I Will Save You

I Will Save You Newbery Medal winning author Matt de la Pe a s I Will Save You is a heartwarming root for the underdog novel SLJ Kidd is running from his past and his future No mom no dad and there s nothing for h

  • Title: I Will Save You
  • Author: Matt de la Pena
  • ISBN: 9780385738286
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Newbery Medal winning author Matt de la Pe a s I Will Save You is a heartwarming, root for the underdog novel SLJ Kidd is running from his past and his future No mom, no dad, and there s nothing for him at the group home but therapy He doesn t belong at the beach where he works either, unless he finds a reason to stay Olivia is blond hair, blue eyes, rich dad Newbery Medal winning author Matt de la Pe a s I Will Save You is a heartwarming, root for the underdog novel SLJ Kidd is running from his past and his future No mom, no dad, and there s nothing for him at the group home but therapy He doesn t belong at the beach where he works either, unless he finds a reason to stay Olivia is blond hair, blue eyes, rich dad The prettiest girl in Cardiff She s hiding something from Kidd but could they ever be together anyway Devon is mean, mysterious, and driven by a death wish A best friend and worst enemy He followed Kidd all the way to the beach and he s not leaving until he teaches him a few lessons about life And Olivia A taut psychological novel with intriguing, well developed characters that will stay with readers Booklist De la Pe a skillfully captures the slippery sides of a schizophrenic personality in this heartwarming, root for the underdog novel SLJAn Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award FinalistALA YALSA Best Book for Young ReadersAn ALA YALSA Quick PickA Junior Library Guild Selection

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    1. "Everybody has a way they see the world" (21) - Mr. Red"You should always tell the truth to people you care about, even if they won't like what they hear" (29). - Kidd" skin felt warm and even though I hadn't eaten all day it felt like I'd never be hungry again" (53). - Kidd where upon seeing Olivia for the first time"I thought how if two people see the same thing, at the exact same time, their minds probably store the same memory, even way into the future, and that's something in common" (63). [...]

    2. HOLY EFFING CRAP, DE LA PENA.So I know I'm not unusual--checking out other reviews here--for not loving this right away. It took me FOREVS to really get going. But once I did, I was sucked in, and I was racing to see just how bad things got.BUT THEN THE ENDING BLEW MY EFFING MIND WHAT. WHAT!I love the main characters in de la Pena's books. He is so great at piecing together vulnerability and anger and fear and hope. In this book there's so many heartbreaking moments--with the book's structure an [...]

    3. Have you ever been afraid of someone, tried to fight them off but they continue to come back, only to find out that it is yourself that you are trying to get away from? Kidd is a young teen with a difficult past. He had an abusive father who's actions caused his mother to commit suicide right in front of him. Kidd was sent to Horizons a mental illness home for depression and post traumatic stress. During his stay at Horizons Kidd meets a man named Mr.Red who essentially became a father figure fo [...]

    4. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! I Will Save You The Book That’s Not What It SeemsRunaway Kidd is escaping from his past, Olivia is hiding a personal secret under her hat, and a death driven boy named Devon is daring the world. These three characters are connected through close friendship and growing romance. Dark Devon risks their security through his reckless actions. Kidd and Olivia begin as friends and become close. I Will Save You takes a close look at the real problems teenagers face in [...]

    5. No one would wish for the life that Kidd Ellison has grown up with. His father was abusive, and his mother could not seem to find away to keep him safe. This ultimately led to him being in a group home called Horizons. It is there that he met Red, a former surfing star who would come to Horizons to help out a bit.After some time, Red reaches a point where he wanted to offer to have Kidd come and join him in Cardiff, where he works as a campground maintenance man. The managers of Horizons did not [...]

    6. Can I explain my love for this book? -------Kidd is spending his summer at the beach. He'd do anything to get away from his group home and the dark memories there of his past. He's working as a caretaker at the campsite, and he'd be blind if he didn't notice Olivia. Blond hair, blue eyes, rich dad. The prettiest girl in Cardiff. He might even have a chance with her, too. Until Devon appears.Kidd's best friend followed him all the way to the beach. And he's not leaving until he teaches him a few [...]

