True Valor

True Valor Air Force pararescueman Bruce Striker Stanton spends his life rescuing pilots downed behind enemy lines and Grace Yates flies an F A Hornet for the Navy On their dangerous jobs away from home the

  • Title: True Valor
  • Author: Dee Henderson Todd McLaren
  • ISBN: 9781590521779
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Audio
  • Air Force pararescueman Bruce Striker Stanton spends his life rescuing pilots downed behind enemy lines, and Grace Yates flies an F A 18 Hornet for the Navy On their dangerous jobs away from home, they exchanged love letters Now a fight between Syria and Turkey over water rights on the Euphrates has spiraled into a confrontation NATO finds itself struggling to prevent.Air Force pararescueman Bruce Striker Stanton spends his life rescuing pilots downed behind enemy lines, and Grace Yates flies an F A 18 Hornet for the Navy On their dangerous jobs away from home, they exchanged love letters Now a fight between Syria and Turkey over water rights on the Euphrates has spiraled into a confrontation NATO finds itself struggling to prevent For the military deployed in the region, it s not just the occasional news headline it s their daily problem And when a missing Navy pilot turns out to be Gracie, Bruce has got one mission get her out alive

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    1. This book is definitely a favorite. I like it more than the first book for a couple different reasons. The romance was more realistic, Gracie and Bruce sharing a relationship through letters during a lot of the book. The flying and SEAL work just blew me over. Sometimes the army and Navy terms confused me, but I really like how Dee Henderson makes everything sound realistic. I loved Gracie's cousin, Wolf, who made me laugh. The scene where Gracie crashes over enemy lines was the best. Another re [...]

    2. This was a great book! It’s a good, clean love story with lots of intrigue and action. The author is obviously knowledgeable about navy seals, and aircraft carriers which makes it fun to read and 100% believable. I love how Dee Henderson really draws you into the story and makes you feel like you are right in the middle. I loved reading it! Though I’m a little behind on posting my review, this story really only took me about two days to read because it was so captivating. I really wanted to [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading "True Valor" just as much as I enjoyed reading the previous novel in the Uncommon Heroes Series, "True Devotion." Since I am -- and always have been -- an absolute sucker for series, it was so wonderful to have a connection back to Joe "Bear" Baker and his lovely newlywed wife of two years, Kelly Jacobs Baker. However, I was also thrilled to meet and form a fast friendship with another Navy SEAL in that same unit, Tom "Wolf" Yeats. After meeting Wolf, I was introduced to his br [...]

    4. The second book in Dee Henderson's Uncommon Heroes series focuses on the love lives of two military people. Grace is a Navy pilot. Bruce is an Air Force Pararescue Jumper. The two met through relatives. Grace's best friend is dating her cousin. Grace's best friend's brother happens to be Bruce.The story is about how two people in the military, two different branches of the military, can fall in love and have what amounts to a long distance relationship. Many letters written by Bruce and Grace in [...]

    5. *Update* I was not as generous this time reading through. Everything I mentioned in the previous review still holds true and felt exaggerated this time. This book did not survive round two of the purge from my personal collection.I tried really hard to like this book as much as the first in the series but I just didn't. There's too much in this book that is disjointed, unconnected and without driving force. Rather than saying that there's anything wrong with this book, I'll say that there wasn't [...]

    6. I have read maybe a dozen books by Dee Henderson and loved practically all of them giving them five stars. I did not enjoy True Valor nearly as much. she did not develop her characters enough, it was very surface in terms of their emotions, relationships, and their faith,; the scriptures used in this book did not resonate with me and the constant use of Air Force jargon which I did not understand made it a difficult read. My husband was navy and I have read Henderson's books about submarines, an [...]

    7. I really did enjoy this book, and struggled with how to rate it. I chose 3 stars, because, honestly, there were a lot of forgettable parts to this book. Normally, I find Dee Henderson's jargon and descriptions immersing, but in this book, it seemed to be on overload. My imagination had a hard time processing, because a lot of the jargon was not in the glossary. I'm very much a word-lover, but military-specific wording is not part of my vocabulary. I loved the story about Gracie and Striker, but [...]

    8. This piece was intricately done by Dee Henderson and its very nature mirrors the life our brave men and women go though as they serve our countries and keep us safe by putting their lives in the line. but as love comes into the mix and two soldiers are drenched in love and cannot stay without taking to each other talk of letter writing an art we've lost thanks to social media. The choice of words and the candid ability Dee employs to take you to the front-line yet bring you back home full of lov [...]

    9. This book was not as action packed and full of suspense as the O'Malley series or the first book of the Uncommon Heroes series. In the beginning I struggled to truly follow all the characters because it jumped between the character's real name and military name.I enjoyed the book, but did not loved it as much as Dee Henderson's other suspense books. For me it was more a fictional biography of life in the military. I enjoyed Bruce and Tom stories.

    10. This did not have much action and wasn't very interesting. There were too many letters between the main characters because they were hardly together in person. I also didn't care much for the main female character, because her career as a Navy jet pilot was the most important thing in her life.

    11. I didn't like this book as much as the last one for some reason. It just didn't speak to me, I suppose. This book was not so much focused on romance but other things as well. I enjoyed the flying and the different names.

    12. I read this too long ago to give a good review. But, this is one of my all-time favorite books and favorite series.

    13. A little heavy on the Christian angle but not as bad as I feared; it was actually the military jargon that dragged it down more. If you want a realistic romance between two seasoned members of the Armed Forces, especially ones who spend a lot of time on the job, this is definitely it. But I get why the religious theme is there, because it adds to the already overwhelmingly solid Classic Values foundation, starting with the theme of family in the closeness of the core four here: Bruce, older brot [...]

