Tina Cocolina: Queen of Cupcakes

Tina Cocolina Queen of Cupcakes Fans of Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious will adore Tina Cocolina a sweet little cupcake of a girl with a sense of adventure and a flair for fashion who s on the hunt for her perfect topping This mouthwa

  • Title: Tina Cocolina: Queen of Cupcakes
  • Author: Pablo Cartaya Martin Howard Kirsten Richards
  • ISBN: 9780375983306
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • Fans of Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious will adore Tina Cocolina, a sweet little cupcake of a girl with a sense of adventure and a flair for fashion who s on the hunt for her perfect topping This mouthwatering picture book includes cupcake and frosting recipes from an award winning pastry chef, maestro Martin Howard.

    One thought on “Tina Cocolina: Queen of Cupcakes”

    1. "At the Gingersnap Academy for Rising Cupcakes in southern Charleston, most of the cupcakes had found their toppings." Cartaya and Howard's opening line lets you know exactly what type of book this is going to be: a quest filled with colorful characters and gooey mishaps. The illustrations by Kirsten Richards are perfect for the story.The only complaint I have about this book has nothing to do with the story. At the end of the book are several recipes for cupcakes and toppings; however, the winn [...]

    2. I can see that there are many who will be attracted to the pink and sugary story but it just didn't do much for me. It's a bit odd, which is okay because everyone's imagination leads to different places. I didn't feel a strong sense of character or story that pulled me in.

    3. Strange book about people who are somehow also cupcakes because they have one on their heads. This was one of those books that I told my girls I wouldn't be reading aloud again.

    4. Age of readership: Ages 5-8Genre: Picture BookDiversity: All people go on a journey of self-discoveryAll people are different – and so are their cupcake toppings!Illustrations: Colorful and whimsical pastel drawingsMy response to the book: This is a cute story about a cupcake named Tina Cocolina who is searching for her topping, a metaphor for finding out who she really is. The story ends with Tina being crowned Queen of the Gingersnap Academy Cupcakes. Recipes for cupcakes and toppings by pas [...]

    5. My 5yo had picked this at the library and was constantly at me to do the recipes. I have now done all the recipes except the buttercream frosting and my coworkers have really enjoyed them. I did use regular flour instead of cake flour, but I did go buy whipping cream and buttermilk and sour cream - things that are not usually on hand at home. The story is cute, and of course she wins the contest. It's a children's book - I don't understand why other readers are so nutty about not understanding w [...]

    6. This book fits with the cupcake craze, but that's about it. A trite story featuring people that are also, somehow, cupcakes, culminates in little girl Tina's discovery of "strawberry banana cream swirl" which she puts on her head and wins the Cream of the Top cupcake contest. I thought the recipes at the back might redeem it, but they include everything BUT Tina's winning topping. Anticlimactic. Give to those who have read everything Strawberry Shortcake and are looking for something else.

    7. A very cheery, very campy, very pink story about finding your flavor. Tina Cocolina is having a little trouble finding her flavor in time for the cupcake contest, but not to worry, inspiration hits when she least expects it. It's a happy book for little girls to enjoy at bedtime.Rating 5 out of 5Read@Book

    8. I was so unbelievably disappointed in this book. The title is so delightful that I had unreasonably high expectations. First of all, the whole idea of personification of a cupcake was too odd. Then the story itself was so lame. I have no idea why Tina won the contest or even deserved to win. The illustrations are bright and fun, though, but it's not enough to redeem the book.

    9. Although to me the whole idea of people wearing cupcakes on their heads and having to find your topping is a bit out there, my daughter really loves this book. We've read it for bedtime several times already. And I have to admit the illustrations are cute.

    10. I loved the illustrations in this book and the story was good too. Tina didn't give up until she found her topping, which is a representation of perhaps finding herself. There are also recipes at the end of the story that the kids and I are excited to try together.

    11. Well, I'm giving it 1 1/2 stars but Megan would give it a 4. Too cutesy and no message. Illustrations were wonderful, though.

    12. Too sugary perfect for my taste. Liked the idea of everyone has a talent, but didn't like that she won the contest.

    13. I could see moms reading this to their little girl while Waiting for their batch of cupcakes are baking in the oven. The recipes are even in the back to do a little project together!

    14. I think the pictures are so pretty. I just can't take my eyes off the pictures! The words in the book are sweet too!

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