    7. The story begins with the end-of-summer specatular silver-shimmering California beach scene brought on by the grunnion fish riding the waves to shore. Moments after the beach turns silver, one boy shoves another off the cliff, to what surely must be his death.Kidd tries desperately to escape his tragic past and genetic death drive, beginning with running away from Horizon-the place he's lived and received therapy since his mother killed his father and turned the gun on herself. Leaving Horizon, [...]

    8. This is the first of Matt De La Pena's books that I've read; very strong character voice and a twist ending that sneaks up on you.

    9. I didn't mind the story, and the end was definitely a surprise. But the writing was really meh, and Kidd and Olivia were both super strange and slightly annoying characters. The back of the cover, summarizing the book had many mistakes in it too. For example it says something along the lines of: "Olivia had green eyes and blond hair" but then she was described in the book numerous times as blue eyed, and at one point I'm pretty sure it said she had black hair. Those contradictions didn't change [...]

    10. This is an amazing book that really pulled at my heart strings. There were big moments, emotional moments, that really made it seem all the more realistic. Matt de la Peña really has a gift with his ability to breathe life into characters. I loved everything about this book, especially the ending.

    11. Matt de la Pena’s I Will Save You is a young adult novel focusing on the life of a troubled teen who goes by the name of Kidd. Trying to put his past behind him, Kidd has been spending the summer at a beachside campsite doing maintenance work under the supervision of his friend—and the closest thing he has to a father figure—Mr. Red. There he meets Olivia, who he promptly falls in love with. To his surprise, she might even be interested in him too. Things seem to be looking up. Running fro [...]

    12. Every book de la Pena writes is stronger and more original and more amazing. Ryan, one of my students who's read every one of his books brought it back (finally) and wouldn't tell me the twist, just that there is a huge twist. He was so impressed.So, I did what I doI read the ending. It absolutely did NOT ruin the book for me. If anything, it allowed me to read for the clues, and they're there. De la Pena has a master's control over every facet of this story. It's told in flashback (we know from [...]

    13. I Will Save You is another really strong one by Matt de la Pena. The only weak part for me whatsoever is the title because it gives me Nicholas Sparks-ian vibes such that if I didn't already know and love the author's other work, I'd maybe dismiss this as some generic romance novel and never think to check it out. That said, I hope other people are more open-minded than me and give it a shot because it's genuinely great.I figured out what was going on with the main character before the reveal bu [...]

    14. I so loved de la Pena's first bookBall Don't Liethat my goodwill has carried over, though his last three books have not been nearly as good. This one sounds like it should be all tense and dramatic. It opens with a murder, and focuses on Kidd, a deeply psychologically scarred teen who ends up in a group home after his mother's death. He runs away from the home and ends up working maintenance at a campsite on the California coast. There are lots of interesting elements here - the after effects of [...]

    15. When I first began to read this book, I was a bit confused. I asked myself, "why did the author put the dramatic climax at the very beginning of the book?"As I kept reading, bits and pieces came together. However there were little twists throughout the book. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for literally the biggest freaking plot twist, mind boggling, turn of events, that it had. Personally, I did cry while reading this. It hit me in so many ways, Kidd went through a lot and in a way [...]

    16. This book inspired me. To be a better writer, to jump out of my wheelhouse and try something new. This book touched me, heart and mind. And if you're a mind and heart book lover and needer/must-have-both-to-be-engaged'er like me, read this and fall in love as I did with the characters, story, and words. It had everything: intelligence, plot, flawed heartfelt characters, a great twist, and Murakami references (a brilliant, philosophical, metaphysical, realist poet (one rare combination) and a fav [...]

