The Women and the Men

The Women and the Men From Harlem rooftops to the drumbeats of the Congo the poems in The Women and the Men display in full measure the gifts that have made Nikki Giovanni one of the most important appealing and broad r

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  • Title: The Women and the Men
  • Author: Nikki Giovanni
  • ISBN: 9780688079475
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Harlem rooftops to the drumbeats of the Congo, the poems in The Women and the Men display in full measure the gifts that have made Nikki Giovanni one of the most important, appealing, and broad reaching American poets her warmth, her conciseness, her passion, and her wit First appearing between 1970 and 1975, the poems in this gemlike volume reflect the drastic chanFrom Harlem rooftops to the drumbeats of the Congo, the poems in The Women and the Men display in full measure the gifts that have made Nikki Giovanni one of the most important, appealing, and broad reaching American poets her warmth, her conciseness, her passion, and her wit First appearing between 1970 and 1975, the poems in this gemlike volume reflect the drastic change that took place in both the consciousness of the nation and in the sould of the poet From Ego Tripping to Poem for Flora and Africa, The Women and the Men is replete with the greatest hits of Nikki Giovanni s incredible oeuvre With reverence to the ordinary and in search of the extraordinary, Nikki Giovanni, above all, displays here her caring for the people, things, and places she has observed and touched and captured.As a witness to three generations, Nikki Giovanni has perceptively and poetically recorded her observations of both the outside world and the gentle yet enigmatic territory of the self When her poems first emerged from the Black Rights Movement in the late 1960 s, she immediately became a celebrated and controversial poet of the era Written in one of the most commanding voices to grace America s political and poetic lanscape at the end of the twentieth century, Nikki Giovanni s poems embody the fearless passion and spirited wit for which she is beloved and revered.

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    1. I never know what to say about collections of poetry. I enjoyed a great number of the pieces in this one. It's easy to skim social media and come across so much cliche/bad or boring poetry (myself included at times I'm sure) that one might forget what good poetry looks/sounds like. I am thankful for this refreshing reminder and plan to read more of Giovanni's work.

    2. This is a beautiful book of free form poetry, I found the poems best read out loud as they are like spoken word, or lyrics. The strong plain but beautifully constructed poems remind me of Langston Hughes.Some themes in this collection are, music, nature of fame and gender roles. Another strength of this collection is its great economy of language. A quick example is : The Autumn Poems the heat you left with me last night still smolders the wind catches your scent and refreshes my senses i am a l [...]

    3. Giovanni writes with confidence and assurance. Her poems are like exclamation marks. No doubt, no argument, no discussion. She encapsulates her world, her experience, her truths, and serves them up without apology or contextualization. Her words are bold and inspirational.The Women Gatherthe women gatherbecause it is not unusualto seek comfort in our hours of stress a man must be buriedit is not unusual that the old bury the young though it is an abominationit is not strangethat the unwise and t [...]

    4. I went on a Nikki Giovanni poetry reading binge because she will be at the SC Book Festival in May 2014.Anyone who has read Nikki Giovanni's more recent love poem anthologies - Love Poems and Bicycles - will find that many of the poems chosen for those volumes come from this one. I think I may prefer them this way, presented in groupings of poems on women and poems on men, which adds more balance to the "love" part of life. Taken by itself, it can be a bit sappy, shall we say. But always heartfe [...]

    5. there are no reservations for the revolution no polite little clerk to send notice to your room saying you are WANTED on the battlefield there will be no recruitmentstation where you can give the most convenient hours "monday wednesday i play ball friday night i play cards any other time i'm free"This second book of Giovanni's poetry is full of important observations on fighting hate with love (a marked shift from her first book), while continuing the passionate struggle for justice.

    6. I connected with this sooo much more than I expected tod it's not at all because I had low expectations, but because I just happened across this title while shelving at work. I'd simply never read any of Nikki Giovanni's work up until now. I'm SO glad that I grabbed it and placed it on my cart because the experience I just had reading this solitary book, I'm sure, was and will be for years to come, very significant in my life.

    7. Poetry about being black in America, romance, aging, and family. Three sections: The Women, The Men, And Some Places. The middle section didn't really do anything for me. My favorites:"Poetry""Poem for Aretha"I am so hip even my errors are correct- "Ego Tripping"it is not unusual to siftthrough ashesand find an unburnt picture- "The Women Gather"

    8. I didn't find the style or language to be exceptional as a majority. I think they were some that really shined, purely easy beauty. "alone" is really lovely:i can be alone by myselfi was lonely alonenow i'm lonelywith yousomething is wrongthere are flieseverywhere i goI think as a whole, the form is tiresome and within poems there are a lot of clashing images--thematically schizophrenic in some places. I really enjoyed this read however. 3.5

    9. It took me a bit to get into her style, but I enjoyed the poems and there are bits of them that really struck me as true and beautiful--even if the truth was not so beautiful, the way it was written was. I connected with this more than I expected to, and one that stood out to me was "Housecleaning."

    10. Some of the poems in "The Women" section are lovely and have a swinging ease about them, even as they take on heavy topics. But the poems in "The Men" section made me cringe whenever Giovanni waxed romantic mush. The final section ("And Some Places") is better but the "old lady" wisdom rings false -- which makes sense: Giovanni was only 30-something at the time of publication.

    11. Revolutionary Dreams and Kidnap Poem are two great poems from this collection. Nikki Giovanni is still writing poetry and teaches at Virginia Tech.

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