The Star Café and Other Stories

The Star Caf and Other Stories In these exquisite stores Mary Caponegro is challenging the way we think about language about sexuality and even about thinking She is one of a group of writers who have exploded the boundaries of

  • Title: The Star Café and Other Stories
  • Author: Mary Caponegro
  • ISBN: 9780393307917
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • In these exquisite stores, Mary Caponegro is challenging the way we think about language, about sexuality, and even about thinking She is one of a group of writers who have exploded the boundaries of the short story Mary Caponegro is the winner of the General Electric Younger Writers Award and the 1991 Rome Prize for Literature.

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    1. Mary Caponegro’s short fiction is lyrical, comic, above all, erotic. From the purely feminine Chinese tales to the transformational vision of the title story to the final brilliance of the novella ‘Sebastian,’ this rare first collection rings all possible changes on gender as illusive power. To read this book is to succumb to it--with the greatest pleasure. --John Hawkes (re:The Star Cafe*)In the landscape of American fiction, The Star Cafe is now on the map, a stop that cannot be missed. [...]

    2. One of my favorite story collections. Beautifully surreal and strange and in ways unsettling. The title story captures dreaminess, desire, and confusion in ways I am in awe and envy of.Worth checking out if you like fiction that leaves you thinking.

    3. “On some level she knew she was an intuitive person, but she hadn’t learned to trust herself, too cautious, as if there were a very strong force at work inside her all the time that wasn’t allowed to come to expression, like all that sun missing her house, all this foliage in her head, that was so pretty and interesting and alive, but how much it got in the way. She suspected that her mind had evolved in some distorted fashion, different from the rest of the world. And now here she was, tr [...]

    4. Maybe I wasn't in a great mood, or a little distracted when I read some of this, but overall it did not wow me the way other people seemed to be wowed by it. Perhaps because I've read other authors who do similar work in a style I prefer? I'm not sure, but it was interesting at least.Tales from the Next Village - I was told not to read this one by someone who loves this book. be pretty bad, but idk.The Star Cafe - 2.5 stars. While it should theoretically have been up my alley (being all inside a [...]

    5. I wasn't entirely convinced by the first story (the setting seemed "borrowed", so to speak), which is why I took so long to read the rest. But they are wonderful! I was completely amazed by "The Star Café" and "Materia Prima" and "Sebastian" are definitely unique. Love the risks she takes.

    6. I have had this book for a long time. Mary was one of my professors in College but I have to admit, I never finished it.

    7. Not my cup of tea at all. Gave up after Star Cafe, a story so devoid of character and humanity it made me want to hurl the book at the wall.

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