Los viajes de Tuf

Los viajes de Tuf Haviland Tuf es un mercader obeso calvo y de piel blanca vegetariano bebedor y amante de los gatos Consigue una enorme nave espacial El Arca nica superviviente del antiguo Cuerpo de Ingenier a Ec

  • Title: Los viajes de Tuf
  • Author: George R.R. Martin
  • ISBN: 9788498722550
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Haviland Tuf es un mercader obeso, calvo y de piel blanca, vegetariano, bebedor y amante de los gatos Consigue una enorme nave espacial, El Arca, nica superviviente del antiguo Cuerpo de Ingenier a Ecol gica de la Vieja Tierra A lo largo de siete relatos, Tuf se hace con la nave, la repara y resuelve un sinf n de problemas espaciales, con la ayuda de sus gatos y la ingeHaviland Tuf es un mercader obeso, calvo y de piel blanca, vegetariano, bebedor y amante de los gatos Consigue una enorme nave espacial, El Arca, nica superviviente del antiguo Cuerpo de Ingenier a Ecol gica de la Vieja Tierra A lo largo de siete relatos, Tuf se hace con la nave, la repara y resuelve un sinf n de problemas espaciales, con la ayuda de sus gatos y la ingenier a ecol gica, una profesi n que l recupera En esta edici n de bolsillo especial se recuerda el dise o cl sico de la antigua colecci n Nova serie blanca, la m s emblem tica de la historia de la Nova.

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    1. This is a very odd George RR Martin book that I picked up randomly. It's almost serialized into 5 parts, but holds together nicely as a book. It's about a very odd trader who basically gets possession of the most powerful ship in the galaxy, and how he uses it to help people. Orhinder them. And underneath the stories there are VERY powerful environmental and animal rights messages, it's kind of amazing and dark and has an amazing sense of humor. Definitely a really fun ride, I have to check if h [...]

    2. So I tried to like this. After all, I dig SF and I'm a huge George R. R. Martin fanboy.Which makes it kind of a shame that it REALLY didn't work for me. The book is a collection of the Haviland Tuf short-stories. Tuf is a former space-trader who, after agreeing to ferry a motley and untrustworthy crew to the archeological discovery of a lifetime, finds himself in control of the most powerful ship in the universe - the last seedship of the long-lost Ecological Engineer Corps. And therein lies the [...]

    3. Tuf Voyaging is George Martin's excellent earlier sci-fi book. It's basically a collection of short stories, all focused on a space traveller named Tuf. He is a vegetarian, he lives with several cats, and he has a giant bio-engineering spaceship that can clone any kind of life form and grow it in a matter of hours. So he travels the galaxy, trying to help worlds with their socioecological problems. It's a fun read, if maybe a bit repetitive, and as with any collection of short stories, their qua [...]

    4. "The sad truth of history has always been that the unreasoning masses follow the powerful, and not the wise." First things first. Όσοι περιμένουν κάτι παρόμοιο με το GoT θα απογοητεύτουν. Καμία σχέση, εκτός ίσως από την μία κάποια ωμότητα και το φοβερό χιούμορ. Ο Ταφ λοιπόν είναι ένας γατόφιλος, χορτοφάγος, φίλος του καλού φαγητού κα [...]

    5. First read: 2002Maybe I am biased, loving Martin's work as much as I do, but Tuf Voyaging is a real treat. It's about a sarcastic lover-of-cats who comes into possession of an old Earth Imperial seedship of the Ecological Engineering Corps, and turns himself into an "ecological engineer." The dialogue in this book is priceless--Haviland Tuf takes everything very literally, and responds with gravity and sarcasm that makes me laugh out loud. Tuf is a great character and the stories here are so eng [...]

    6. It took me a long time to get ahold of this book (I finally received it as a present!) Don't wait as long as I did to read it - this is a great book. It's certainly very different from the epic fantasy that Martin has become best known for, but fans of Martin are aware of his breadth of styles.The book collects stories about Haviland Tuf, Ecological Engineer (and cat lover), that were originally published separately, but they come together as a coherent novel.The first section is a classic "subt [...]

    7. More a novel in an unusual format than it is a short story collection, as it's touted, centering around the bizarre and enigmatic Haviland Tuf. I love the sense of humor, which remains evenly subtle, and the change in Tuf works very well, from big-hearted do-gooder to the Lord God Himself (as he himself declares in the second to last story, one of my favorites in the book), Tuf shows that there is no such thing as the incorruptible man (and the dangers of holding not only such dangerous and adva [...]

    8. El presente libro era una lectura pendiente en mi lista porqué quería probar al Martín más clásico, previo a su famosa saga de fantasía épica y ver su desenvoltura en la ciencia ficción, un género tan estimado por mí y el cual es uno de los más difíciles de narrar.Cual ha sido mi ‘mediana’ sorpresa, pues esta novela , SIENDO UNA LECTURA CORRECTA, NO ESTÁ A LA ALTURA NI HACE JUSTICIA A UN GÉNERO QUE PRECISA DE MUCHO REQUISITOS.POR ELLO, y PARA MÍ TIENE DOS GRANDES ‘PEROS’ ( [...]

