Bumble Ardy Yes this new release is by Maurice Sendak Bumble Ardy is in fact the first book illustrated and written by him since s Outside Over There Its piglet main character and his story had distinguis

  • Title: Bumble-Ardy
  • Author: Maurice Sendak
  • ISBN: 9780062051981
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Yes, this new release is by Maurice Sendak Bumble Ardy is, in fact, the first book illustrated and written by him since 1981 s Outside Over There Its piglet main character and his story had distinguished beginnings Bumble Ardy originally appeared in a Sesame Street animated short created by Sendak and his friend Jim Henson Its robust pictures and rowdy rhymes are vintaYes, this new release is by Maurice Sendak Bumble Ardy is, in fact, the first book illustrated and written by him since 1981 s Outside Over There Its piglet main character and his story had distinguished beginnings Bumble Ardy originally appeared in a Sesame Street animated short created by Sendak and his friend Jim Henson Its robust pictures and rowdy rhymes are vintage Sendak At nine past nine the piggy swine Broke down the door and guzzled brine And hogged sweet cakes and oinked loud grunts And pulled all kinds of dirty stunts Simply masterful.Barnes Noble has said Since the publication of his classic Outside Over There in 1981, Maurice Sendak s book illustrations have focused on interpreting the texts of such authors as James Marshall, Tony Kushner, Wilhelm Grimm, Ruth Krauss, Herman Melville, and Mother Goose And beginning in 1980, with his sets and costumes for The Magic Flute, Sendak launched a busy second career as the designer of stage productions of opera and ballet Now comes Bumble Ardy, the first book he has written as well as illustrated in thirty years.Bumble Ardy has evolved from an animated segment for Sesame Street to a glorious picture book about a mischievous pig who reaches the age of nine without ever having a birthday party But all that changes when Bumble Ardy throws a party for himself and invites all his friends, leading to a wild masquerade that quickly gets out of hand.In this highly anticipated picture book, Sendak once again explores the exuberance of young children and the unshakable love between parent in this case, an aunt and child.

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    1. As curled as a little piggy's tail, this tale of a wild rumpus (haven't we all craved that since Where the Wild Things introduced this idea?) has all the reality a child might need to be well-adjusted to the world, or perhaps worlds, of childhood. I grew up reading the Grimm canon of fairytales and found solace in the grim realities that so many of the heroines or heroes faced and endured in tale after tale. I preferred the ones that didn't always have a pat ending and Sendak recognized the nece [...]

    2. Perhaps I am a heretic, but I just never truly got the charm of Maurice Sendak's books. Sure, I read Where the Wild Things Are as a child and a parent and I definitely had to check out In the Night Kitchen to see what all the fuss was about. But I never really liked his books. When I read that he'd released a new one, I thought I'd give him another chance. No luck again. The rhyming narrative is entertaining, but I had to go back several times to make sure that I didn't skip a page because it di [...]

    3. I disliked this from the dark prologue where Sendak kills off the family and didn't like the rest any better. And I disliked it even more when I discovered that it was based on this much sweeter Sesame Street segment made by Sendak and Jim Henson.As he has aged, Sendak has grown gloomier and gloomier. The man who wrote Where the Wild Things Are,the book my older daughter adored, In the Night Kitchen, which her younger sister loved with equal fervor and The Nutshell Library, stories which I have [...]

    4. This book is just plain awful. I haven't seen the Sesame Street segment it was based on, so I'm not sure if it is similar, but I just can't imagine SS showing something this awful to kids. The story is supposed to show the unconditional love between a parent and a child, but after the aunt comes at Ardy's friends with a meat cleaver, I wouldn't be so quick to forgive. The illustrations leave much to be desired. At one point, Sendak tries to show us how angry the aunt is by making her look like A [...]

    5. I had such high hopes for this one and I don't feel as though they were met. I was expecting a wonderful amazing book and the book I got instead was a very odd just OK read. I read the first page, I liked that the pig newspaper said "We Read Banned Books" which made me laugh. But from there, nothing. I do like the rhyming text which has a very nice rhythm to it. The artwork of course is interesting to look at, even if the masquerade costumes are a bit odd and sometimes a bit creepy. I think they [...]

    6. Wow! I am shocked to see this book has so many low ratings. I agree that it is not up to par with Sendak's prior works but it is certainly not a 1 or 2 star book.That being said, Bumble-Ardy is about a pig who throws an over-the-top birthday party to make-up for missed birthdays in the past. This party doesn't end well but Bumble-Ardy learns a lesson in unconditional love. A fun story, filled with rhythmic text and Sendak's round, warm illustrations that most have come to love.

    7. Although I have only the highest praise for Higglety Pigglety Pop, and Where the Wild Things Are is a classic in the genre, I'm not the world's biggest Sendak fan, and I've never really understood his high place in the pantheon of American children's author/illustrators. There's been a lot of buzz about both him and this book in the library world of late, however, so when the chance came to read it, I made sure to do so.Even for Sendak, who's made a career out of creating hallucinatory worlds, t [...]

    8. I was so excited when I found out that Maurice Sendak was coming out with a new book. I actually raced with one of my patrons to see who could find it and read it first. I found it and read it and was immediately disappointed. It was not what I expected at all. The illustrations were terrible and the story was entirely too dark for children. (I know Where the Wild Things are is not exactly brightbut it is at least enjoyable.) I handed the book over to the patron and shook my head. "Neither you, [...]

    9. Normally I do not list picture books here because I read quite a lot of them for my job however I felt this one needed attention. I read Bumble-Ardy and was horrified in a way that I haven't been in a very long time. I felt the rhyme was lacking in the story, the illustrations were creepy and the story in general was dark and scary (insert image of Bumble-Ardy's aunt going after the party guests with a meat cleaver). This is not a book for children and to be honest I felt the plot didn't track f [...]

