Dochters van het land

Dochters van het land Joyce Maynard de auteur van de internationale bestseller Een lang weekend heeft met Dochters van het land een aangrijpende roman geschreven over vriendschap familiegeheimen en de vreemde wendingen

  • Title: Dochters van het land
  • Author: Joyce Maynard Anke ten Doeschate
  • ISBN: 9789022959886
  • Page: 492
  • Format: None
  • Joyce Maynard, de auteur van de internationale bestseller Een lang weekend, heeft met Dochters van het land een aangrijpende roman geschreven over vriendschap, familiegeheimen en de vreemde wendingen van het lot die ons leven bepalen Dochters van het land is een onvergetelijk verhaal over de band met je geboortegrond en met je familie, over de verwoestende kracht van de lJoyce Maynard, de auteur van de internationale bestseller Een lang weekend, heeft met Dochters van het land een aangrijpende roman geschreven over vriendschap, familiegeheimen en de vreemde wendingen van het lot die ons leven bepalen Dochters van het land is een onvergetelijk verhaal over de band met je geboortegrond en met je familie, over de verwoestende kracht van de liefde, het helende vermogen van vergeving en het verlangen te ontdekken wie je bent Dochters van het land volgt de levens van twee meisjes, geboren op dezelfde dag, in hetzelfde ziekenhuis in New Hampshire, die opgroeien in twee heel verschillende gezinnen Hun levens lijken helemaal niet op elkaar, maar wat de jonge vrouwen gemeen hebben is het gevoel er nooit echt bij te horen Soms humoristisch, soms hartverscheurend, laat deze roman zien wat het betekent om deel uit te maken van een gezin.

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    1. Onvan : The Good Daughters - Nevisande : Joyce Maynard - ISBN : 61994316 - ISBN13 : 9780061994319 - Dar 288 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2010

    2. SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read the book and you don't want spoiler, don't read this.The more I thought about, the more I knew I had to change this to a one-star rating. Don't even bother with this book. Here's what really ticks me off about the book -- after getting 3/4 of the way through it, I find out the entire story is based on a stupid, flimsy premise. I figured out pretty early on that the two "birthday sisters" (which is what the one mother called them since they were born on the same [...]

    3. 3.5 It was a hard book to sit through once you figured the direction it was heading in. It was seriously icky and squirm worthy during some of the passages, this book takes you on an uncomfortable ride but Joyce Maynard still manages to write in a way that didn’t make it feel unsavoury. It’s a sad story with lots of layers of complexity so this wasn’t a happy tale by any means. I can’t say I loved it but I enjoy the writing even though the book took a turn to a place I was not expecting [...]

    4. Wow!!! What an amazing story by an excellent storyteller!!! There is soooo much emotion in this book. So many daughters. I listened to it and it was so very interesting. Yet about a somewhat mundane subject. I want to inhale everything this author touches.

    5. I read this review in one big gulp over a long summer weekend this year. it's one of the best novels I have read in a good long while, and I recommend it to just about everyone except perhaps those among you who have hearts of stone, no sense of humor or are unduly boring and conservative in your values.Maynard is a talented writer, and this novel is crafty and evocative. I appreciated the multiple meanings of the title, and that the earthy and everyday metaphors and similies Maynard uses, in pl [...]

    6. Look at the title. Look at the cover. Look at the author. Be honest with yourself. You knew what you were getting when you decided to read this book. Emotional conflict. Drama. Woman's point of view. Right?If that's what you sought, you will rate this book high.If you were expecting Tom Clancy, you aren't going to make it past chapter one. (Hint: Next time look for a submarine or a big gun on the front cover.)But is it literary? I can hear you on the back row ask. Oh dear. I'd rather you read th [...]

    7. Usually I get annoyed when there's a plot twist that I can see coming a mile away (example? SPOILER ALERT: Darth Vader is Luke's father. oh, and Leia's his sister). For some reason, even though I figured out what the plot twist was in this book, it didn't bother me.There are three daughters here: Ruth Plank, fifth daughter of Edwin and Connie; Dana Dickinson, daughter of Val and George; and a new strawberry hybrid (I'm not kidding). Ruth and Dana are "birthday sisters", born nine months after a [...]

