Perdici n Sus perversos sue osCuando Izzy se acost nunca esper despertar en desgracia Desde luego era maravilloso sentir unas manos c lidas en su carne la spera piel sin afeitar contra su mejilla Todo parec a

  • Title: Perdición
  • Author: Celeste Bradley
  • ISBN: 9788408076131
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sus perversos sue osCuando Izzy se acost , nunca esper despertar en desgracia Desde luego era maravilloso sentir unas manos c lidas en su carne la spera piel sin afeitar contra su mejilla Todo parec a un sue o maravillosamente perverso Pero, a la sociedad, aquello no le importaba en absoluto Para ellos estaba arruinada, pues Lord Eppinghan, Julian Blackworth, hSus perversos sue osCuando Izzy se acost , nunca esper despertar en desgracia Desde luego era maravilloso sentir unas manos c lidas en su carne la spera piel sin afeitar contra su mejilla Todo parec a un sue o maravillosamente perverso Pero, a la sociedad, aquello no le importaba en absoluto Para ellos estaba arruinada, pues Lord Eppinghan, Julian Blackworth, hab a sido descubierto en su cama y ella le hab a reclamado como suyo.No hab a querido atrapar al guapo libertino en matrimonio Aunque pudiera desear ahogarse por siempre en sus ojos dorados, casarse con cualquier hombre no era algo que buscase.Fue algo en su contacto, en sus besos Algo que hab a incitado a proteger a Julian de su propia ruina interponi ndose en su camino Si salvar a este hombre significaba caer en desgracia, que as fuera Y al salvarle a l, podr a salvarse ella misma.

    One thought on “Perdición”

    1. This book is quite a little gem. I bought it on a whim because I liked the plain jane heroine and the fact that they had been caught in a compromising position and so had to get engaged. It's my first book by Bradley, and I loved it. She became an autobuy from this point on. I love to reread parts of it because I feel it is beautifully written. To be honest, it is rather dark and angsty. Julian has serious family issues and has some self-hatred that he needs to get past. I don't feel he is easy [...]

    2. The first half? Not bad, a little potential. Then it gets bloody ridiculous. (view spoiler)[ The pair have sex. The sex knocks the sense from the book. It changes Izzy's personality. She went speaking her mind to nodding and brooding for 150 pages. Julian says, and I quote, "Indeed, that certainly satisfied my curiosity" after you have sex the first time and you don't call him on it. Not even after you've processed the dickishness of it? Really? Gonna let that slide (and lots of other stuff) but [...]

    3. Loved this book !! Will defiantly be reading more of this author in future ! Fantastic writing,loved the plot elements and characters :)Six stars ! A must read for all HR LOVERS.:D

    4. 3.5 starsThe first half of this book was a solid 4 stars and I was loving the friendship between the h/H & then it went all downhill. The hero became a jack-ass & I just wanted it to finish by that point.

    5. Menuda sorpresa con este libro. Me ha gustado, he disfrutado mucho leyéndolo y además he descubierto a otra autora, de la cual, leeré otro libro de ella.

    6. 3.5 starsOriginally published in 2001, Fallen is Celeste Bradley’s first novel and it has a lot going for it. The hero and heroine are attractive, well-suited characters, the relationship between them is built displaying plenty of humour and affection, there’s a lip-smacking villain or two, good dialogue and the book is well-written.But. And it’s quite a big but - Fallen almost feels as though it’s two separate books that have been welded together. The story begins with our heroine, down [...]

    7. Should I rate this one-stars or two-stars? There were two things in particular I really liked but the rest of the book was a complete mess.A drunk Julian ends up in Izzy's bedroom by mistake. Soon enough, he's compromised her and has to ask for her hand. Understandably, he's dreading having to marry Izzy, that is, until he meets her! Even though she looks very drab, the first thing that catches his attention is Izzy's sense of humor. She's FUNNY! And unexpected, and hard-working and kind. You ca [...]