    10. Just didn't do it for me. Very strange, very dark, and geared more for adults than kids. I expect it will get lots of good reviews and good sales based on the fact that it's a Maurice Sendak book but if I removed the name on the front cover and looked at it like any other book I wouldn't buy it. There are some lovely illustrations, but that wasn't enough to carry the book for me, at least.

    11. I didn't like this at all. The illustrations were not up to Sendak's usual standard, the story was both meandering and pandering. The characters were unlikeable, the plot absent. There wasn't anything I liked about this one, not a bit of it.

    12. After years and years of reading Maurice Sendak’s works (Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen are some of my favorite works by him), I wanted to read Maurice Sendak’s most recent works and I just picked up this little gem of a book by Maurice Sendak, called “Bumble-Ardy!” “Bumble-Ardy” is a truly unique and fun book that children everywhere will definitely enjoy!A young pig named Bumble-Ardy never celebrated his birthday when he was younger (which happens to be on June [...]

    13. Okay, look. Maurice Sendak is like, a thousand years old. He's gonna get a little loopy. It's what happens with artists - compare early works, their drawings get looser, artists care less about detail than they did when they were younger (ie Where the Wild Things Are vs this book).I knew there was some hubbub regarding its release, but I purposely didn't read any of the reviews before checking Bumble-Ardy out from my local library. And yeah, it's kinda not for kids. But neither was Where the Wil [...]

    14. This book is written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. It's a fun and silly story about a little pig named Bumble-Ardy and his Aunt Adeline. All of the prose is in rhymes which children will love although some of the words are a bit beyond the knowledge of a younger child (ie. brine, swine). Also, some children might find the pictures of the characters a bit scary. And they might be upset about Aunt Adeline's threat not to let little Bumble-Ardy have a birthday party ever again! Although I thou [...]

    15. Personally, this story is a little scary. I also have trouble finding the point this story is trying to make. Bumble-Ardy's lives with his aunt. Bumble-Ardy has missed eight birthdays in a row. Therefore, his aunt has promised to give him a good 9th birthday. His aunt has been setting and preparing for the party all week. however, while she is at work Bumble-Ardy decided to invite all of his friends over for a party. Bumble-Ardy and his friends destroy his aunt's house. When she comes home from [...]

    16. When I heard there was a new Sendak book coming out I was excited; I ordered multiple copies for the library and I couldn't wait for them to get here. It finally appeared on the new book shelf and I read it. Boy was I disappointed. I can't believe this is written by the same person that wrote Where the Wild Things Are. Sure Sendak's books are all a little different and quirky, but they are at least fun to read. This one not so much. I thought the story was bad, the characters awful and the illus [...]

    17. This book was a waste of my precious time. I’m not a huge Sendak fan to begin with, but I have to wonder why this book was ever created. I see no real redeeming value. I didn’t like the pictures or the characters. I figured I was way off base compared to other ’ members but after I read I checked the average rating and I’m not so alone after all. (before my rating/review: 2.67 average star rating, and I’m not the only one giving it only 1 star) I do feel that perhaps I’m being a tad [...]

    18. a little creepy, a little sad, a little amazing. people underestimate kids, i think, what they can handle and what they can enjoy, and i think people ultimately underestimate exactly how bloodthirsty and macabre children can be. maurice sendak does not insult children that way. bumble-ardy gets carried away at his first (well, 9th) birthday party and his loving aunty gets mad, threatens to eat his guests, but in the end forgives him and loves him. where's the terrible? i don't see it, but i did [...]

    19. Controversial- This book is about a young piglet who has never had a birthday party. He does not have parents and lives with his aunt. He decides to throw himself a party when his aunt isn't home and it gets out of control. I can see why some parents do not like this book and would not want their young children to read it. It is a picture book based on parents death and disobeying authority. At some point though, children are going to learn about these things and you can even use this book as a [...]

    20. Maurice Sendak's newest picture book in almost 30 years is definitely a strange one. The tale of Bumble-Ardy, who has never had a birthday party, is pretty dark. The illustrations, while great, will freak out and even scare younger children. This book is geared more toward adults with "Maurice Sendak" nostalgia than kids. Interesting but not really my cup of tea in the end.

    21. Dear god, Yuck! The pictures are creepy, the rhyme is strange, the angry aunt seems to turn demonic towards the end. Did the publishers lose a bet? Is that why this was accepted. Do they just publish any old thing that Maurice Sendak sends them now? Yuck!

    22. Meant for adult? Not Sendak's usual extraordinary color, shape, and storytelling? I am clearly not getting this.

    23. I'm unsure about the audience for this book and the story didn't make sense. Just bizarre (and not in a good way).

    24. Way too dark and disturbing. Not one that I'd buy for or read to my children. I just don't get Maurice Sendak!

    25. The dust jacket is completely different from the dust jacket cover of Maurice Sendak’s “Bumble-ardy.” Beneath the colorful scenes of the dust jacket, there is a plain green cover with a simple picture of the main character. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at the title page where the pig, Bumble, is busting through the page, facing the reader. It is a very postmodern metafictive element in the story. The main character is seen breaking through a calendar and addressing the reader. This [...]

    26. Bumble-Ardy is a book about a little piglet who never had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday before his ninth-birthday party was supposed to take place. His aunt was the one throwing this birthday party for him and was admit about not having a lot of people over so he kept his birthday party a secret to prevent this from happening and upsetting his aunt. When his aunt came home from work on the day of his birthday, she walked in to a large crowd of people in her house and yelled at him. A [...]

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