    8. It is a long time since I read a book and had to go and find space alone, so I could allow the tears to freely pour down my face and drip onto my chest, as I experienced moments of intense love and loss - with characters that I had come to care for immensely, despite their frailties and failings. Most extraordinary, was knowing within 3 chapters exactly where the book was going, and being utterly astounded that the characters took 50 odd years to figure it all out? Yet, I loved them anyway. And [...]

    9. The rhythms of Nature and the seasons courses with natural cadence through this bittersweet novel by Joyce Maynard. It is the tale of two very dissimilar families. One is a farming family, existing in the routine of life created by their environment and the requirements of their work. The other is smaller, less organized, less traditional group, who lead a more erratic life, living from hand-to-mouth. She has deftly described the life of two daughters of these families. The emotional experiences [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this book which is a little odd as at points it was a real downer and the topics it covered were less than upbeat. But the story of these two good daughters - growing up in the "wrong" family and yet in the end finding their own way. It starts slow as the two characters are children but it builds the foundation for all that is yet to come. And so it comes. So many of these stories could have made a whole book just to themselves but I never felt any story line was rushed (excep [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book although the premise of one family visiting another no matter how far they were wore thin. Still the chartacters were well described and I did enjoy most of them. For the most part I find Joyce Maynard's books poignant and well written. I especially loved The Usual Rules.

    12. Maynard's premise in this book is an interesting one. Unfortunately, her efforts to be coy about that premise result only in heavy-handed foreshadowing that really leaves very little to the reader's imagination. Given how much she gives away, it seems that what was really important was not what the big secret was, but how the characters would react once they found out. That being the case, I wonder why Maynard chose to frustrate the reader by giving away almost the whole thing through less-than- [...]

    13. I'll say flat out that I enjoyed this book more than "Labor Day", a book I liked quite a bit. It was easier for me to relate to the two main characters--maybe because they were women, maybe because they were farmers at points in their lives, maybe because they were searching for a place to belong and someone to be cherished by who would love them forthemselves. I definitely became attached to them and enjoyed watching their lives unfold (though they both face difficult times that moved me greatl [...]

    14. Warning: This novel is not suitable for reading in public, unless, of course, you don't mind having people stare at you, wondering why it is that a book has brought you to tears.I was fortunate in that I lucked out and was able to read about three-quarters of this novel on a quiet Saturday when no one else was around. I was able to cry when I needed to -- which was often -- and I'm not the kind of person who cries easily while reading books. (Movies? That's an entirely different story.)This is a [...]

    15. From my book review blogRundpinne. "Heart breaking, beautiful, and life affirming, The Good Daughters by Joyce Maynard tells the story of Ruth Plank and Dana Dickerson, known as the birthday sisters. On July 4, 1950 at the peak of strawberry season in Bellersville Hospital, Edwin and Connie Plank welcomed their 5th daughter into the world and two hours later, the Dickersons were greeting their second child and their first daughter. Maynard writes a beautiful, moving novel, and from the beginning [...]

    16. An enjoyable story overall. Written from the POV of two women born on the same day in rural New Hampshire (birthday sisters) this is a saga of two families whose lives spin together and spin apart over a fifty year timespan. We follow the lives of Ruth and Dana. Ruth, the fifth daughter and favourite of her fathers grows up feeling apart from her siblings and a cold and distant mother. She is infatuated with Dana's brother Ray. Her family live on a fruit and vegetable farm passed down through ge [...]

    17. In alternating chapters, Ruth Plank and Dana Dickerson tell their own stories about growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Though they had little interest in each other, their families were connected in ways that it took them much longer to figure out than it takes the reader of this lackluster novel. The premise makes a worthwhile plot, up to a point, but because you know where it's going, you may find yourself skimming through the last half of the book, looking for the point when the family secre [...]

    18. Please, do not waste your time reading this book. It was incredibly and disappointingly predictable from the first two chapters on. By the end of chapter two it's obvious that the two daughters who share a birthday on the same day were switched at birth - one daughter is tall, artistic, with long blonde hair and does not fit in with her short, stalky, farming family - the other daughter is short, stalky and does not fit in with her artsy, tall family and has a strange gift for planting and growi [...]

