stuff in the beginning, though, there was way too much of it

    17. Fascinating book of world history for children that covers the prehistoric world through modern times. Filled with colorful pictures that bring the past to life. Highly recommended.

    18. A fantastic book that covers a wide range of topics, eg; history, geography,science etc. A MUST READ BOOK!!!

    19. An excellent book for getting adults and children alike excited about history. Visually beautiful and engaging. My son and I are going to have fun reading this book together.

    20. Great reference! We enjoy the detail in the drawings. We read the first section straight thru, and have used the rest to look up areas of interest.

    21. It's a keeper! Loads of information from almost all the civilizations. My kids love looking things up in here.

    22. Rather annoying the amount of subjects it covers without any depth.It skims so many things, you look them up, excited to learn, and then need to research further and elsewhere.

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