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  1. IMPLAC is a story of A.I. gone horribly wrong. In the far future mankind has survived a nightmare of our own design. IMPLAC’s, a race of robots created by a terrorist group bent on purifying the species via “racial cleansing”, become self aware and decide all of humanity must parish.A war ensues in which humanity prevails. Though the author decided not to pursue this back story, it would have made for an exciting prequel to the stories relaxed pace.With descriptive vistas of Venus and the [...]

  2. This is an evil robot story with a different twist in that it evaluates what's going on inside the mechanical monster's mind - excuse me, CPU. After going through a variety of adventures (and love affairs), the protagonist immobilizes the implac robot that has been in a lunar tunnel for sixty years. When he questions it, it claims its circuits have mutated so that it no longer hates humans. The robots had never been able to lie in the past - have they learned?This book will keep you guessing. I [...]

  3. From the brutal opening scene that would sear any parent’s heart, to the nuclear heat of a Venusian explosion, and finally to the mental chess games played against biochemical-brained robots bent on the destruction of ‘organics’, Zaks’ hero leads the reader on a breathtaking roller coaster of action. Tommy’s early infatuation with the beautiful and mysterious Sylvia turns into a lifelong affair, but the ending will leave the reader feeling ‘I should have seen that!’.

  4. "IMPLAC explores the psyche of a Berserker-type robot in a way Saberhagen never does."-the authorsadly since this is kindle i would not be able to buy it and read it unlesse author decide to make a paperback version of itah i am an old school person i know.i LOVE anti-organic Berserkers like robots but how could i read this beauty if is not on paperback yet?

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