    9. ☆4.75/5☆▪Plot 5/5▪Details 4.5/5▪Characters 5/5▪World building 5/5▪Logic 4.75/5▪Writing style 5/5▪Enjoyment 5/5My very first real sci-fi. I am so glad I have picked it up. The world building is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c, all the characters are insanely interesting. Gosh, I recommend it to everyone! Spoiler: You are going to enjoy it

    10. Finished Tuf Voyaging by GRRM. I quite liked these stories, although I'm not really sure if I should. If you think about it, Tuf is not a nice person, and his actions create problems more often than they solve them. He's an extremely arrogant, patronising and sarcastic person, who doesn't really care about any living creature in the universe, unless it's a cat. or pays him nicely. The moral to all of the stories is that these people wouldn't have their problems if they'd been more intelligent an [...]

    11. In sfarsit o carte sf foarte buna. Nici nu se poate "compara" cu multele carti superpremiate din ultimii ani.

    12. 3.0"El blanco es el color de la pureza y la estrella está purificando este lugar. Y,sin embargo, a su contacto todo se corrompe y muere."¡Atención! No leáis la sinopsis del libro pues contiene spoilers.Nos encontramos ante siete relatos en los que nos cuentan algunas aventuras de Tuf, un mercader que por unas razones o por otras terminará trabajando en una profesión muy especial, que por varias razones no puedo desvelar porque sino os haría spoiler del primer relato.Mis notas de cada rela [...]

    13. One of George R.R. Martin's best books! I originally found this book in a used-book store while in college and it has become an old friend. I don't read it as often as LOTR but when I do it is always a pleasure.Haviland Tuf is a wandering trader of the spacelanes in the tradition of Star Trek's Cryano Jones. Like Jones, he isn't very good at his job --- he barely gets by. That is until he gets chartered to ferry some not-so-nice passengers in search of a dark and long-forgotten legend. What they [...]

    14. Me ha gustado mucho el personaje que Martin ha creado, con muchos matices, nada convencional y más profundo de lo que a simple vista parece. Algo que sin duda destacaría de él es su manera de hablar, que sin pretenderlo me ha hecho reír múltiples veces. Es cierto que, excepto en el primer "episodio", continúa usando el mismo patrón (intro, nudo y desenlace) en la que Tuf resuelve un problema. Aún así creo que todo el tema de la genética y la ecología está tratado de una manera más q [...]

    15. За да бъде по-хубава, тази фантастика трябваше да е клише. Няма любовни истории, красиви жени и мъжествени мъже. Има един плешив шишко, който се мисли за бог.Тъф попада на кораб, с който може да променя екосистеми, и започва да го прави. От там нататък всичко е въпрос на невероя [...]

    16. I'd never heard of this book/series of short stories Martin wrote back in the early 80s. There's a reason for that.The first story, in which Tuf and a band of mercenaries find and squabble over an enormous, incredibly powerful derelict starship, is quite frankly terrible. Really, truly awful. If I hadn't been trapped on a train, I never would have bothered finishing it. The plot is fairly predictable, even when it thinks it's being clever. Every single character is a cardboard cut-out, and if he [...]

    17. Although I liked a lot of Martin's other work (Song of Ice & Fire, many of the short stories from Dreamsongs, some of the Wild Cards series), I couldn't bring myself to like this one. There were three reasons (mild structural spoilers ahead):1)Repetition. Other than the first chapter/story, all others had an identical pattern: Tuf encounters a planet with a great ecological problem (of quite a simple kind though), Tuf resolves to solve the problem as if on a whim, the planet causes difficult [...]

    18. Ecology is still a subject a lot of science fiction steers clear of. Martin gives it a try in this collection but on the whole it is closer to a satirical work than a scientifically accurate one. That being said, I did enjoy reading this collection again. The humour is part of it, but I also simply enjoyed the writing. Despite writing them out of chronological order, Martin manages to get a development in the character from a humble and eccentric trader in The Plague Star to a near megomaniac Ma [...]

    19. 3,5/5Quería leer la ciencia ficción de Martin, y me pareció que Los viajes de Tuf era una buena forma de empezar.El libro es un conjunto de siete relatos en los que cada uno de ellos narra una aventura de este ser humano tan peculiar, que carece completamente de vello corporal, es tremendamente alto y corpulento, tiene una forma de hablar excesivamente pomposa (algunos lo tacharían de pedante) y adora a los gatos.Sí, es un libro lleno de gatos. En todos los relatos, los gatos tienen importa [...]