    14. I'm finally starting to get used to Dee's writing style, certain patterns and word usages not bugging me as much. That being said, I was less than impressed with this story.Even with the close calls, crashes, and other disastrous happenings, the book lulled me in to a lethargic apathy. I had a hard time maintaining interest in the story due to the slow pace of the plot. Most of the time, I feel like there was a definite lack of passion (or any emotion at all) in Grace and Bruce's relationship, s [...]

    15. I enjoyed this one. It was not action/suspense, and it was romance, but it was super sweet. Bruce and Grace getting to know one another through the old fashioned letter. It was great. I liked the emphasis on the important things in life; the focus on the people you love. There really isn't that much action or plot to this book, just sort of following along as Bruce and Grace do their jobs. As much as the military stuff could get a little hard to follow, I just didn't try to follow the code too m [...]

    16. Probably closer to 3.5 stars. This sweet Christian romance/suspense was ok, but not as good, in my opinion, as most of Dee Henderson's other books. I enjoyed Grace, and she seemed very realistic, but many of the other characters did not seem fully fleshed out. There were many letters back and forth between the two main characters, and that technique is not a favorite of mine. I am glad I read it, and will read the rest of the series.

    17. it was a good book. Not it's good is the first one, but it gives you a in-depth look at what it really takes to be a Navy seal. I was disappointed that most of the excitement was going the last half of the book, though

    18. This one is good for completely different reasons from the ones that made the first one good. I didn't like it quite as much as the first one but I enjoyed the slow building relationship among the chaos of their jobs. It is proof that long distance relationships can work.

    19. I like this series about uncommon heroes. It was an easy story to get into. However, I must say that I like to read about a relationship that can develop in person rather than seeing it unfold in letters and phone calls as is the case with "Gracie" Yate an Air force pilot (wolf's cousin from the SEALS and Striker's sister Jill's best friend) and "striker" Bruce Staton with the Air Force Pararescue Jumpers (Wolf's fiance, Jill's, older brother). This read made me appreciate that I'm a civilian an [...]

    20. In True Valor, Major Bruce “Striker” Stanton is a parajumper who is not fond of the water. His only living relative is his sister, Jill, who is a civilian dating a Navy Seal, “Wolf” who works with Joe “Bear” Baker from book 1. Jill’s best friend is Wolf’s cousin, Lieutenant Grace “Gracie” Yates who is a fighter pilot with the Navy. After a near death experience, Striker writes her a letter. She gets it before her next deployment and they strike up a relationship by mail.Graci [...]

    21. air force major bruce "striker" stanton has his sights set on navy pilot lt. grace "gracie" yates. he carefully plots out his pursuit of the beautiful blue eyed grace, approaching her at a bbq hosted by a mutual friend, then communicating with her by letters as they are sent of on their seperate missions. he has respect for her toughness, as a girl growing up with a dream to fly she bucked convention to rise up through the ranks and become a capable fighter pilot. bruce's job is as a medic recui [...]

    22. Wow! This was an emotional book! Not because of the romance and not necessarily because of the storyline. It was the realization of everything the military personnel goes through to keep us safe. Although I gave the book 5 stars, the storyline, romance, and characters, were more along the lines of 4 stars. The emotional depth of the book was worthy of 5 stars. The book was a little difficult to get into, in the beginning; characters hard to follow and bond with. There was a lot of military terms [...]

    23. This is the second time I've attempted to read this book, and I think it will be my last attempt at this series. The story didn't have much action and wasn't very interesting to me. I think that the most annoying thing was that these felt like stock characters that could be in any Inspirational Romance novel. Bruce and Grace are the same old talented, romantic, God-fearing people that I feel I've read about before. It felt like their cute little exchanges were very close to others the author has [...]

    24. This is the second book in the Uncommon Heroes Series. Dee Henderson does not disappoint by adding romance with a hint of suspense. She weaves a storyline through the eyes of her characters that is intense and draws the reader in.Air Force Pararescuer Bruce had a close call on his last mission. It got him to thinking about what he regrets not fulfilling in his life, so when he gets a chance to rectify those regrets, he doesn’t waste any time. One thing on his list has him looking at Gracie as [...]

    25. I was not as impressed with this book as I was with the first one. It may be my opinions about duel military families (I won't get into most of my military view points right now, not really wanting to offend others), sure I think that they can work out, but the reality of someone living in one area, and the other living somewhere different for a long period of time is just unrealistic to me. Air Force and Navy assignments, plus deployments, and thinking that a marriage can last through letters, [...]

    26. This really fell short of my expectations for Dee Henderson. She is one of my favorites and giving her 3 stars pains me.I did greatly enjoy the characters, and that is perhaps what kept me so engrossed in the novel.The plot, however, was lackluster and at some points seemingly unnecessary. I do realize the "realism" she was trying to portray, and she did in fact portray much of military deployments as they feel to those experiencing them. As only being on the civilian side of deployments, I can' [...]

    27. This book convinced me that Dee Henderson put a lot more effort into the O'Malley series. It was my least favorite of any of her books I've read. Maybe part of the problem is that I've read too many of her books. You start to notice too many similarities.Probably the most annoying thing was that these felt like stock Dee Henderson characters. Bruce and Grace are the same old talented, romantic, God-fearing people that I feel I've read about before. Their cute little exchanges were very close to [...]

    28. Written so well, audibly performed amazingly well. I really loved this one. The technicalities in each military division as well as the play between the devisions was very well done. I love that the author has a female, Grace, as a very skilled pilot of the beloved FA-18 Hornet! (One of my particular favorites, even though she's a Navy bird. I'll just have to forgive her that because she flies so well!) I really liked the way the author has styled this book in a letter to letter style, almost li [...]

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