    8. Tengo sentimientos encontrados con este libro. Comenzó matándome de la risa y haciéndome suspirar por Julian, pero según iba avanzando la historia e iban apareciendo las distintas situaciones, empecé a coger “manía” a Izzi. Si, cogí manía a la protagonista, porque no podía entender cómo se dejaba pisotear de esa forma y encima aplaudía el comportamiento que Julian tenía con ella. Pero menos mal, que apareció mi querido Eric para darlos una “bofetada” a ambos y hacer que se d [...]

    9. It started off great.Fantastic plot, characters, witty dialogue with a touch intrigue.Julien Blackworth is caught in bed with the wrong woman, a spinsterish woman named Izzy. He was drunk, he went to the wrong bedroom, he got caught Voila ! He has to marry Izzy. But Izzy, doesn't want to get married, she wants to move out of her wicked cousin house, collect her inheritance left to her by her late mother, and go to AmericaSo Izzy convinces Julien to agree to a mock engagement (or so she thinks), [...]

    10. This was a refreshing book. I found myself laughing, crying, and even fumed to anger along with the characters. I loved every second of the book, and was quite surprised at the turn of events. This is not a dull simpering romance novel, but rather an enchanting beginning that turned into an amazing author. I would recommend not only this book, but this author to anyone who likes an amazingly unique romance!

    11. Well, it was fun at first but then it somehow went downhill for me. They started out as strangers then as friends and then as strangers. I just couldn't get to like the heroine in the middle of the book: she always avoided the Hero. And she's so hard headed that at one point I wanted to strangle her arrggh well, same goes for the Hero as well.

    12. Izzy Temple is enjoying one of “those” dreams—except it isn’t a dream. Eppington (Eppie—thank God we get to call him Julian for most of the book) Blackworth is actually in her bed. Drunk. Ripping off her clothes, and murmuring the word “Celie.” Izzy screams and coshes him on the head, knocking him out. Problem: They’re at a house party. Izzy’s scream brings the rest of the guests running to find her in torn nightgown with a man in her bed. Among the spectators is gorgeous Lady [...]

    13. Fallen. This book really fall from me. At the end of the story I just wondered, why I read this book. Well it's not that bad. It started out good. As I turned the pages, I expected more from the h/h. Then it hit me! From the start of the story, the heroine's character is the caring, happy and generous. Although as the story of the hero unfolds, rather than helping the hero. She went away. If you truly love somebody and even though you have doubts that he doesn't love you. Isn't he worth fighting [...]

    14. Me gusta Celeste Bradley, creo que tiene una forma de escribir muy fluida y en absoluto pesada, no inserta páginas y páginas con tediosas descripciones sino que te lo cuenta todo de forma sencilla pero a la vez extensa.Le he dado tres estrellas por los siguientes motivos:1. Es una historia con una trama sencilla que no innova absolutamente nada, es la Regencia inglesa, 1831, pillan a una chica, Izzie, con un hombre, Eppie o Julian, en la cama y están obligados a casarse. Al principio no se am [...]

    15. Isadora Temple , orphaned at the age of 12 , sent to live with her awful cousin Hildegard who has used heras everything froma governess to cook, think Cinderella ; izzy finds herself at a house party with Hildegard andherdaughter Millie acting Asa ladies maid and just looking forward to crawling ino bed .While finally in bed she is having erotic dreams of being kissed, touched and pleasures to awake to find a man above her trying to remov her shift, fighting and finally hitting him in the head w [...]

    16. FALLEN by Celeste Bradley is an exciting Regency historical romance. "Fallen" is a special re-issue of this author's debut novel. Meet Isadora "Izzy" Temple, a society wallflower and Lord Eppingham Julien Blackworth, a reckless,scandalous bachelor with a bit of laughter,drama,and tears as they try to make the best of a bad situation. When mistaken identity,mistaken room and a little drunkenness a disaster could happen as a scandal is ensured when Lord Julien mistakes Issy's room for another and [...]