    20. Imaginaos por un momento que durante toda vuestra vida habéis sido unos parias, con un trabajo horrible que os aporta únicamente lo justo para sobrevivir. Bien, ahora imaginaos que, de alguna forma, cae en vuestras manos un artefacto que es capaz de capaz de crear vida a vuestro gusto, cambiar la ecología de mundos enteros. Es decir, imaginaos que tenéis el poder de Dios.Pues esto es lo que le pasa a nuestro humilde protagonista de la novela, Haviland Tuf. En la que se narra la forma en la q [...]

    21. Per la precisione: 3,63★Questa recensione è presente anche sul blog: thebooksblendertervistaUna strana stella brilla in cielo. La stella del morbo (eh, se non è qualcosa di terribilmente mortifero, non è un libro di Martin!). Ma prima che Janeel e l'uomo con lei arrivassero in quel luogo con il desiderio e la speranza di aprire il loro avamposto commerciale era una normale stella, identica alle altre. Adesso… adesso, il morbo dilaga. Janeel è già morta… e il ricordo di ciò che resta [...]

    22. Klappentext: Ökoingenieur Haviland Tuf steht vor einer kaum zu bewältigenden Aufgabe: Die Rettung der MenschheitDie Menschheit hat sich in den unendlichen Weiten des Weltalls ausgebreitet. Überall sind neue Siedlungen entstanden, und jede Welt birgt neue Gefahren. Als der interplanetarische Händler Haviland Tuf eines der letzten Saatschiffe der Erde erwirbt, beginnt seine Odyssee quer durch den Weltraum. Eine Odyssee, auf der er vom einfachen Händler zum gefeierten Retter der Menschheit wir [...]

    23. Вселена, изпълнена с екологични кризи: knigolandiafo/book-review/pВ началото прецених книгата като подобие на “Пътеводител на галактическия стопаджия” на Дъглас Адамс, отделните книги от която се издават между 1979 и 1992 г. Но след като Мартин започна методично да избива началните си ге [...]

    24. "Macht korrumpiert, heißt es, und absolute Macht korrumpiert absolut." S. 229KlappentextDie Menschheit hat sich in den unendlichen Weiten des Weltalls ausgebreitet. Überall sind neue Siedlungen entstanden, und jede Welt birgt neue Gefahren. Als der interplanetarische Händler Haviland Tuf eines der letzten Saatschiffe der Erde erwirbt, beginnt seine Odyssee quer durch den Weltraum. Eine Odyssee, auf der Haviland Tuf vom einfachen Händler zum gefeierten Retter der Menschheit wirdZum InhaltDie [...]

    25. Este libro es un claro ejemplo que no hay que juzgar por la portada, en este caso por la Introducción. Debido a ella deje de leerlo hace dos meses y, al no tener más libros kenfollianos en mi librería, decidí retomarlo. No pude haber tomado una mejor decisión en mi life. Desde el minuto 0 en el que conocí a Tuf, ya no pude dejar de leer. Nunca pensé que un personaje de ciencia ficción podía entrar en mi ranking de personas favoritos del mundo lectural. Encarezco a mis followers más all [...]

    26. Tuf Voyagingby George R.R. Martinthe plauge star story is hard to put down, i found the dynics movement of the story to be out standing. I could not even start the other stories i am reading because i had to see if tuf would survive the terriors and horrors involved in the ship.Loaves and fishes: a lot harder to get into, but the story did fullfill its promise by the end, i like the solutions that were created to help the world contend with its ecological problemsurdians shows the conflict betwe [...]

    27. For any George R. R. Martin fan, you should already know what to expect. He is one of those authors whose writing style is recognisable no matter what genre of book he is writing. His particular style makes the books easy to read, keeping you interested from start to end, constantly curious as to what happens next. Whilst this book does not follow the path of his most famous series (A Song of Ice and Fire) it is a great book for any of his fans or anyone who simply loves a good sci-fi book.The b [...]

    28. Man muss nicht viele Worte über dieses Buch verlieren, das scheinbar nur erschienen ist, um mit dem Hype um den Autor von Game of Thrones noch etwas Kasse zu machen. Ich fasse mich also kurz.Die Kurzgeschichten um Haviland Tuf sind erschreckend durchschnittlich und haben trotz ihrer Kürze einige Längen. Was vor allem am (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes) blassen Hauptprotagonisten liegt, der in keiner Sekunde Sympathie erzeugen kann. Im Gegenteil: Die selbstgefälligen Dialoge von Tuf erzeugen ei [...]

    29. Tuf Voyaging was one of the coolest books I've read in a long time. While this is a collection of short stories all containing Haviland Tuf, the stories flowed and built off each other making it feel like a psuedo novel. Perhaps the best thing about this collection was that every single story was fascinating and had a satisfying end and even more than that was the character of Tuf himself. It was rare to read a single bit of dialogue and not smile the entire time. Tuf manages to use a strict bal [...]

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