    19. Even though I agree with the one reviewer who thinks the plot is like a bad soap opera, I have to admit that sometimes I need that kind of story. The writing is magnificent, the plot is engaging, and the characters are people I really like. And not beside the point, I've found that real life is often very much like a bad soap opera. So what's the problem?After years of dismissing Joyce Maynard as a fraud for having made me believe (through her "Domestic Affairs" column) that she had a blissful f [...]

    20. The Good Daughters chronicles the lives of the birthday sisters (Ruth and Dana) from infancy through adulthood. The book is written through the voices of these girls in alternating chapters. At the core is a family secret which is apparent to the reader very early in the book yet the story unfolds without losing the attention and curiosity of the reader.

    21. Meh. It held my interest but I could see the twists coming from a mile away. Some things were just to easily resolved. Ruth just goes a long with an forced abortion? Everyone gets a huge chunk of cash at exactly the right time?

    22. +spoiler alert+I'm not even sure how to rate this book or review it. I've been so desperate to read something, anything that I read it through in less than 2 nights. I had just finished Under the Influence, which I liked a lot, and expected more from this author. The plot was obvious. The reaction of the characters to the obvious baby switching was pretty unreal. I guess you're supposed to believe because Connie had 4 other daughters, that she'd accept one not her biological, and Val so unorthod [...]

    23. The Good Daughters, by Joyce Maynard is a simple story on the surface. It is the story of two families, the Planks and the Dickersons. On July 4, 1950, baby girls were born to each family in a rural New Hampshire hospital. For the Planks, baby Ruth was a fifth daughter. For the Dickersons. baby Dana was an only daughter, with a little boy, Ray at home. The two families could not have been more different. The Planks, Edwin and Connie, were a hard working farming family with roots on the land and [...]

    24. Hurricane season in New Hampshire brings about an unexpected aftermath in the year 1949. Nine months later, on July 4, 1950, two girls are born to two very different families living in this little community. The families feel a connection because of this event, although the two are very different and seemingly have nothing in common—except, of course, for the two "birthday sisters." The girls are Ruth Plank and Dana Dickerson.The Planks are a farming family. Edwin and Connie already have four [...]

    25. Based on the reviews I've seen, on this site and others, I am clearly in the minority in my opinion of this book. I'm not sure what others have seen that I'm missing, but I really just didn't like it. The story is told in alternating chapters from the point of view Ruth Plank and Dana Dickerson, as they each tell their respective life story. Ruth and Dana are 'birthday sisters', having been born on the same day in the same hospital in rural New Hampshire. I found Dana to be a little more likable [...]

    26. "Two families, the Planks and the Dickersons, are mysteriously entwined in this exquisite novel that centers on decades of life at a New Hampshire farm. Youngest daughters Ruth Plank and Dana Dickerson, born on the same day in the same hospital, take turns narrating the struggles they face as children. Ruth feels a coldness from her mother; Dana is unsettled by her kooky parents constantly uprooting her and her brother Ray. Regardless, the Planks pay a yearly visit to the Dickersons no matter wh [...]

    27. There is a major twist in The Good Daughters that I had figured out very early in the novel. Although I knew the destination, I still greatly enjoyed the journey getting there. I thought the prose was beautiful and almost lyrical at times. I most of all relished seeing the journey of the two girls throughout their life from birth until approximately age sixty. I loved the story time frame with Ruth and Dana being born in 1950. Their experiences growing up were buffeted at times by historical eve [...]

    28. This was such a predictable story from the get go. It was painful how obvious it was. I actually kept thinking that I had already read this because of its predictability. Two girls born on the same day referred to as Birthday Sisters forced to be a part of each other's lives based on this fact. But of course there was more to it. Can you guess?I enjoyed  reading about the farming techniques in this book. These were actually the best parts or the book. Meanwhile, this seemed like a coming of age [...]

    29. Ah, how I love Joyce Maynard. This was such a great story - about two babies born on the same day in a small town in New Hampshire - so called "birthday sisters' - and their lives from birth through about age 60. the chapters alternate the stories of the two girls. Usually in this type of book, the two girls would at least at some point in their young lives be close friends - but Maynard often puts a twist on her stories, and these girls never really cotton to each other. They are very different [...]

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