    17. This book started out really strong with great dialogue and great characters and then it slowly fizzled out and became your usual I love him but he doesn't love me back, woe is me and I want her, I need her, wait, I love her, but sadly she doens't love me so what can I do? Not that this is bad neccessarily, but with such a good start I was expecting a bit more from it.Izzy, due to a mix-up, gets a ruined reputation and the only way to mend it is for her to marry Julian, the man who inadvertently [...]

    18. Fallen is your typical Cinderella type of story except that this Cinderella can stand up for herself! Izzy is what makes this story wonderful and she is solely responsible for the 3 stars that I give this booK. She is truly a likeable heroine! Her wit, honesty, kindness, and sincerity are like breaths of fresh air. You will love her from the very first page and be flipping through pages as fast as you canuntil half way thorugh the book. At the half way point, this book absolutely falls flat. It [...]

    19. Well, considering this was Celeste Bradley’s first novel, I gave it 3 stars. It wasn't a bad book, just too much. The book tried too hard to be angsty. The only thing missing was the amnesia theme and a secret baby.Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of great stuff packed in this story. The heroine was well written and stayed true to her character. The hero swung back and forth too much for me. From rake to sweet & kind, to jerk, to rake, to has never been a rake. Loving, hateful ugggHe wa [...]

    20. Re-Read July 2010As a huge Celeste Bradley fan, I jumped on the chance to re-read this book.Izzy tends to be a bit of a Mary Sue, though honestly that didn't really bother me. Both she and Julian, however, were incredibly stubborn which made me want to wring both of their necks half the time :)It did tend to drag a bit at times, but not too badly that I'd want to put it down.The epilogue left me begging for a sequel, though, which I have to say is quite annoying Aren't epilogues supposed to wrap [...]


    22. Review as of March 20, 2016Apparently I read this 3 years ago. I'll forgive myself from three years ago because changes taste I guess, but I tried to reread this and I just could not get past the first couple of chapters?Almost all the characters I've encountered seem to be very caricatured that it was just ridiculous? I guess it was supposed to be charming, I think I found it charming three years ago, but ehhhh not so much now.

    23. I bought this a long time ago in the bargain bin. I liked the cover (it wasn't this one of course, this one's awful) I bought it because it had a horse and cart on the cover and I enjoy books written in that era. I really liked the first half, it was I nice light read. Then all the characters seemed to change And the story just got terrible. It turned into a very cliché romance novel, girl loves boy, boy's a player so he can't love her He's moody, angry, an asshole really. Yet she still falls f [...]

    24. Bueno hace unas horas termine de leer el libro y debo decir que me gusto, estuvo muy interesante, pero esperaba un poco mas, no se.go, el final por otra parte estuvo muy lindo, me encanto♥ SIN DUDA LEERE MAS LIBROS DE CELESTE ~~

    25. Isadora ‘Izzy’ Temple is sensuously awoken from a wonderful dream by a strange man in her bed. Scarred and angered at this predicament, Izzy knocks the offending gentleman into unconsciousness with a candlestick before anything untoward can happen . . . which in turn brings half a household to her room and sets in motion her downfall in society.Lord Julian Blackworth stumbled into spinster Temple’s bedroom by accident. Intending to have a tryst with an unhappily married woman in the room o [...]

    26. Posted on What I'm ReadingFirst off, I picked up Fallen by Celeste Bradley, because of the cover and the book blurb. Seriously, this cover is gorgeous. Plus, I'm really partial to pink. Also the book blurb made it sound like a scandalicious good time. However, I had mixed feelings by the end of Fallen. I seriously loved the beginning. When you we first meet Isadora "Izzy" Temple, she's such an unusual young woman. She's willing sacrifice her good name to save Julian Blackworth. Most woman would [...]

    27. This was great except for a couple of niggling issues I have with the ending trends of the plot, but am not about to bore anyone with nitpicking.

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