Waiting For Anya

Waiting For Anya Jo finds out that Jewish children are being smuggled away from the Nazis over the mountains near his village All goes to plan until German soldiers start patrolling the mountains and Jo realises the

  • Title: Waiting For Anya
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Oliver Burston
  • ISBN: 9781405229272
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jo finds out that Jewish children are being smuggled away from the Nazis over the mountains near his village All goes to plan until German soldiers start patrolling the mountains, and Jo realises the children are trapped Jo s slightest mistake could have devastating consequences.

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    1. A touching story written in a deceptively simple manner. A must read for both young and old!This is the story of Jewish children escaping from Poland and trying to cross the border into Spain while hiding from the German army during WW2. It is the story of a little boy and his family who risk everything to help.As a realistic description of a little bit of history, this little book tugs at your heartstrings and shows you compassion and the best traits of humanity in the middle of a German occupi [...]

    2. Michael Morpurgo writes about difficult times in the past and in the present, and although his writing is aimed at children they are very powerful, realistic and likely to bring a tear or two to your eyes. ‘Waiting for Anya’ is no exception, set in a French village next to the Spanish boarder when World War II was rife and German soldiers made their presence known by their constant patrolling around the village and mountains. A young boy called Jo, experiences a heroic journey when he discov [...]

    3. I love Michael Morpurgo. He writes in a very stark, deceptively simple manner which belies the skill behind his work. The ending of this left me feeling physically winded. Amazing writer. This is no exception.

    4. Read this to see if our kids would be old enough to begin on Michael Morpugo's books and actually thoroughly enjoyed it myself. Very real characters and a very moving story. Didn't want to put it down.

    5. REALLY worth reading! Not normally the type of book that I am drawn to and usually enjoy, but this book is so good that it didn't matter. I believe most people would enjoy it. V emotional, so make sure you stock up on the tissues d don't read it on pubic transport.

    6. Waiting for Anya is about the time through the holocaust in a small town in France. It is about a young boy, name Joe and how his courage grows.

    7. I read this in Year 5 and, whilst I don't remember all of it, I do remember that I thought it very sad and that, as a nine/ten year old, I was touched by the story.

    8. Saw the author speak. He was a great speaker. I liked him better in person! But this was a solid historical fiction book for kids. WWII.

    9. A cracking and realistic tale of occupied France during WWII. Loved it.Favourite part: his ability of build curiosity in the reader.

    10. He never fails to make me cry. This was AMAZING. I loved the story and theI'll try to write without spoilers. I loved every single second of it and am left in its solemn wake.

    11. Michael Morpurgo weaves a wonderful tale, though I found this story particularly sad [you'll find out why after reading this book].

    12. Good well written story just as suitable for adults as for children.Inteesting story that keeps your attention to the end. Just what you would expect from Michael Morpurgo.Highly recommended.

    13. Wonderful story with real characters. This is a simple story, but the village embodies a certain mythic and nostalgic past that I don’t want to move to, but plays effectively on my heart strings. I have no doubt that stories like these played themselves out all across occupied Europe and beyond. There’s a depth to this book that your child will realize if he or she chooses to re-read this in adulthood.

    14. Read for school. Writing felt robotic and uncreative, plot rarely kept me interested, and characters were, with a few exceptions, pretty generic and unemotional. The very beginning and very end were alright, and the characters of Leah, Michael, and Widow Horcada are probably what saved this book for a lower grading.

    15. Harry's Book Club read for January - we read it together - challenging for an eleven year old but wonderful story telling about bravery, split loyalties and the horror of war.

    16. It was a fantastic read! Very realistic. *Spoiler alert*I wish Hubert hadnt died, he was my favorite character.

    17. Can Morpurgo write a bad book? I doubt it!Does he like an historical drama? You bet!A quality children's writer than doesn't disappoint abs always, always writes compelling stories that have an important moral to impart. Get on board the Morpurgo train.

