Breakfast for Jack

Breakfast for Jack In this wordless picture book there s a lot going on at Jack s house and someone forgot to feed him

  • Title: Breakfast for Jack
  • Author: Pat Schories
  • ISBN: 9781932425161
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this wordless picture book, there s a lot going on at Jack s house, and someone forgot to feed him.

    One thought on “Breakfast for Jack”

    1. Genre: Wordless NarrativeThis wordless narrative shows scences from the morning of a small boy. When the boy gets up he feeds the cat, but not the dog. While the boy is eating you can see the dog in the background looking for food still. The boy gets ready for school and is walking outside when he remembers he has not fed his dog, so he goes back in the house. The dog is very happy to see that his owner has returned to feed him. When looking at this book a child is to decide who Jack is. Jack co [...]

    2. This is a wordless story and a small book, so after reading it I chose not to read it at story time today. It is a sweet story, filled with soft illustrations about a boy who means well, and a dog who waits patiently for breakfast, which almost doesn't come. Filled with scenes of a typical frantic family morning, Jack is easy to fall in love with and the reader feels his emotions, especially when he gets overlooked for breakfast. This might be a great book to introduce a young child to the conce [...]

    3. I loved this book! I think it teaches a great lesson of responsibility and even when we get busy we can't just skip our responsibilities. Great for a child that wants a dog to show them responsibility that no one will remind them to take care of so,etching they are responsible for. Great lesson for all ages.

    4. Sweet illustrations from the illustrator of the Biscuit series. Poor Jack the puppy has to wait and wait for his breakfast because it's so busy at home in the morning. Ending was a bit flat after Jack's expressive body language, but still the whole books was enjoyable.

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