    17. Nah. Automatic one star for books that take the easy way out and give the main character DID. Like, no thank you, I am not here for books that tell me the only way people can deal with trauma is by splitting off and creating another persona for themselves, give us some credit here, okay? We are more complex than that. This isn't a realistic portrayal of DID -OR- trauma, and I don't have time for that. So many authors have done this story to death, and at this point, I can see it coming from mile [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading this book but I would have enjoyed it more if I had not figured out twist from the very beginning of the book. I really enjoyed the fact that this had a love story told from the male character. I would be happy if more males felt "ok" about reading books that have a romantic storyline and one that is well played out without abuse/drugs/drinking being invloved. This was also a very good book about accepting yourself and becoming more self confident.

    19. My first book by Matt de la Pena--and it will not be my last. Amazing writing. As soon as I finished the book, I went right back and started reading it over again. I rarely do that, but the structure of this book is unique. A little off-putting in the beginning, hard to follow the main character's story and very frustrating they way he's acting. But the book is well worth the readeven a second read.

    20. I made the mistake of looking at the Library of Congress categorizations, so the one big reveal of the book I guessed 20 pages in. Despite this, there was still a significant amount of intrigue to keep me invested. Even so I thought the story was about 50 pages too long, especially in the middle. But, the characters were rich, and I enjoyed reading it

    21. My apologies to this book, but I really couldn't get into it. The premise was interesting enough, but the way it was written was just not something I had the patience for.The ending was certainly surprising, and I did appreciate that little twist, but in the end, it was not enough to redeem the book overall.

    22. Wow, I did not predict the ending at all, but I knew something wasn't right with Kidd's version of the story. I felt something important would be revealed somehow and it was. Quite sophisticated writing style from this author with well-paced mystery and psychological content. I also like how the characters are complex.

    23. Good YA lit about a boy struggling between his family's violent past and his present life as a teenage boy falling in love. I liked it and would definitely recommend it to my reluctant male readers as well as females because of it's love story component.

    24. My review is over the book “I Will Save You” and the author of the book is named Matt De La Pena. The book was published in 2010. In “I Will Save You” the main character Kidd Ellison is a run away from a therapeutic home and is living at a beach called Cardiff and works with his boss/friend Mr. Red. He was in the therapeutic home because his dad has beat him and his mom, his dad left and came back every once and awhile for money and still beat his mom but not him, his mom wouldn’t let [...]

    25. Damn! I did not see the ending coming. As I got close I found myself getting anxious about what was going to happen, what we see happening at the beginning of the story, and then BAM I Will Save You is the story of Kidd and the summer he works at a campsite in southern California. Kidd was living in a group home before heading down there. At the campsite Kidd meets Olivia, a girl from a wealthy family, and they bond over a short amount of time. The narrative is first person but it shifts from re [...]

    26. 4.5 stars--almost 5.Let me start by saying that the twist at the end is as good as "We Were Liars" though I did start getting hints and figured it out before the author meant me to. (I think teens will be fooled until the last few pages!)Kidd is our first person narrator. He has evidently escaped his foster home/therapy situation to have a summer job with Mr. Red at the beach campgrounds at Cardiff by the Sea in California. He has had a terrible life and has experienced trauma first hand. He is [...]

    27. A quiet book that builds to a powerful twist-of-an-ending. Kidd, the narrator, is desperately trying to put the pieces of his life together after significant childhood trauma. Having recently run away from the group home where he's been living for several years, he finds a job he loves working maintenance at a local beach campsite. There, he sees and eventually meets Olivia. Olivia has her own demons as does Mr. Red, his campsite boss.To make sense of his thoughts -- about himself, about Olivia, [...]

    28. This is by far one of the best books I've read all my life. The book is about a boy named Kidd, who had a traumatic past so he had to go live in a group home where he would see a therapist. But one day he ran away leaving everyone behind even his best friend, Devon. He found himself at a beach campsite and worked for a surfer/groundskeeper named Mr. Red. Mr. Red became a father figure to Kidd and Kidd ended up loving the beach and himself, and also a rich blonde girl name Olivia. Kidd never want [...]

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