    18. *SPOILER ALERT*Waiting For Anya is a captivating novel by Michael Morpurgo which is set in France during World War 2. It is another one of Michael Morpurgo’s imaginative books which is bound to get the reader hooked.All is peaceful and well in Jo’s sleepy village - until the war starts. Jo’s father is sent out to fight and he is left with his mother, his grandfather, his little sister and the sheep. One day, he comes across a strange man. Jo follows him to his house, and soon discovers tha [...]

    19. SELF PRESERVATION--AT WHAT COST?Twelve-year-old Jo is a shepherd boy in a French mountain village near the Spanish border, but his pastoral life is abruptly changed when Nazi soldiers are garrisoned in his peaceful hamlet. Having worked to help the family during the four years that his father has been a POW, the youth meets a red-bearded stranger in the hills--precipitating excitement, new purpose and great dangers. For Benjamin is hiding with his mother-in-law (a widow with the reputation of a [...]

    20. Twelve-year-old Jo has lived in Lescun, France all of his life. Every one in this village engages in shepherding, cheese making, tending animals and growing hay. Lescun is hidden in the foothills of the mountains between France and Spain and generally insulated from the war raging in the rest of France. One day while Jo is tending the sheep, sharp barking awakens him and he finds his dog, Rouf, growling and hurt. Jo sees an enormous bear walking his way and quickly runs toward the village while [...]

    21. Waiting for Anya was a touching book about World War 2. This book showed you that people will always be there for you, especially when you need them the most. The characters and their actions confused me sometimes when they did things that didn't make sense with their character. Waiting for Anya starts with the story of a young boy named Jo, living in Paris, in the time of World War 2. He comes to meeting a strange man in the forest that leads him into a crazy problem. This man, Benjamin, is hou [...]

    22. Morpurgo has become well-known for his sensitive treatment of war stories for children. His storylines are full of accurate details and often shine a light on some of the less well-known arenas of the war. This book is set in the rural area of the French Pyrénées, not far from the Spanish border. The protagonist, a young adolescent named Jo, is herding sheep when he accidentally stumbles upon a secret: one of the villagers, who lives isolated in the mountains, is harbouring her Jewish son-in-l [...]

    23. In a World War II setting, Michael Morpurgo exposes the complexities of the human side of war. The author provides a roller-coaster of emotions from beginning to end. There is hate, fear, courage, and ultimately an understanding that despite extraordinary efforts, some situations remain beyond our control. A village that unites in secret is unable to show that same unity in the face of an agressor. Waiting for Anya asks the enduring question of how the power of a few can overpower the will of ma [...]

    24. Wow! Morpurgo goes for the emotions with this one and he takes then on a pretty rocky roller coaster ride. I was shocked by how the story ended, but Morpurgo not-so-gently tells the reader in his own way that things don't always turn out the way we want them to. Jo and the people of the village bravely work together (most of the time) and some good comes from it. This is an emotionally difficult read, but it's a good one. It would be a good companion to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

    25. Yet another cracker from Michael Morpurgo - he can do no wrong in my eyes. Set in a small farming village in the mountains on the border of France and Spain. The village has recently been occupied by German soldiers and all the villagers are under a strict curfew. Jo's father has been away, held as a prisoner of war for the last four years and Jo lives with his mother, siblings and grandfather.Whilst out herding the sheep Jo stumbles across a big secret - an old Widow just outside the village is [...]

    26. Michael Morpurgo you've done it again, you have created another masterpiece. He never ceases to amaze me and after hearing him speak multiple times, I just think he is an amazing person. Waiting for Anya is one of my favourite books by him, the story is so moving and fantastic. I love the way Morpurgo writes as he builds tension and anticipation throughout the whole novel. The fact that Jo, a French boy could get along with a German Nazi and a Jewish man just showed us that even in all the fight [...]

    27. gr 5-9 176 pgs1942? Lescun, France. Ever since his father, along with many of the men in the village, went to fight the Germans and were taken prisoner, 12 year old Jo has had to work hard caring for the family's sheep. While roaming the woods, Jo meets a stranger, Benjamin, and discovers a secret. The Widow Horcada, and her son in law Benjamin, are helping smuggle Jewish children over the border to Spain where they'll be safe. Jo is afraid but agrees to keep the secret and help bring them suppl [...]

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