I'm Glad You Didn't Take It Personally

I m Glad You Didn t Take It Personally None

  • Title: I'm Glad You Didn't Take It Personally
  • Author: Jim Bouton
  • ISBN: 044004003
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “I'm Glad You Didn't Take It Personally”

    1. This is the book my husband brought me to read while I was in the hospital waiting for the birth of our first child! Hubby was an avid baseball fan so it didn't surprise me that this was his choice. I gave the book a try and thoroughly enjoyed all the stories. Luckily I understood all the baseball terminology thanks to having attended many baseball games. I would recommend this for a fun read!

    2. I'm a huge fan of Bouton's "Ball Four", a legendary book he wrote in 1969 that sort of blew the doors off the baseball world, this book is not nearly as good. Written right after the publication of "Ball Four", it's a hodgepodge of chapters dedicated mostly to the response Bouton received for writing that book--both from within and outside the baseball world. That only goes so far so 200+ pages talking about reactions to a book stops my interest fairly quick.

    3. I gave it five stars based on how I felt about it when I was in high school. I liked this book as much as I liked 'Ball Four'. One of the very few books I have read more than once.

    4. Very much enjoyed the sequel and Bouton documenting all that happened as a result of Ball Four. An excellent companion piece for anyone who didn't get why the original created so much noise.

    5. Fine follow-up to "Ball Four." Splendid insight into fame, sports, hypocrisy, and loyalty. Bouton has an involving conversational style.

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